Adi Da Samraj – Myth or Reality

Adi Da Samraj

Myth or Reality?

What do you really know about Adi Da Samraj?

The following is a Beezone interpretation of a talk by Avatar Adi Da Samraj given in October 2004 (talk/video below).


hat do you really know about Adi Da Samraj? In one sense, you “know” something about him and in another you “know nothing”, absolutely nothing! I read and listen to all sorts of things people write and say about him, much of which I’m not impressed. What I find is that there tend to be two avenues people take. People either magnificently claim him as a divinely enlightened being or they say he is someone gone humanly mad. But really, what do people really know about him? I mean KNOW!

In the video clip that follows Adi Da states that there IS (or can be) a wordless (tacit) recognition (knowledge) of him, and any attempt to utter a word about THAT turns out to be limited. In that limitation, people then create stories and myths out of their limited point of view. Those stories are either in glorified Avataric speech or in a devilish, fearful and cultic rant. These two interpretations portray Adi Da as either a God or a Madman, both of which are not true.

Do you “know” what you have heard, seen, experienced or read about Adi Da to be true? If so, this “knowing” is based in mind and memory; which then gets communicated in a story, which then becomes a myth – a myth about something that has long since passed.

But, as you will see and hear in the following video clip, there is a way of truly Knowing Adi Da – but it is beyond words, and confounds all conventional knowledge. It could be called True Art form, and therefore True Knowledge of, Adi Da Samraj–and it can only be established in the Recognition and Realization of His Radiance and State.

Listen to Adi Da Demonstrate this in the following video clip.


Adi Da Samraj, October 2004

(See the full response to questioner here)