Seven Gifts of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Grace, The

The Seven Gifts of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Grace

An Introductory Course of Study on the Way of the Heart.

Produced by The Education Department of the The Free Daist

Only edition: 1993.

©1993 Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Pty Ltd, as a trustee
for the Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Trust.

Preface by Kanya Kaivalya

Introductory Session:

Session One: Sat-Guru-Vani

Session Two: Sat-Guru-Darshan

Session Three: Sat-Guru-Bhakti

Session Four: Sat-Guu-Seva

Session Five: Sat-Guru-Tapas

Session Six: Sat-Guru-Kripa

Session Seven:

(184 pp.)