Call Upon Grace, A. Vol. 1: Remembrance



Introduction: “The Mysterious, Inexhaustible, and Incomparable
Teaching” (8/31/83)

Session One: The Prayer of Remembrance

An overview of the process of Divine Remembrance and the supportive
exercise of conductivity as the basis of Love-Communion with the Divine

The Three-Part Cycle of Conductivity (diagram)
Attached readings:
Arthur Osborne, ed., The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi in His
Own Words (excerpt: Japa)
E. Kadloubovsky and G. E. H. Palmer, trans., Writings from the Philokalia
on Prayer of the Heart (excerpt)

Session Two: The Principles of Men’s and Women’a Yogas

An examination of the character roles of men and women and the wisdom-yoga
that harmonizes the intimate play between spouses

Attached reading: Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving (excerpt) . . . . .

Session Three: Sacramental Services Review

A review of the principles and practices of the sacramental art of puja,
and an inspection of its practice as literal service to the Living Divine

Attached readings:
Da Free John, “The Magic of Blessing” (fall, 1980)
Da Free John, “Come Alive in Brightness and Receive the Gift of Light”
(7/79, in Vision Mound v.2 n.10)
Da Free John, “Divine Magic” (
Da Free John, “The Gift of Grace
Stephan Beyer, The Cult of Tara (excerpt)

Session Four: Developing Human and Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage,
Part 1

A practical inspection of the childish and adolescent male and female
dramatizations in the play of marriage and in relationship to the Divine
Adept that obstruct true spiritual growth

Daily Lovelessness Log (form)
Attached reading: Rollo May, Manta Search for Himself (excerpt). . . .

Session Five: Developing Human and Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage,
Part 2

A guide to the transcendence of universal desire via the practice of
self-transcending love

Death and Sex Both Interfere with You Very Profoundly (illus.)
Attached reading: William C. Schutz, Joy: Expanding Human Awareness

Session Six: The Prayer of Changes and the Laying On of Hands

A consideration of the spiritual principles and practices relating to
change and true healing

Attached reading: Dudley Blades, Spiritual Healing: The Power of the
Gentle Touch (excerpt)

Appendix A: Transition Criteria for FCC 2 to FCC 3
Appendix B: Transition Criteria for FCC 3 to FCC 4


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