Accept No Limits

Accept No Limits

A talk by Heart-Master Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj)

from the “Indoor Yajna” period


This passionate discussion with practitioners was recorded on February 27, 1988.  It begins with a student’s presentation on the Sioux Indian Shaman Black Elk, based on the book, Black Elk Speaks.


Devotee speaks about he’s about to make a presentation on ‘Black Elk Speaks’ and not on Shamanism as Heart-Master Da was told the talk was about.



HEART-MASTER DA: You’re not going to talk about the principles of shamanism itself? Anyway, because it’s the specific principles of shamanism that won’t be very much enumerated by references to this particular book Black Elk Speaks. He’s obviously an example of a shaman of a particular type or what may be called a shaman. The Black Elk is an Oglala Sioux, right?

What are they from North Dakota is it, that general region, the Dakotas? And so he’s a kind of individual we could call shaman and we could call Native American Indians we could say they represent a shamanistic kind of culture clearly. Black Elk of course has been dead for some time now but he was a visionary, made uses of shamanistic techniques to develop visionary states.

But in addition to functioning as shamans traditionally have done in shamanistic cultures generally and in the American Indian tradition, there is something about Black Elk that is a little bit unique. He was a kind of profit if you will. He was concerned that the way of life of his people, not only his own tribe but of Native Americans generally, he

was concerned that their way of life was coming to an end particularly because of the encroachment of the white man and European civilization onto the American continent.

So his as a whole visionary effort was as a struggle to find some way to keep that hoop from being broken, that circle of his people from being broken, to somehow preserve not only the people themselves but their way of life, their shamanistic culture if you will. So his visions were all associated with that kind of prophetic struggle to see his people through it and find a way to preserve their future and so on.

So in that sense he was not only a shaman but a profit very understandable then to even Europeans who with their religious background generally Judeo-Christian had their traditional profits and so forth. So what do you want to say about it then?

DEVOTEE: Well as you mentioned, the two elements that stand out is this matter of visions, the visions are forming his ordinary life and then he also had a number of, for example he had a relationship with what he called The Thunder People and looking at just the little quotation from your teaching said to such a religious consciousness every act of nature is accepted as a form of spirit energy, every object, every individual and every being, not only human beings, everything. And therefore the whole play of nature is perceived as a being as a living force. The lightning is a God. The storm fires are a God. The rain is God. The river is God. It goes on.

HEART-MASTER DA: And so to these very ancient very so-called primitives there was not so much the invisible world as the power of those in charge and this is also the source of ancestor worship. That orientation can even be found in the Ten Commandments. Honor thy father and they mother that the days may be long upon the earth that the weather God has given me. That is talking about ancestor worship basically, that kind of a background.

You talk good relations with the ancestral spirits particularly with those of your own family because if you do not, when they die they will curse you. They have the power to deny you the goods of life so you must maintain the lineage of blessing in the Indian tradition. That’s why it’s so important to have a son to carry on the rituals and so forth so since the ancient days there is this view that there is an invisible world of great powers and it’s in charge and human beings therefore have to enter into right relationship with those powers or they are just going to suffer.

They are not going to get the blessings necessary for continued life and well being and among the principle powers to be addressed were the ancestors particularly in one’s own familiar lineage or the lineage of one’s village or tribe and so on. Those are among the primal spirits that one had to maintain a good relationship with and then apart from them there were all the other spirits relating to all the powers shown on earth, weather signs, whatever it may be.

Connection to them also had to be maintained and a good relationship with them maintained and shamans were those who were adept at maintaining relationships with particular powers. Each shaman usually had his own spirits with whom he was associated and therefore he had certain powers that he could exhibit so you would go to this shaman to link up with these powers.

The shaman was even a kind of guru then. You would approach him rightly and so on and he could heal you. He could also do black magic. Perhaps in some cases there was that orientation. But otherwise, his purpose was to link you up with the invisible world. This eventually became the source of everything call priesthood in public institutionalized religion.

