Body, Mind, Death, and Life – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Chapter 5: The Seamless Garment of Love

Body, Mind, Death, and Life


Mind and body are mutually dependent. They arise as a dynamic play of nearly simultaneous opposites, and, as long as the pair exists, each constantly affects the other. Neither is more “real” than the other, except that the body, not the mind, is the first and the last to appear.

The mind is a reflection of the body, but it may also function in a manner senior to the body-by monitoring bodily processes and events, or by initiating changes via the will, creative imagination, intellectual and self-critical intelligence, or deep psychic motivation.

The body is a reflection of the mind and of energies subtler than the elemental or gross physical body. But the body is also senior to the mind, since simple, formal, or manifest bodily existence is the primary conditional circumstance of personal consciousness.

The body-mind is thus a dynamic unity. However, it is not, because of that unity, merely mortal. Both body and mind have their grosser and their subtler aspects. Matter is energy. Thought arises on the basis of a deep psyche that is pure energy. And the physical body is a mysterious and momentary phase of an ongoing process of eternal energy, or light.

Therefore, the individual body-mind is a dynamic play of changes that passes from birth to death. However, the body-mind also survives gross physical death. Personal psycho-physical existence continues in subtler realms of energy after gross physical death, and, thus, the body-mind continues to evolve and change in a dynamic pattern after gross physical death.

After gross physical death, the subtle psycho-physical being continues to function in subtler energy realms, until it either passes permanently beyond the gross physical realm or else reincarnates in the gross physical realm itself. Personal experience thus develops or evolves through adaptation to various levels of the psycho-physical dynamics, in cycles of birth, change, apparent death, and renewal. The play of individual psycho-physical existence is a kind of evolutionary schooling in the ultimate or Divine Law of growth via self-transcendence, until absolute Unity with the Divine Reality is realized, and an immortal or eternal Existence is enjoyed in the absolute Domain of the Living God (or Perfect Light of Life).

However, neither body nor mind is independent or immortal. All forms of body and mind are temporary and changing. No experience is permanent, and no experience is, in itself, God or Truth. Only the Living Reality is God and Truth, and the body-mind must always be surrendered into that Living Reality.

The root of the psycho-physical being of Man is in the region of the heart. It is an atom of consciousness and energy, which emanates as all kinds of psychic, mental, emotional, and physical states. The atom of the heart pervades the total body-mind with Life-Energy and extends into the body-mind as attention (or the base-consciousness of the body-mind).

Thus, during any lifetime of personal existence in gross physical form, the body-mind is supported by the energy and attention generated from the region of the heart. And after gross bodily death (and the death of the brain-mind) the atomic being functions in a body and realm of subtler energy, with attention transferred to a subtler dimension of mind.

But the atom of the heart is always moving toward the Truth of Life. Lifetimes of experience are gradually transcended through the Ecstasy of Love, which releases the atomic being into the Domain of unqualified Energy and perfect Consciousness. Therefore, the Work of Man is self-transcendence, or Ecstasy. We grow by loving surrender of body and mind (or all the subject-object conditions of experience) into the selfless and objectless sublimity of Life. And we are brought by these means to a Divine Destiny, which exceeds all that Man is structured to achieve, and even all that the gross physical universe is structured to provide.

This is the experience to which all mankind attests. This is the profundity, the paradoxical Wisdom to which all knowers are bound at the heart. And no lesser knowledge or worldly power will at last deny this Happiness to Man.


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