Adi Da Samraj, 1987.


The following talk has been edited and adapted by
Beezone. The talk is between Adi Da Samraj and a longtime
devotee in which he addresses the devotees inability to move
beyond a level of complancency in his practice.

The title is Beezone’s and an errors or misconception
rest with Beezone.


What will it take?

Your response to the teaching argument is not deep or
profound. A response is there but somewhat superficial as
compared to acute, deep or profound.

The motive of self-fulfillment is still the principle
occupation in spite of life’s circumstances.

You are still possessed of an illusion. The illusion that
life, human existence, bodily existence, natural existence
is purposed for it’s own sake. One should, based on
identification with the body mind, be proposed toward the
fulfillment of it, the pleasurizing of it.

But everything about the body mind is secondary to the
process in which it appears. This appearance if transitory.
In it all forms disappear and devoured and are limited.
Noting is here for it’s own sake.

It might be said that you haven’t been completely
impressed by the inherently suffering nature of conditional
existence, your haven’t been completely impressed by that.
Maybe you’ve been impressed by the common belief you must
‘make the best of it’ and try to enjoy it the best you

The point is that you haven’t received nor accepted and
made a conversion based on the teaching argument. You are
still trying to do it on your own. You’re not yet able to
accept the inherently suffering nature of conditional
existence not are you able to accept that there is a greater
condition to be realized.

That’s generally the position of ordinary people, of
egoity. One that is in the mortal form, the form of
psycho-physical existence.

So the best is to keep it light, ignore the whole
situation and get on with it the best you can. Try and enjoy
yourself, exploit what can be expiated, don’t get to heavy
about the nature of existence of the state of affairs or
we’ll all get too depressed. So you just keep on doing the
same things over and over again.

The whole point of the teaching argument and the practice
depends on a completely different point of view. It is the
point of view of Reality of Truth. The first of which is you
must be able to understand that conditional existence is
inherently a limit, it is always frustrated, it is
inherently frustrated, this is one thing you must allow to
be obvious. And also in that ‘frustration’ see your own
participation in conditional existence and your seeking to
make it work out. You must also see that there is something
Greater, a Greater Condition that is to be realized. And
what have to be realized is that what is there to be
realized has been Realized by some and can be Realized by

That is the purpose of existence even in its conditional
form. That which is to be realized shown by the various
forms depends on a totally different orientation then the
one most people are animating.

Some people say they are getting more serious, they’re
growing and making use of the great gift given by true
realizers. But what it turns out to be is just changes in
the play of it. Those who claim a path or a movement of
growth are just making arrangements with conditional
reality, shuffling the deck. They are not able to completely
accept the obvious nature of conditional existence and their
own participation in it. They don’t fully realize they’re
play in it. They haven’t fully gotten it. Seeking remains.
So what happens is that they can not accept the reality.

Your whole life is based on this arrangement with this
compromise. Signs are there in some but they don’t represent
a fundamental change but they don’t show the signs of the
great signs of hearing. For the first great signs of hearing
to be confessed, the limited nature of conditional existence
must be confessed and the reality of that which is to be
realized must be confessed, as the Obvious. It must be
accepted, whole heartedly, embraced, allowed, and it must
become the principle of your life. These two visions, the
inherently limited nature of conditional and the reality of
the unconditional.

So you are just making time, just continuing the
compromise. You can’t allow yourself to accept the obvious
reality of the limitation of conditional existence, and you
cannot accept the obvious, or reality, the unconditional, or
the Divine. You can’t allow what is. You will not. Because
you are obsessed with, involuntarily committed to, the
superficial obviousness of the fact of the body-mind. And
you way of surviving is to make a compromise, and just try
and make the best of it. And because this is your choice
you’re making a life on this basis, and you’re just like
everybody in the world, most everybody in the world, even
the crabs and the rats, even all those who will die in the
world today. In the last 10 minutes since you started
listening to this billions have died, even within a few feet
of you.

Your committed to your compromise and this is the limit,
this is the reason whey there is no hearing confessed. And
what can you do about that? You can consider the reality of
your own life and engage in reality considerations relative
to your behaviors and such. And when will this occur? Unless
something very fundamental and crucial, critical occurs in
your case, you will be struggling on in your limited
fashion, with your compromises, your reluctance for the rest
of your life. What must occur for you, or anyone for the
reality of the conditional limit and the reality of the
unconditional limit to be accepted?

You’re in a stalemate, you see. Do you have to get more
serious? More humorous? What? Something much more profound,
and dramatic would have to happen for you to grow beyond
your current wheel-spinning state. Your playing the game of
ego, or egoity and you have not found your self out. One
thing you could do if you have any interest in breaking
through this at all, is to address the conditional reality
of your life much more directly and seriously. And on the
other hand address the unconditional reality more directly,
at least through the great report of mankind, the confession
of your own study, the signs are there. The Great Signs have
appeared for your to investigate. You can address these two
dimensions, conditional and unconditional, more more
seriously and directly. That seems obvious, doesn’t it?

Your presently disinclined to accept the limited nature
of conditional reality, you are likewise disinclined to
accept the reality of unconditional reality. You refuse both

Fundamentally you haven’t been converted through hearing.
You can’t go about this investigation piecemeal and expect
that progressively you’re going to hear. Your committed
again that! You’re immunized against that. Even as your
immunized against those around you those who you live with,
You can’t make light of this, you can try as you do but it
just shows your unavailability.

Your immunized against it, and therefore just carrying
out your routines. You’re immune from conversion
possibility. It’s not a matter of just getting more serious
as you think, its a matter of intimacy with both the
conditional and the unconditional. This is what you will not