Compulsory Dancing


Compulsory Dancing

Talks and Essays on the Spiritual and Evolutionary Necessity of Emotional Surrender to the Life-Principle.

By Da Free John.

First edition: 4/80. Reprinted 2/83.
©1980 The Johannine Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-50-1.
LOCCCN: 80-80912.

Introduction: Are You Willing to Be Happy?

Prologue: The Great Principle of Life-Practice.

I. Emotional Surrender to God:
“The Only Cure of the Loveless Heart”.
“The Fire of Transformation”.
“The Devotee Increases the Delight of God”.
“The Wizard of Oz”.
“Live in the Spirit of Surrender”.
“Allow Your Life to Be God’s Business”.
“Serve God and Live on Grace.

II. The Sacred Emotional Commitment to Sexual Love:
“The Pleasure of God-Communion Must Exceed the Pleasure of Sex”.
“The Mood of Betrayal”.
“Lust Is an Emotion”.

III. Choose What You Will Do:
“Will You Surrender, or Will You Contract?”
“Beyond Fear”.
“The Spirit”.
“The Vision of God”.

IV. The Truth of Our Existence Is Love:
‘Only Life Overcomes Death’.
‘What Is Wisdom’.
The Way That I Teach’.
The Presumption of What Cannot Be Lost or Found’.
‘The Person of Love’.
The Song of the Heart of God’.

(153 pp.)