In the catholic Christian church there still is basically this presumption that the hierarchy of priests and bishops and everyone on up to the pope has because of its linkup to the cosmic and super cosmic powers including Jesus and all the rest got the power to decide what was going to happen to people, whether they were going to go to heaven, whether they were going to go to purgatory, whether they were going to go to hell, whether they are going to be able to continue to participate in communion and so forth.

And with the Eucharist and in fact the priests are presumed traditionally at any rate in the catholic tradition to have this power to determine what is going to happen to you on earth as well as in heaven or as well as after death.

This is a continuation of the ancient shamanistic tradition but more and more as time goes on people will become more and more oriented toward the rather materialistic views of the Twentieth Century the more adjustments tend to get made in religious traditions so just in the last twenty, thirty years, a number of adjustments have already been made in the catholic tradition. It’s always very important in any religious tradition to maintain the liturgy just as it use to be because originally liturgies are rituals were done by those who really were psychically aware, psychically awake. They established a link-up to the spirit world by their activities.

After awhile the activities they performed, their physical activities they performed themselves, got duplicated by others. Then instead of shamans you get priests. Priests simply duplicate the rituals that psychically aware beings themselves used to do. Priests don’t have to be psychically awake. It’s just presumed that they have these powers because of their office. So for a priesthood then rituals, liturgies and so forth as precisely they were done anciently are very very important. They must not be interfered with. They must be carried on exactly as they use to be because that is the magic. If you don’t do it exactly as it use the be, the magic is lost.

So you see how important that change was that came about in that what it was the second Vatican council during the time when John the 23rd was pope? Where they put the mass into the local language and made a lot of changes along those kinds of lives, even the change that the view of the mystery of the Eucharist made more of an accommodation to a so-called modern point of view?

They faced the people. The priests faced the people. A lot of changes like this occurred. Many many priests strongly have reacted to this because there is this notion that rituals as they were done must be maintained or the magic is lost. The power of the priest is lost if they don’t maintain the ritual as they use to so that’s the source of that resistance. What shamans did psychically awake, they did rituals and so forth, but they were psychically awake. This was their way of directly participating in the spirit world.

The priesthood is a step removed from that. They are no longer awake and participating in a spiritual world or the invisible world but they are doing the rituals just as the psychically awake ones did. Because they are doing the rituals exactly as they were done, it is presumed that they had the magic and this is in fact how, is one of their ways whereby the real process of spiritual transmission gets lost through institutionalization. It’s not the institution itself that is wrong.

There need to be such connections, such collective means to pass everything on from one generation to the next but there is something that can happen in the process of institutions that actually relinquishes the real process and replaces it with the images, rituals, words and so on. It has a function certainly. But it’s not inherently associated with spiritual awakeness and spiritual transmission so it’s more an aspect in general of a conventional religiosity, the rituals and institutionalization of form and very likely then not only the great spiritual process but psychic awakeness and esoteric realizations of one kind or another get lost in the process, become unnecessary.

So you get down to a day like this. You get all kinds of people being religious and they are talking about the miracles and realizers in the past and people having visions and so forth and they all presume those things don’t happen anymore. That was a special dispensation at that time. They don’t happen anymore. Why don’t they happen anymore?

Because people are not participating in reality as they did then and instead have substituted that participation, they substituted for that participation ritual, orthodoxies of one kind or another, teachings, images, art forms. They’ve substituted all of that for that participatory process that everyone including the leaders, the gurus, the shamans, whatever, were called to be involved in anciently.

In the Christian institution people are always talking about angels and Satan and powers and I said who saw them? When was the last time any of those people ever saw that stuff? They don’t see them, or very few do. Some claim to but you see they, there’s a different kind of participation in reality that has developed as the burden of mankind since those days when religion more commonly was a fully participatory process. People could see the invisible world today.

Some do obviously. They still do. They still can but they have to become involved in a different kind of orientation to reality and that different kind of orientation is generally not suggested or even allowed in the domains of conventional religion today.

In the Twentieth Century the doctrine that is constantly being imparted to people even through the domain of religious messages, the doctrine that is constantly being imparted is that there is no spiritual world. It’s a myth. It’s unreal. It’s a superstition and this is the real world and even religion tells you that being the case that what you have to do is make changes in this world. Change your behavior. Idealize this world. Work toward a great utopia and so forth.

