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In talking with his disciples Aurobindo was asked about the ‘glorious days’ when the ‘SuperMind’ (Truth-Consciousness) would descend and permanently be established in the physical plane. Aurobindo responded, first with a silent pregnant pause and then said, “I hope we shall live to see the glorious day of the ‘Supermind'”.

When will it descend, Sir?, asked the disciple.

“How can it descend? answered Aurobindo, “the nearer it comes the greater becomes the resistance to it!” I want to bring down the whole mass of the Supermind pure, and that is an extremely difficult business.”

Then the disciple said to Aurobindo, “You said that in 1934 Supermind was ready to descend but not a single Sadhak was found prepared. So it withdrew”

(Beezone)…Yes, it did and we will see…

see Adi Da “The Tumbs“)

also see Upasani Baba comment on the descent (bear down) of a great Power.


Edited and adapted by Beezone from Evening Conversations with Aurobindo