Beyond the Sexual Limits of East and West – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 4: The Culture of Eternal Life

Beyond the Sexual Limits of East and West


Traditional Eastern (or oriental) and Western (or
occidental) sexual orientations lead to two basic
psycho-physical scripts.

1. The Eastern: the “left-sided” or “yin” script. The
couple avoid exploitation of the outer-directed or motor
apparatus and the sympathetic (or “right-sided”) nerve
currents by embracing without motion, relaxing the brain and
breath, and emptying the verbal mind, while also exploiting
the sensory apparatus and the parasympathetic nerve currents
through intense tactile awareness, contemplation of internal
sensory phenomena of body and brain, and sending of the
sensory thrill and attention upwards toward and via the
brain (thus releasing genital tension and the need for
genital orgasm).

2. The Western: the “right-sided” or “yang” script. The
couple exploit the motor apparatus and the sympathetic nerve
currents through hyper-excitation of the body, breath, and
brain-mind. This has the effect of dulling the sensory
apparatus (or suspending the parasympathetic or “left-sided”
nerve currents), thus limiting the depth of tactile and
internal awareness, and it also sends the energy of the
motor thrill downwards, away from the brain, toward the
genitals and genital orgasm.

The Eastern sexual script is characterized by calmness of
body, emotion, breath, and mind, whereas the Western sexual
script is characterized by the excitation of these. The
Eastern sexual script tends to develop general
psycho-physical equanimity as well as a heightening of
energy in the brain, particularly the right hemisphere,
which is directly related to the sensory circuit. (And the
extreme version of the Eastern sexual script is
sex-transcending asceticism, or a habit of contemplation
that avoids sexual activity and generally minimizes
outer-directed activity of body and mind.) Thus, the Eastern
sexual script is related to the general Eastern ideal of
heightened intuitive or nonverbal psychic and mental
activity and physical calm.

The Western sexual script tends to create a sense of
release (and even emptiness, when done to excess) in mind
and body. Likewise, it reinforces the general tendency
toward outer-directed physical (or motor) activity and
verbal (or left hemisphere) brain activity – although both
motor and brain activity are temporarily suspended or
released in the event of orgasm (thus providing a brief
illusion of ecstasy).

The Western sexual script is the universally common
practice in modern industrial societies, whereas the Eastern
sexual script is generally engaged only by the practitioners
of esoteric yoga and ancient oriental medical philosophy.
However, the Western sexual tendency has historically always
been confronted by systems of cultural and social taboos,
which are often anti-sexual in character. The purpose of
such social and cultural mechanisms has been to control the
built-in liabilities of the Western sexual script, and thus
to control or economize the outer-directed sexual force,
which tends to produce degenerative excesses and
promiscuity. Clearly, such positive control was the original
intent of Hebrew and Islamic social and cultural rules or
taboos. But the Christian social and cultural taboos, which
have long dominated the largest part of human civilization,
particularly in Europe and the European “colonies” or
sub-states, including the Americas, have invariably been
associated with an anti-sexual or sex-negative intent.

There is a clear difference between a sex-positive
control of sexual tendencies and a sex-negative manipulation
or suppression of sexual enjoyment. And Christian
civilization contains an inherent problem or conflict in
this regard. This can be understood if we can also
understand the roots of the Christian religious message. The
centuries have obscured the essentially oriental origins of
the teaching of Jesus. Western civilization adapted the
exoteric religion about Jesus, but in doing so it
unwittingly inherited certain uniquely oriental attitudes.
One of those is the conservative Eastern sexual script. The
Eastern sexual ideal is the opposite of the Western sexual
ideal, as I have already described. And Christianity, while
providing the original basis for Western culture, contains
an essentially Eastern disposition toward sexuality.

The Eastern sexual ideal, when applied to the Western
sexual tendency, feels like a suppressive or anti-sexual
message (since it is not disposed toward excitation, orgasm,
or the verbal personality). And that aspect of the Eastern
sexual ideal that Jesus apparently represented was the
ascetic or sex-transcending ideal (which is commonly
regarded as the ultimate fulfillment or extension of the
Eastern sexual practice). Therefore, the inherent
orientalism of the Christian sexual disposition has always
worked in opposition to the basically Western (or
outer-directed occidental) ideal to which Christian
civilization has historically been devoted. And, for this
reason, the recent trend in Western and generally occidental
(or industrial) societies has been toward a revolutionary
overcoming of anti -sexual taboos. In the process, patterns
of degenerative and promiscuous sexuality tend to appear,
but the ultimate outcome should be a sex-positive social and
cultural disposition that tends toward a rational economy of
sexual activity. (Such was indeed the achievement of various
epochs of non-Christian but Semitic culture. The great
epochs of Judaism and Islam were clearly associated with a
sex-positive disposition in which sexual pleasure was
properly glorified and sexual control was rationally
understood. Thus, such societies made no taboos against
wisdom, happiness, sex, childbirth, wealth, health, or
longevity, and those “laws” that pertained to sex were
designed to create reasonably predictable social structures
rather than prevent truly human sexual expansiveness.
Evidence of this is that polygamy, as well as sex-positive
monogamy, was commonly accepted as a positive social
possibility by both Jews and Muslims, whereas Christians
have always tended to prefer either celibacy or a kind of
compulsory monogamy that is ultimately a form of anti-sexual
religious austerity.)

Clearly, the industrial societies of the future must
overcome the confusion of social and sexual ideals that we
have inherited from the ancient Eastern/Western division of
the world (or the like division between the functions of
brain and body). The outer-directed social enterprises must
be permitted to be intelligent, Life-positive, and,
therefore, sex-positive. The self-division of Christian and
general Western culture must be overcome, and, therefore,
the arbitrary dominance of Man by the ancient exoteric
religious cults must be overcome. Sex-positive social
structures must replace the old disturbances. But it is also
true that Man must become whole and single-no longer
exclusively characterized by either oriental or occidental
ideals. Therefore, while a sex-positive social economy must
develop, every individual must awaken to the esoteric
spiritual culture of the whole body. The outer-directed
verbal tendencies must achieve a balance with the sensual or
sensory and nonverbal or intuitional possibilities. This
requires each and all of us to go to school for a lifetime,
in order to grow through all of the evolutionary patterns in
Man. And, in sexual terms, this means that we must Realize a
process of sexual communion, or mutual love-surrender in the
Divine Life-Principle, so that our sexual play transcends
the inherent and traditional limits of both the Eastern (or
oriental) and the Western (or occidental) scripts.

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