Yoga of Consideration




 “You simple cannot practice any better than you practice at the feeling level,
in the emotional level of your hidden personality that only comes forward in difficult confrontations”


“Stand in the self-contraction and feel directly beyond it, this is the fundamental gesture in every moment.”


oday for those who wish to associate themselves with Adi Da and the Way of Adidam there is a requirement to acknowlege Adi Da as the Divine World Teacher and your eternal commitment to Him as your Guru.You can not ‘be consciousness’ just because you tell yourself you are. You can not be consciounsess because that is the ‘truth’, or so you’ve heard it to be so. You can only be Consciiousness if it without cause, energy and attention that is released from the self contraction.

The beginning stages of this understanding (and the beginning of the teaching of Adi Da Samraj) focused on this contraction. The contraction is this. There is ONLY truth, reality and consciousness. That is all there is. The rest is an illusion caused by a fundamental contraction or a squeezing in upon ourselves because of a sense that we are separate, vulnerable and fearful of death. We are contraction upon ourselves, it is not happening to us.

Until we understand we must consider things.

Reality consideration and the yoga of consideration are terms used by Adi Da in the early phases of his teaching work to describe this process of understanding. Yes, there is truth but also there is the gradual understanding, degree by degree, bit by bit. At one fundamental level understanding the whole thing but at the life level still ‘working it out’. Another way of pointing to this is the difference between ‘listening’ and ‘hearing’.

Listening is considering this argument and applying it to your life.