Be Relieved of Seriousness

Beezone adaptation and edit a talk by Adi Da Samraj


Be Relieved of Your Seriousness

While you are alive, everything seems important, life is full of importances. Enlightenment is important, your grandmother is important, you are important!

The Process of Awakening or Enlightenment seems to be confusing since it rests on a paradox which makes the approach rather serious and at the same time completely absurd. To attain freedom from something that is unnecessary to begin with is completly crazy. Why bother with it to begin with?

Enlightenment is to Awaken from the seriousness of experience. It is not about forgetting all about it or to assume some superfical understanding as many people do. People come up with all sorts of ‘answers’ and one liners that last for their whole life. The answers or what people settle for are like your favorite joke you keep in your back pocket, the one that will always get you a laugh when you need it.

We are under the incredibly absurd illusion that there is an objective world “outside” Consciousness and there is a ‘me’ inside this body. There is not a shred of truth in these presumption. What ‘you’ presume in your everyday consciousness in any moment is the drama of the seriousness of your independent existence. When you awaken, even for a moment to its true Position, which is senior to any phenomena, then the full of humor and feedom of necessity to any experience is brought forth. There is only Enlightenment, Divine Freedom. No matter what arises.

You must begin to release the tension in your heart, your tight fist of the heart. When you begin to come to rest you realize freedom and you receive Grace. Grace is the humor you enjoy by always already resting in God. Then the locks in the heart are loosened, and the seriousness of experience is dispelled. Our capacity to enter into the spiritual process is clarified and intensified. We have energy for spiritual life.

The moral here is that everyone must realize Humor, Freedom, or Distance from all the deadly seriousness of their interests and their occupations from day to day. They must see the ordinariness of it, even the absurdity of it, without becoming ironic. They must be free of the world in itself and rest naturally in the mood of the heart, the Intuition of the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. If you rest in God, then you have received Grace. Then Grace has entered into your daily life and only serves its ultimate transcendence. If you do not come to rest in God, the heart is like a stone or a clenched fist. It has not entered into the Infinite Radiance of Consciousness. It is fixed upon itself. It is Narcissus, self-meditative, self-protective, threatened by everything to Infinity, obsessed with possibilities and the repetition of experience in order to acquire a sense of survival, consolation, and pleasure.

The only Happiness is the release of the heart, or the differentiated self, which is not a fixed entity. The self is just like this clenched fist. Relax the fist and there is nothing inside. Relax the heart and there is no one inside. The sense of self is just the tension in the body-mind that gives it the sense of independence. Relax the tension and the body-mind becomes transparent.

There is no ego. There is no ego in experience. That is why Enlightenment is not really an event in the universe. It is not associated with experience of special, so-called “Enlightenment phenomena.” It would seem, from the ordinary point of view, that Enlightenment is the dissolution of this separate self. But Enlightenment is the Realization that there is no such self and that there never was, that there is no such self in all the other beings that now continue to exist, and that there never was a self when one was struggling to become Enlightened or to transcend oneself.

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