The Completing Discourses of the 25-Year Revelation

The Completing Discourses 
of the 25-Year Revelation

Conclusion of the 1995 Gathering Chronicle

April-August 1995

Only edition, 1996.
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The “Reality” You Are Asking Questions About Is Your Own
Hymns To Me, April 22, 1995

Being Without a World
May 19, 1995

You Become My Devotee in Your Past as well as in the Present
May 26, 1995

I Don’t Need Anything; I Just Want To See You!
by Lynne Wagner

The Search for Perfection
June 27, 1995

The Seeming Conventionality of Right Sexual Discipline
April 7, 1995

Make the Body a Yoga-Body
July 7, 1995

The Fundamental Structure of Existence:

The Dimensions of Cosmic Appearance and the “Dimensionless” Divine
July 23, 1995

Don’t Seek—Eat Soup !
July 24, 1995

The Grid of Attention
August 15, 1995

The Infinite Sea of Undifferentiated Happiness
August 15, 1995

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