Are There More Fish



Vision Mound (Vol. 02, No. 10) – May – June 1979

Are There More Fish in the Ocean on a Sunny Day, or on a Cloudy Day?

A talk by Bubba Free John

SPIRITUAL MASTER: The realm of possibility is infinite. There are endless conceivable and inconceivable realms of experience or embodiment that you could be involved in at the present time. But you are consciously involved only in this human one. You are involved in this human embodiment because you have desires, or tendencies of attention, that lead you toward this kind of experience. In the past you have had similar experiences, and you desired them, and you became more and more involved in this kind of possibility. You feel identified with this kind of life. Even so, it is still mysterious and unpleasant, and ultimately it does not fulfill itself. You are caught in a cycle of appearance and change and disappearance, because you have desires that lead you into the realm of experience. Indeed, you, the independent self or body-mind, are those desires, those tendencies of attention.

The dull human being, the desirer, who is merely here, trying to make the best, or the worst, of it, continues to be entangled in this affair of embodiment because he lives according to his desires. He lives as if being born in this form were necessary, as if this body had been born directly out of the forehead of God!. But his birth is his responsibility. His tendencies in consciousness are the motives of his embodiment. Just so, your own experience, good or bad, is strictly determined by your psychic association, your tendency of desire.

You are here because you like vital contacts, such as sex and food, and you even like something of the violence or the “gamble” of vital life. On the other hand, you do not like other aspects of it all. You are not here because you desire to be murdered, or to go crazy, or to be eaten. But because you desire positive experiences, you are necessarily also threatened by negative experiences. Yes, you desire a vital, elemental, human bodily state in which to have vital contacts. But, on the other hand, in the realm wherein human bodily life is possible, just that kind of body dies, just that kind of body suffers, just that kind of body craves, just that kind of body can fail to be fulfilled, just that kind of body is frustrated, just that kind of body becomes involved in a huge social chaos of people who have no responsibility for their embodiment, no awareness that they are ultimately responsible for this embodiment, who cannot account for this realm and our existence in it….

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