You see, what is being reinforced is conventional social inclinations. People are being politicized or being moved toward political activity in their social activities. They’re being moved to function within a political domain without causing trouble, being benign, productive and so forth. This seems to be the whole purpose of all messages coming to mankind now. You must, you just get a number now and if that’s not enough for you and then you go seeking and find something greater, the messengers come in from TV and everywhere in the world generally as far as most people know is a message that says there is no spirit world and the message previous to this time consistent since the ancient days and commonly communicated to everyone was that there is a spirit world.

And it is the primal domain and resource of this world. And life in it then is not relating to that world in one or other fashion depending on your degree of development. So in fact spiritual life and true religion then is an anathema has become anathematized by the new what might not really be called religion and really it’s not a religion, the new doctrine of materialism. Express through scientism, technology and this profound influence in everybody’s lives which is television or media. There’s no indication there of a spirit world is there ? And anybody who does suggest there is called a lunatic, a crazy person, a dangerous person and so on.

So if anybody has really investigated the matter, not just gone to school, anybody who has really investigated such matters finds out that there definitely is a spirit world. It’s not a world. It’s a very complex domain. And even it must be transcended but there definitely is that invisible world and people definitely do survive death and they definitely do survive in that spirit world. This is definitely true and it’s not just a belief. It is a concrete experience registered over and over and over against since the most ancient days.

But now there are doctrines that have been around for a long time but now they are ready to get a hold on the world because of the advent of science and technology. But suppose there is no such world and mankind is being divorced from the spirit world and spiritual life altogether and made to conform to gross idealism. Many westerners feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied by the materialistic offerings of the scientific civilization and likewise feel unsatisfied by the offerings of conventional religion so they go looking for something greater and look at all kinds of esotericism in the West Indies and try to practice these things.

They don’t do anything much with it. They take sixth stage teachings, fifth stage teachings and fourth stage teachings and practice them all in the context of the first three stages of life. It is easy to console themselves, manipulate themselves and so forth. They can’t really demonstrate a profound process that realizes anything much, that really changes anything significantly because they are bound to the doctrines with their own egoity in the context of the first three stages with life and associated with the messages they get in the domain of the first three stages of life through various relations, family, common society and TV and all the rest of it.

A point of view is constantly being reinforced in you and has been reinforced in you since you were a child, an infant even, that makes it impossible for you to presume that there is an invisible spiritual domain, that there is god, that there are all kinds of plains beyond the gross physical plain, that there are spirits, or invisible entities that affect life and so forth.

You are almost totally incapacitated relative to this presumption and you cannot develop the esotericism of the spiritual process as long as that is your limit. It is absolutely impossible. You must first then as I consider with you in this way of the heart do work at the foundation in the context of the first three stages of life. Among other things you must overcome this limit in your disposition. You must become capable of a participatory way of life free of self-contraction and free of these doctrines that disable you relative to spiritual communion and spiritual awakeness, awareness of both of the psychic dimensions of existence and so forth.

You are presuming because of your past experience with indoctrination that you live in a physical universe and everything that we call psych is just a development of that. You really do presume this by tendency and rather deeply then. You do not presume that you live in a psycho physical universe and that there is an all-powerful and pervasive invisible dimension to existence that is effective here and with which you must link yourself up in order to grow and change things.

Not only don’t you presume this, you are incapable of presuming it. Unless you do the work at the foundation of this way, you can’t really make any progress in the spiritual stages of this way.

You must overcome this indoctrination that you’ve given to yourself and begin by others who were all rather materialistic and weighted to the gross body so profoundly that they can’t truly enter in to participatory awareness of the subtler awareness of existence and the ultimate spiritual condition of existence. You can’t really by merely reading books and thinking about it become capable of spiritual life. You have to overcome this program you’ve established in your own mind that actually prevents you from participation in it.

