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Beezone’s free rendering of Adi Da’s essay My Spiritually Bright Silence (below)

When an individual ceases to continue in the egoic motion of what arises—and he or she will, in due course , find “himself” or “herself” in and as the source-condition of all of this conditional appearing. This confrontation is unlike the ordinary “experience” of frustration in life where things simply arise in every one, and life provides the present conditions whereby they are indulged, frustrated, or avoided.

In the souce-condition what arises will be confrontation with THE spiritually “bright” Silence of the “bright” heart within. That relationship inherently obliges those so blessed to turn out from themselves—and, thus, to exceed the tendencies of their ego-patternings of “self”-contraction.

Original Essay

The Aletheon – My Spiritually Bright Silence

Beezone’s Summary of the original essay.

My Method

Talking and Listening and receiving instruction.

Dealing with forms of seeking and attachment.

But too much talk is indulgence.

‘Listening’ develops into ‘self’-understanding as intelligence.

People are served mostly in the communication (transmission) of Silence of the Heart.

This ‘method’ is primary; what arises gets no response, no reinforcement.

Insight and reflection is helpful but primarily Confrontation with Spiritual Transmission.

This is not a method or technique but a Relationship.

It is relatedness and a calling to move or transcend the egoic patterns.

Then, what arises is confronted with My Spiritually “Bright” Silence.

Then the individual becomes Awake.

This is the beginning.

And ultimately the middle and the end, in all places, things, worlds and beings.


Original Essay

The Aletheon – My Spiritually Bright Silence