I Asked That You Not Make Cultic Nonsense Out of My Life


“What is at the end is the same as whatever is at the beginning. If you begin with separateness, the end is dark.”

Reality Humanity – Adi Da Samraj

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, your description of Divine Translation as the Outshining of everything has some foreshadowing in the traditional descriptions of the end of a yuga, when everything disappears in Siva. Can the Kali Yuga be the time when everything is being Divinely Translated as opposed to the traditional view that everything will be destroyed?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Of course!

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You must communicate My Confessions, and say they are such. So, you are the limit that is supposed to make the mission!

DEVOTEE: At various times You have indicated that Your devotees were not ready to really communicate this Confession, because our understanding was too limited. And at certain times You have asked us to stop.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I asked that you not make cultic nonsense out of My Life.


Devotee: It seems to me that Your Mastery of the Goddess necessarily marks the beginning of the end of the end-time.

Avatara Adi Da: Yes.


DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, when You were speaking before about the uniqueness of Your Manifestation as the Divine, I had a sense of what You meant when You said that You are Prior to the Cosmic Mandala. I felt that everything in the Great Tradition has arisen within the Cosmic Mandala. But You have arisen Prior to the Cosmic Mandala.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: That is the difference. The searches and the Realizations of mankind heretofore have been generated from the position not only of egoity but of conditionality within the conditional Cosmic Mandala. They are approaches to the Divine. In My Case, it is the Divine That is Approaching. That is the difference for all of you in how the Way of the Heart works in My Company. The process in My Company is all about the transcendence of egoity and the transcendence of the point of view of conditionality and of the Cosmic Mandala.

All of religion and Spirituality heretofore has taken place within that context of egoity, conditionality, the Cosmic Mandala. It has all been a search within it. It has gone to the limit of all extremes, at the periphery and in depth.

DEVOTEE: Your Experience will never be duplicated. There will be devotees in the seventh stage of life, but You are unique.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Why should it be repeated, since it will never end?

ANOTHER DEVOTEE: Beloved Lord, because of Your own process of Incarnation, has the Goddess also Incarnated?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The Goddess is always Incarnated as everything, as everyone, as the Cosmic Mandala. That is the Goddess.

DEVOTEE: Forgive me for even daring to speak in such language, but You as the Divine Person have Incarnated uniquely in this time. The Goddess is, so to speak, eternally Incarnated except that You have told us that the process of the Cosmic Mandala would come to an end. The Goddess has always been Incarnated, whereas You are uniquely Incarnated.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. She is Incarnated, however, in the conditional sense of appearing. In My relationship to the Goddess, She is converted in Her disposition and set right in the context of the Divine. Therefore, because of this, an entirely different view of the Divine Energy is possible. The Goddess is not the Incarnating Force or the Appearing Being in all this suffering, illusion, and limitation. It is of great import that the Goddess is wed, submitted, to the Ultimate Divine, the Very Energy, the Inherent Radiance, the Self-Radiance of the Divine.

This is the right understanding of the Goddess. She no longer appears separately from that “Point of View”. She is part of the Inherent Oneness of the Divine. It is not “Me and the Goddess”. I Am Complete, as I have said. There is no “difference”. I speak of the Goddess. You do not. Fundamentally there is no Goddess, then. There is only the Divine. The Divine Person Is One and Whole, not two, not many One Person, One Absolute Being, Very Consciousness, Very Force, All Love-Bliss, Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, Absolute, not divided.

The only reason to talk about some kind of two-ness between the Divine as Very Being, or Consciousness Itself, and the Goddess, somehow Divine but Independent Energy Appearing as all manifestation the only reason to speak in terms of that two-ness is the dualistic vision associated with egoity, conditionality, appearances. In that point of view it can seem that there are two. But if you understand rightly, there is only One. It is not “the God” and “the Goddess” the Divine Person “and” the Goddess. There is just One. That was the Realization in the Vedanta Temple. That was the Accomplishment there. And that is what you must Realize also not the Divine somehow over against you and all of the conditional cosmos, but just the Very One Who Is Inherently Beyond all “difference” and beyond separation.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, there has always only been That One.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. But there have been many appearances and many thoughts

DEVOTEE: We have Your Incarnation here.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: My Sign set all of it straight, actually Accomplished it, by virtue of Divine Siddhis. My Divine Self-Realization is not a bit of poetry. I am not merely using symbolic language, as if it was just the same before and the Vedanta Temple was just a bit of poetry. It is not that at all. It was an actual Event not just the Event of My Divine Re-Awakening but the Event of the utter submission of the entire Cosmic Mandala to the Very Divine Condition by virtue of the Divine Siddhis snapping the barrier that the Cosmic Mandala has represented for beings until now.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, if there were some way to investigate throughout the world what was happening on September 10, 1970, should we expect to find evidence of this at that precise moment, or more unfolding over time? Or both?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I guess “both” is a good way of putting it. You would not necessarily notice some historical events that mean everything had changed. It was not change in history. It was a change in the fundamental Nature of existence. All the changes that might occur on the basis of it are historical, but it is not about history. It is about Most Perfect God-Realization.

