Everything Must Change

Everything Must Change

A Seminar of Instruction In Preparation for Darshan of Heart-Master
Da Free John (The Naitauba Avadhoota, Paramahansa Swami Da Love-Ananda
Hridayam) on the Occasion of His Worldwide Tour of Blessing, 1988.

©1988 The Free Daist Communion.

In two workbooks:

Part 1:
Conscious Exercise: Summary Points to Remember: (Body. Breath. Mind.)
Hearing, Seeing, and Practicing (IITBOL)
“What kind of Person Is It Who Pervades the Whole World” (VM)

From The Knee. ‘I Am Not Born’
‘I Have No Past Lives’ (B&N)
‘The Blissful Current of Hapiness’ (FG)
‘The Universal Spirit Power'(DHT)
‘How I Comprehend My Own Work'(B&N).
‘My Teaching Word Is Simple’ (DHT).
“You Must Become Responsible as Feeling-Attention in Every Moment”
(6/13/77) (VM)
“Put Your Heart on the Line” (1/27/86)
“Self-Observation versus Self-Watching”
“See the Great Space in Which Contraction os Occurring” (IITBOL)

The Great Questions.
(58 pp.)

Part 2:
“Consider the Error of Being” (5/16/87).
“The Fundamental Advantage” (7/6/87).
“True Hearing Is a Smadhi” (4/28/87).
The Great Questions.
‘The Seven Stages of Eternal Life’ (? essay or talk not credited).
‘The First Three Stages of Life’ (DHT).
“If you will right consider this entire process…” (YoC)
‘The True Man’
‘The Mature Individual Is Not Bound or Afraid’ (EotWB).
‘We Must Consent to Become Agents of Life’ (? essay or talk not credited).

“There is no moment of this usual birth…” (TMotS)
‘The Way of Divine Ignorance Is the Spiritual Art of Devotion to the Living
“Good Company” (BWotLG).
“You Must Become a Sacrifice” (8/19/77) (VM).
‘Satsang Is A Spiritual Practice’ (6/27/87) (CW).
“Good Company” (4/14/87)
“The Sign of the Realizer” (7/31/87).
‘Pondering and Preparation’ (8/25/84).



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The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya,
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