So you can’t just come off the street and become my devotee and take up devotee practice and develop spiritually you see. It’s impossible. You have to first deal with your limitations. You know you haven’t dealt with much of your limitations. You could probably experience some energy in my company and have some experiences over it and so forth but they will generally refer to your own body and you will interpret them from this gross point of view. So they won’t change anything profoundly.

You have to overcome this disability you’ve inherited that keeps you from being able to participate in reality just as it is even to investigate if you prevent yourself from doing that. You can read and think about things and wouldn’t it be good if there is a God you know and spirits and you survive. Wouldn’t that be good you know. How many of the dead have you seen? How many other planes have you observed? How much of the individual dimension of your own existence have you become aware of?

Before you can even have significant experiences along those lines or having had any kind of experience or understand it rightly, you must overcome your own limitations in the context of the first three stages of life and that means all limitations. Not only those self-generated but made by associations and so forth that represent a doctrine of nonparticipation in existence as a psycho-physical reality but nonparticipation in the invisible dimensions of reality and so forth. You must overcome this or you cannot move beyond the first three stages of life.

But one has to become profoundly open to reality of the invisible dimension, even becoming in touch with these matters and having become in touch with them, to be able to acknowledge them and deal with them. Otherwise you just think that they can dismiss it. It’s bullshit. No. It’s probably not so but that’s how you all function. It’s probably not so. Then no matter what you get spiritually in my company, you are still capable of dismissing it in an instant just by having a bad day or moving out of my sphere into some world or other circumstances. It can all be lost.

A number of you here and around the world call yourselves devotees now for good reasons presumably and also because you’ve done the foundation and so on but what I’m trying to point out to you is that you must make that foundation profoundly effective in your daily life and in the spiritual process. Otherwise you will trivialize it, minimize your experience and any time you are having a difficult day or move out of the sphere of devotees or my company and so forth you will almost as automaticity relinquish all of it, refuse it all, deny it, doubt it, forget it, dismiss it.

So you may be devotees but on the other hand you’re still weak. I have seen you consider it very seriously as a means and so forth and all the other signs around us. Any animal appearance is a sign from the spirit world so to speak. It registers psychically and not just physically.

Well in the Twentieth Century everybody is being moved off the land and animals are all regimented and not a thing happens unless it is through human control or hardly anything does. And everything is supposed to be understood in multiplistic terms. You can’t even look up in the sky and have any wonder about there is all this and that particle in space doing some physical law and blah blah blah you see, all of this mortal vision. That’s a form of physically determined. It’s an allusion. It’s a form of suffering. It’s a form of limitation. It’s a form of nonparticipation.

Find it out and become capable altogether. Yes, you can understand things in terms of the physical reference. Fine, but why does that have to become your philosophy? One should be able to investigate physical laws and physical phenomena just as they are. Why does that have to become your philosophy, your point of view?

It’s fine to create a method, the scientific method in order to specifically investigate how physical phenomena work. There’s nothing evil in that. So why does that have to become your philosophy, your point of view altogether, your vision, your limitation of existence you see.

To do that is to do something that is quite apart from the scientific method you see. That’s to become a philosopher, to participate and to make a choice among the ancient philosophies and select the materialistic life. So, so much of this modern science and technology and so forth is not really scientific method applied with integrity and relative observations. It’s the enforcement of a philosophy.

That’s what’s wrong with it. It’s a new religion so to speak. It’s a doctrine that is commanding the consciousness of every human being on earth except those who because of their own agitation somehow or other break out of it.

Well, what about all the rest of the billions. What help do they get. All they get is this doctrine that commands their consciousness and limits it to being an enthusiastic consumer. To grow spiritually you have to break out of that mold. It doesn’t make you an enemy of mankind by any stretch of the imagination. It makes you a friend of mankind but you grow. You participate in a totality of existence more and more and more and you will not stand for your limitations in this matter.

You will observe every sign of limitation in you and inquire and practice conductivity and live in south sun and over it. That’s your work, not only your lapses and the vacations and all that nonsense. Those weak-minded westerners’ participation in spiritual life goes nowhere. It accomplishes absolutely nothing. You’ve got to be much stronger than that like the American Indians going on their vision quest.

