Four Principles of Conscious Childrearing, The

Four Primary Principles of Conscious Childrearing

Intimacy is the Healing Principle.

The Principle of Attraction.

Discipline is an Act of Love within the Culture of Expectation.

Transcending Sexual Neurosis in Childhood.

Based on the Teaching of Da Free John.

Prepared by the Education Department of The Johannine Daist
©1985 The Johannine Daist Communion.

Introduction: Birth Is Shock: (PARA)

Chapter One: Intimacy Is The Healing
Session One: Intimacy Is The Healing Principle (GOR), (“Become
Wounded by Love”; Crazy Wisdom, vol.2, no. 7, ).
Session Two: What Intimacy Is Not (from “Our Children’s Sphere of
Intimacy Must Constsantly Be Expanded; notes; 12/1/81, unpublished
talk 1975).
Session Three: Serving a Child’s Capacity for Intimacy with the
Divine in Daily Life (up talk 12/82).
Chapter One attached readings:
Look at the Sunlight on the Water; “Intimacy Is the Healing
Principle” (7/19/80).
“Intimacy as the Constant Occasion of Existence” (9/4/76).
“The Principle of Life-Positive Association” (excerpts). The Laughing
Man, vol. 4, no. 3 (1983),
“Universal Desire and the Way of Touch” (8/14/79 The Laughing Man
Vol. 4 no. 3) (excerpts).
Look at the Sunlight on the Water; “The Three Forms of Intimacy in
Childhood” (Table 2).

Chapter Two: Discipline Is an Act of Love
within the Culture of Expectation
Session One: A Review of the Instructions on Discipline.
Session Two: A Disciplined Life Is about Enjoyment.
Chapter Two attached readings:
Ice Cream & Shoe: “The Initiation of the Challenging Force”
(8/5/78, 11/27/82,
“The Dynamic of the Two-Man Con” 4/18/84
“I Love Everyone with This Passion” 5/8/84).
“The Culture of Expectation” (6/20/82) Look at the Sunlight on the
Water & Tables 1, 3, 4).
“Spiritual Discipline as the Structure of Life” (excerpts)
“Discipline Is the Means of Adapting to the Laws of Life” (excerpt)
“Children and the Vital Dimension of Life” (excerpt).
“Self-Transcendence Is a Necessity from the Beginning” (excerpt)

Chapter Three: The Principle of
Session One: Inappropriate Behavior Is Simply the Sign of the Failure
of Intimacy.
Session Two: Applying the Principle of Attraction.
Session Three: Attention and Attraction.
Session Four: Reattracting Children to the Present Emotional Force of
the Being.
Chapter Three attached readings:
Crazy Wisdom, vol. 3, no. 1 (January 1984); “The Art of Spiritual
Life” (excerpt) (8/13/83).
Crazy Wisdom, vol. 3, no. 1 (January 1984); “Love of the God-Man”
“The Spiritual Art of Attraction” (excerpts) (10/19/80).

Chapter Four: Transcending Sexual Neurosis
In Childhood
Session One: The Pleasurable Alternative to a Secret Life.
Session Two: Eliminating the Sex-Negative Mind. Love of the Two-Armed
Chapter Four attached readings:
‘The Taboo against the Superior Man” (excerpt)
“No Praise, No Blame” (excerpts) (1/11/83).
“Eliminate the Sex-Negative Mind”.
Look at the Sunlight on the Water;
“Surrender of the Body in God” (excerpt) (8/11/80).
“The Process of Socialization” (excerpt).


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