Adept, The


The Adept

Selections from Talks and Essays by Da Free John on the Nature and Function
of the Enlightened Teacher.

Compiled and edited with introduction and commentary by Georg Feuerstein,
Ty Koontz, and David Dykstra.
First edition: 7/83. Reprint edition: 8/84.
©1983 The Johannine Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-81-1 (paper).
LOCCCN: 83209674.


Part One. The Nature and Work of the Adept:

I. Guru Is a Function:
The Urgency of the Adept’s Work.
The Adept Is the Source of Religious Life.
The Superphysics of Spiritual Evolution.
The Guru Is a Sacrifice.
The Paradox of the Divine Person.

II. The Right Approach to the Adept:
The Adept Is Not a Cultic Idol.
The Adept Is a Demand.

III. The Radical Relationship:
The Relationship to the Adept Transcends the Verbal Teaching.
Devotion to the Guru.
The Devotee Does Not Choose the Adept.
The Guru Enters the Devotee.
The Devotee Is Necessary for the Guru’s Work.

IV. Crazy Wisdom.

Part Two. The Adept Da Free John and His Compassionate Work:

V. Biographical Confessions:
The Early Life.
The Teaching Work.
The Hermitage Phase and Universal Blessing.
After the Death of the Adept.

VI. The Divine Person:
The Adept Is the Unborn Reality.
“I Am You”.
The Accomplishing Power.

VII. The Devotee’s Response.
Only Understanding Avails.
“Come to Me When You Are Already Happy”.

Epilogue: What Will You Do If You Love Me?

(112 pp.)