A Birthday Message

Adi Da Samraj

A Birthday Message from Jesus and Me

an essay and talk by Adi Da Samraj

The All-Pervading Life-Spirit, or the Self-Radiant
Transcendental Spirit-Being, is Love, the Source of beings and worlds,
the Great Power, All-Bliss, Reality Itself. To live and Be in Oneness with
the Eternal Spirit is God-love, Salvation, Enlightenment, and literally
eternal life.

Those who love God totally (as self-transcending spirits,
surrendered as the total body-mind, feeling as and in the Self-Radiant
Energy or Spirit of Being) also inevitably love others, Communicate or
Magnify God in the worlds, and always transcend themselves in all relations,
under all conditions, and in every state. Therefore, be “born again” be
reborn or re-Lived now by the discovery and affirmation that you and all
beings and things are Spirit, or an eternal process of Energy (rather than
unconscious and mortal matter). What is presumed to be mortal matter (in
the form of body, mind, and world) is only a phenomenal state of Energy,
or Energy in one moment of Its beginningless and endless sequence of transformations.
Awaken and Be in the Spirit and then fulfill the double Law of the Spirit which
is to love God, or the Transcendental Spirit-Being, until you become Love,
and so love all others.

Be Happy and altogether healed or en-Livened by this conversion of “matter” into Energy. This conversion is repentance, or release
of all non-Spiritual views, acts, and “karmas”, or the habit-results of “sin” which is simply the ego-based or self-contracting
denial of Oneness with the Divine Spirit-Being. And this same conversion
is also Salvation, or restoration of resonant Oneness with the Divine Spirit-Being.

As a spirit (or a body-mind-self that is only or entirely living and conscious energy), Be surrendered into Oneness with the Transcendental Spirit-Being. Transcend yourself in Love-Bliss. Transcend the present world (and all materially or mortally conceived conditions and concepts). By all of this, enter into a totally new Destiny in God, or Spiritual Being. That Destiny goes beyond self and, ultimately, beyond every plane of conditional Nature. It is the Destiny of Love-Bliss, or uninterrupted Existence in the Divine Condition, or the Divine Domain, wherein there is no trace or
memory of conditional existence.

Only this is true and useful religion. Religion is self-transcending Spirituality. It is to be restored to inherently Free
Spirit-living, and not merely to submit to the myths and rituals of dogmatic
beliefs and the lifeless or Spirit-less disciplines of the concerned social

Accept the Spirit-Blessing of the Adept Spiritual Master.
Even the body-mind is only Energy. Realize the Spirit-Being is the Reality
in which self and world are arising as spontaneous but unnecessary and
non-binding modifications of Itself. Be the Spirit-Being only. See all
things and beings in and as the Spirit. And always Magnify the Spirit-Force,
which is Love, Blessing, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Help, Healing, Nurture,
Delight, Joy, Bliss, Peace, and total Happiness.

November 3, 1982