This whole way of life has to be a profoundly serious matter for you and great concentration, great intensity every moment breaking through your bullshit and all bullshit constantly. You have to be that intense. You can’t settle for crap. You can’t settle for death. You can’t settle for convention. You can’t settle for commercials and TV horseshit. You can’t settle for any limitation at all. You insist upon drawing and you insist upon encountering yourself.

You insist upon participating in reality whatever it is. If that’s your insistence, you will find out it is a lot bigger than you thought or that it ever got told on TV. You’ve already found this out but you haven’t grown too big yet. You haven’t grown much bigger you see. You’re rather beginners even though you are devotees, many of you.

I’m not just talking to you in this group here. All of you here are devotees but all of life, some number of devotees, because nothing about this greater reality has been revealed but on the other hand you still have one foot in the world and your egoity, in TV, in the conventional doctrine of our time which is strictly materialistic which in times past was just one of the philosophies some dumb bastards were preaching out there somewhere downtown somewhere or other and only a handful believe that crap.

For the rest it was completely obvious it was an invisible dimension to reality and the dead were alive and the spirit world was all powerful and you have to deal with that. Nowadays everybody believes scientific horse crap. Now there is of course an element in scientific performance that is a discipline and full of the integrity of that discipline. Fine, but as a philosophy it stinks. It’s not supposed to be a philosophy anyway. It’s supposed to be a method and it’s specifically directed toward what we call the material dimension of existence. That’s fine. You’ve got a better capacity to investigate that now and use its principles, fine.

There’s nothing wrong with that but as a philosophy it’s bullshit. It’s just as much bullshit now as it ever was and that bullshit is commanding the consciousness of mankind and preventing human beings from participating in the fullest reality in which they exist. Well you all yourselves are exhibitions of this doctrine of materialism. Find it out because that is the limit on your spiritual life. It’s in your own mind, not merely in your associations or in the world.

You read all these stories, Anacononda, all these great figures from the great traditions and so forth. Among all the characteristics we might say are true of them, there was this intensity. They never gave up the spiritual life, never, no tenancy, no association, no contact, no news, nothing dissuaded them from this primal performance.

This must be true of you as devotees then. Never be dissuaded, not after three hours, never. If something changes after three hours, you’ve got work to do. Never relinquish it. Never accept the stupid doctrine of the body only. You’ve understood too much. Don’t allow that limitation to overcome you. Don’t become separate. Fight for your realization. Be insistent upon it. Demand it of yourself.

You must do this every hour every day constantly relentlessly. That’s the obligation of the devotee. I’m talking twenty-four hours. I’m talking always, no lapses, and if the slightest intrusion occurs by virtue of your tendencies, deal with it and never eat it.

This is the sign of all great practitioners who ever realized anything, their relentlessness, the great strength of will, the great capacity of understanding, the great capacity to remain committed, the great capacity to stay strong no matter what happens no matter what arises, no matter what they meet so this must be yours too and experience it in meditation a good hour today, three good hours, well fine, but what about the rest. You have to be relentless, uncompromising.

You must appreciate your own vulgarity by tendency, your automoticities of your own body mind. You must have a healthy disrespect for it and don’t eat it. Don’t buckle under it. Don’t become limited by it. Deal with it like your pet dog, whatever metaphor you need to use to relate to it. You must be strong. You must accomplish the sardna. You must always be doing the sardna, therefore, as a devotee; you must always exist in sat-sanga.

Accept no limits then. Whatever you have to do to create limits, that is exactly what you have to do and there are no vacations. (audience)

Kick yourself in the ass Jane. Don’t take any crap from your so-called self. You! Don’t take any crap from the body mind. The body mind is just your field of responsibility. It’s your job you see. You all expect children, that they treat their body mind as a kind of a job. You expect them to straighten out immediately as soon as you bring some proposition to them. Do the same with yourself then. It’s just mechanics, automoticities allowed to control you because you have adapted to them and allowed them to be reinforced by all kinds of influences.

Having done the foundation so sat-sanga you have come to an understanding that this is all your action you see, you must accept full responsibility and eat no more crap from this body mind.

