Do Not Casually Approach


September 8, 1998


Since I posted notice of a letter
Ken wrote the Adi Da community two weeks ago (on much attention has been drawn to his
relationship with Adidam community and Adi Da himself. I
therefore think it only proper that I post this letter as a
response to ‘
Case of Adi Da’.

The letter is from a devotee of Adi
Da who has spent many years in the
company of Adi Da.
letter (along with Beezone) has no relationship whatsoever
with the Adi Da Community itself.



Do Not Casually Approach the God-Man
Adi Da

I first met Ken at the Mountain of
Attention just after sitting with Adi Da, then later at
parties for him in Marin County. We have the same birthday.
I have always appreciated Ken’s books and have praised his
work as “the greatest words on earth by a living

We all owe Ken great great praise.
He is one of my heroes, razor sharp and holographic. But Ken
is not fully enlightened and so we must understand his
limitations and delusions as well as his brilliance. With
regards to his latest letter (August) addressing the
‘Strange Case of Adi Da”, Ken’s limitations and projections
upon Adi Da are only that, his projections. I can understand
how someone involved in self-creation could make these
mistakes, but I expected and expect more from Ken

What is Ken’s actual experience of
Adi Da? He’s read Adi Da’s books and acknowledge his word to
be the most enlightened, indeed Ken’s own works and writings
are permeated with the enlightened wisdom of Adi Da,
footnoted and Prometheanly stolen.

But the Divine Person Adi Da? What
does Ken know of him from actual experience? Does he know of
him only through the negative reactions and negative stories
he’s heard from individuals who could not tolerate the heat
of his company? Maybe he’s read Georg Fuersteins book
“Madness and Holy Men” or other such books that speak of
these things. 

Ken states repetitively that no one
cannot afford to be AT LEAST a student of the written
teaching the of Adi Da. He bought a reaction most people do
to the God-Man, Adi Da.

It is a COMMON mistake for those who
stand far away from the fire of “Truth”. Ken speaks of Adi
Da in breath-taking superlatives, acknowledging him as The
Sat Guru of Today and then talks of his “personality lag”.
He tries to reconciling this contradiction with illogical
paradox to bridge this “gap”. Ken needs to gain more actual,
direct experience, Satsang, not heresay. 

This is a very common and
traditional misunderstanding when trying to make some sanity
out of a seemingly insane situation. I understand this
reaction, Adi Da is not nice, not a gentleman, as the title
of one his books states. It is true: He is as ruthless as He
is gracious.

Let me share with you a little of my
experience with this Ruthless and Loving Master. I lived in
a small room with Adi Da for many months and I saw and
EXPERIENCED His Brutal Simplicity and Service. It took me
months and years to begin to understand His Fire and
Ferocity. The time between my initial, immature reaction and
the wave of unending gratitude, a thousand points of view
could be seized upon. Only afterwards were the lessons
understood. What had been seen as so difficult and horrible
was transformed into real freedom and deep, radiant

Days with Him would begin with the
consideration of Truth and Practice, then with brilliant
humor or passionate consideration He revealed those present
to themselves, like a Priest in a Puja, setting a fire upon
each altar. Then He would reveal Himself and baptize all in
waves of joy and Love-Bliss.
Consideration–self-understanding–Baptism. He would let
your withdrawal from love be seen is His Sweet Fire of Love.
His ruthless pursuance of your obstructions to joy could
take milliseconds or years to comprehend, He didn’t really
care if it took you years or even lifetimes.

He gave everyone everything.
Everything is alot. More than anyone could digest. But my
observation was that Heart-Servant Adi Da always was only
gracious, even at His most forceful bluntness. I never saw
Him unloving, I never saw Him unfree. I spent twelve hours a
day most days in His House, I never saw Him in any way that
was not absolute and complete service, not a fraction of
anything outside of loving brilliance.

Brilliance too bright for self
possessed individuals, this is true. Ken is correct on this
point, the Way of the Divine Person is the most difficult
understanding, where misunderstanding surrounds it in lesser
satisfactions. Do not casually approach the God-Man Adi Da,
and do not put down an acclaimed living god-man because you
don’t fully understand who he is, or yourself.

The need to be right and safe in the
logic of your own mind is a delusion we all share. This
logic will exactly be the act that keeps us from The Truth.
Do not trash a living God Man because of egoic preference or
heresay from someone who has not yet understood

This is what people complain about
and struggle with. Some people got fried or burned by the
fire and reacted to the intensity in logics of power. I have
seen this in myself and in all others, and it has been my
observation that those who understood themselves the least
are the ones with the most complaints.

Unhappy with His Force, a thousand
logics may riddle you and me. I tried to resolve the
conflict between enlightenment and unenlightenment, Crazy
Wisdom and the crazy behavior of an Adept. The logic of the
mind will come up with all kinds of hairbrained schemes to
deny the Liberator in Person. It has been my experience and
observation that dissatisfaction with Adi Da is the same as
the refusal to love and to understand ourselves. This is
what he shows us, our limitations on love. In my thousands
of personal hours with Him, I have never experienced Adi Da
as anything but a Heart Servant, Fierce and Sweetness
Incarnate, Love In Person. This is not the egoic ideal, this
is true, God is not a gentleman.