All this historic mentality is another part of the illusion of you all. In your ordinariness body-based, social-based, ego-based somehow God is the Maker of all this, God is just sort of wandering around in history making this and that happen making you win baseball games or whatever. That is just part of the lore of ordinary mankind in their seeking, the presumptions they make to protect themselves and institutionalize their ideals. God does not make teams win baseball games. To paraphrase a common saying, God is at your side, not on your side. Look at all the people praying at sporting events. They are supposing that God is right there and that all they have to do is ask hard enough and God changes history.

Even if you do ask, God is not commanding history. You all are commanding history! If you would enter into some greater depth of Divine Communion, maybe you would have a more benign influence on history. But it is your business.

DEVOTEE: There is one more question from the mainland. Sri Gurudev, You have already addressed similar questions, but this person wants to make sure that You have said everything about this that needs to be said. Why was time required from Swami Vivekanandas death until Your Birth? Were there other factors involved besides the availability of a Vehicle? Or was there a specific reason to wait for “Franklin Jones”?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: When the time was right, I Appeared.

KANYA NAVANEETA: The beginning of World War II.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Look at all the other changes that occurred in nearly the first half of the twentieth century before I Appeared tremendous technological changes, communication changes. It was in that period that mankind came everyone face to face, all traditions, all politics, face to face with all and with everything, with all the technology and scientific materialism that has come to characterize the twentieth century. All that was part of the ripening of the time.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, when You first began to Teach, the technology that was available was just beginning to be useful.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: During and since World War II all this has fully developed. If I had Appeared in 1903, I would be a pretty old dude right now ninety years old and a little overripe to deal with you fools. Also, Freud would not have completed his work. He died the year I was born. What has come to characterize mankind as a whole did not characterize mankind fully until the time of My Birth. What has come to characterize the twentieth century and what will characterize the future took a good piece of the twentieth century to develop modern physics, all kinds of things.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, You have also said that the time when You began Your Teaching Work was a specific time when there was an opening in people.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: [raising His eyebrows] I must have been tipsy when I said that. I have not been observing any big openings here the same old stuff.

KANYA NAVANEETA: You also Gave time to those who needed to live a little longer.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. Many of those associated with Swami Vivekananda took a long time to die.

ANOTHER DEVOTEE: Beloved Lord, I believe You said that the Submission of Your gross personality to Your True Condition made it possible for all the Cosmic Mandala to submit to You and to Realize Your True Condition. It seems that the Great Event at the Vedanta Temple and what followed that submission of the Goddess is evidence of it.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: All part of it, yes, the relinquishment of independence, of commitment to this foulness here. The Great Goddess has been described in many ways. One of the traditional descriptions is that She is a whore here, dangling out, hanging out, for the amusement of everyone, just doing Her thing, not manifesting fidelity. In the Vedanta Temple She manifested Her fidelity and ceased to be a whore. Fidelity characterizes the true woman, and the true man. Fidelity is something you all must realize not the mere fidelity of man to woman but fidelity to the Divine.

ANOTHER DEVOTEE: Beloved Sri Gurudev, in The Hymn of The True Heart-Master, verse 72 says, “I bow down to That Always New One, Who Appears in the world again and again by the Magic and Mystery of His Own Will and Love, but Who is only the Mass of Pure Consciousness, Spiritually Radiant, the Sun of the Heart, the Bright Destroyer of un-Happiness.”

In the line where You Say, “Who Appears in the world again and again by the Magic and Mystery of His Own Will and Love” I was trying to feel that as the Revelation of Your unique and Only Appearance in the world and the cosmos at this time…

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I have already explained the “again and again” part. I have said to you just tonight and many times before that there have been Realizers in the world. There have been visions that could be called “Divine” in a conditional sense. Therefore, there have been Divine Appearances, intuitions of the Divine, experiences of the Divine based on the conditional apparatus. These statements account for it.

You must also understand that The Hymn of The True Heart-Master is My Re-Speaking of a traditional text. Therefore, I had to account for such notions as “again and again”. Do you understand how I am saying it?

DEVOTEE: Until You clarified it, Sri Gurudev, I believe many of us, I can certainly speak for myself, did not understand that clearly, especially before Your Great Discourse on March 6, when You very clearly told us that You are the only seventh stage Adept. Previous to that time, I did not really have the right understanding of this verse. Now I feel all of us can directly understand what You mean by that.



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