It’s your spaceship. It’s your machine, your automobile, your vehicle. That’s all. Do whatever you have to do to make it responsive to you to your disposition, to your awakening, your understanding. Never let it enclose you, come on to you like a dark horse or spend hours or days uninspired. Never let it happen. If you had some pet dog would you spend several days letting it bite your forearm? You would command or demand of it that it accept its place, and be properly responsible to you right? Well do the same with your own body mind then.

It’s something like that, a rather instinctive automatic mechanism. Stop worshipping it. Stop believing in the materialistic doctrine. You already been found out that’s bullshit didn’t you? So stop playing games with yourself. So there is a circle between you and not only your own body mind but psych-physically there’s a circle between humanity. It is broken too and everyone is participating in the same reality, the same hoop, the same circle.

It’s not really personal. It’s exhibited in the personal body mind but it is exhibited universally in all the body minds and in their context of association is also exhibited. The circle exists universally. The conditional domain itself is a circle and all apparently independent beings arise dependently within it so there is no separation. There’s no real independence for just as it is exhibited universally or in any fractions it is exhibited personally too. But that exhibit is an exhibit of that which is universal or all-pervading.

Find us out. Test this consideration. Test my consideration that conditional existence is psycho-physical not merely physical. Test it. Consider it. Find out. Prove it. I’m not merely issuing it to you as a matter of belief. I’m calling you to consider it and participate in this way. I’m here to priest you. I’m here to awaken you. I’m not here to console you. I’m not here to parent you. I’m here to draw you in, evoke your competence, your capacity for participation for realization.

All the time this is my work to realize I have to live this realization in the context of the apparent world in which this body mind apparently arises. It’s not a matter of withdrawing to the cave and so forth.

Once having awakened, the awakened one is a participant, is a process, is a worker. There’s no way out of it. There’s no end to sardna, no end to it. Until the work is done what your impulse to do is done and then the absolute sign of indifference appears and all things disappear in the meld of absolute happiness only when the work is done.

I’m not here to be reborn over and over again to do this work with mankind. I’m here now to do it now and never again. I’m not here to suffer your failure with it. I’m not here to suffer your failure. I’m not here to be reborn because you didn’t do it. I insist you do it and I’m not going to settle for your disinclination to practice.

I have no interest in having to take on another form such as this and do more work such as this, like the slightest interest. I’ve had enough of it. You know that movie “Little Big Man.” At one point the man that Dustin Hoffman plays in the movie the one he calls grandfather, his adopted father, he comes to see him after some time of his adventures and he’s blind. He’s got a scar across his neck that he has as some white man slashed his neck and cut off the link between his heart and his head, his heart and his eyes. That’s why he couldn’t see not because his eyes are blinded but his visions are not getting to his heart anymore.

You see the heart was the primal place. But then he showed him the scalp. I think I’m remembering the movie correctly, the scalp of the man who blinded him or some other white man that he got to in the midst of or after but I think it was the scalp of the man who blinded him. Well let’s say it was. It means the same thing anyway.

You see. Appreciate the humanity of it. I remember him saying, “According to our belief we Indians” now this man is on the other side. He killed him. He scalped him. This man is on the other side and he’s bald. In other words, he’s losing face on the other side. “We Indians believe that every being, every thing is a spirit is alive. Everything is alive.” He didn’t merely kill this man because he’s alive. He’s a spirit. He exists in the other world and so forth.

He did even something alive in taking his scalp or as a warrior killing him on the battlefield and so forth but it wasn’t killing. It was a life act. That’s consequences in life. The spirit world is alive. Now this man is there shamed because he had no hair on and everything about what he did is made obvious now by blinding the grandfather and everything else.

It is completely obvious to everyone. He’s shamed there. He’s suffering now and given an opportunity to outgrow it and all the rest of it because he’s alive. So the white man at this moment when he continues to talk about this he starts to spit up this white crap out of his mouth and in many Hollywood movies you know after some act of doing this they would have just erased that or taken another or made another take.

Now they let it happen that some sort of crud came out of his mouth, got on his lips and he got particularly expressive emotionally, but the white man you see just kills everything. That’s his whole intention. He just kills this. He just kills that. He kills everything and that’s the way it is with the white man but that’s not the way it is with us, we human beings, we who presume the reality of the spirit world.

If you watched that movie didn’t you remember that you are a white man and how you kill everything because you do not presume the reality of the spirit in the spirit world? It was a criticism of you, you see. You take a scalp to death. He took a scalp to make a message for somebody continuing. Now perhaps unfortunately, anyone who has to take anyone’s scalp, there are battles in which people get killed and so forth. Definitely. Right.

On the other hand, what is the circumstance in which you would do anything? Is it one that presumes life, spiritual reality, infinite existence, invisible worlds or is it just flesh-made materialistic consciousness, fonking, competing, succeeding, being better, achieving goals, struggling under stress to seem better than someone else, exhausting yourself in this competitiveness until it has no meaning whatsoever.

The older you get, the more desperate you get because you can’t presume anything beyond the flesh, beyond your own body. Hasn’t that really become the white man’s way, the European way, the western way? And that western way, scientific, materialistic and so forth is now infecting the entire world.

There use to be missionaries you know coming out of Europe and so forth going all over the place fonking all kinds of previous civilizations and their ways and so forth, but now we have an extraordinary missionary movement coming out of the western world infecting the entire right. There is no longer Christian. They no longer wear religious suits. They wear business suits.

Talks on TV. It’s much more influential and doesn’t have a religious message particularly, materialism, enthusiasm for goods, compete, but of course you ordinary people don’t compete that hard. Consume. Be content. Be enthusiastic for the things of life as if mankind is progressing, moving on to some great utopia.

What would grandfather have said about this? That’s taking scalps without the knowledge of another world. That’s killing because you don’t believe in life itself. You don’t believe there is a spirit. You don’t believe there is a greater reality. All of your sufferings and all the sufferings you work on others are material condemnation and you have no greater vision. You have no humor. You have no psych, no psych, just thoughts and your body, no living psych.

That’s what’s wrong. Mankind no longer has a living psych. It’s dead and all they do is think and make physical events. You! All you do is think and make material events by tendency, now devotees with a greater vision, fine, but real beginners in my view and rather weak and you have to get a lot stronger. Don’t bullshit me. Strap on these responsibilities and then let me see your work. Let me see your sign of believing in infinite life, infinite being, invisibility. Let me see your belief in it, experiential presumption of it. Let me see your participatory sign embracing the whole of reality, the entirety of it.

It’s only in this fashion that you can as you say profess that life is a purpose toward self-transcendence absolutely you see. You will never fulfill that disposition while you’re of a mortal mind. Until you are capable of participation in reality as it is altogether and can come to life and be alive and presume even the infinite expanse of the visible and participate in it and outgrow it even, until then, you are full of shit, completely full of shit I think. And Bill, did you finish your presentation?

HEART-MASTER DA: Didn’t he travel with Buffalo Bill’s medicine ship? In other words, reduce this way of life to an entertainment. So make a circus out of this way of life, make the Illi theory mission into a trapeze bit you see of blowing people out of cannons, or just entertaining the public. Do real inspirational work in the public and throw all your literature, throw your educational work in there altogether. Do the real work. Don’t make a machine of automaticity out of this gathering and this mission.

HEART-MASTER DA: This is suggested a desperate profit like the profits of Israel they also are rather desperate and encountering a people who are not inclined to fulfill the law to demonstrate in their own person in their collective the great signs that should have been expected based on the presumed revelations that have been given to these people. So the profits of Israel were also desperate. The profits tend to be desperate. They’re encountering a limit, a resistance that requires more than superhuman strength to overcome. It seems indominable and so I in the midst of my work have acquired this feeling. But I will not be reborn because of it.

I’ll just continue to do my work. If there’s anything left over of it in you I will assign it to your business. I assign to myself only my own business. I will not make more lifetimes out of your refusal. I will just do my work and fulfill it to my satisfaction and let myself be free.

We’ll see what you’ll do about it.