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Mere Concentration Versus True
Surrender (sections 1 – 3) (pages 817 – 822)





You must understand and actively
accept that human life – in and of itself – is only egoity.
The ego is not an entity or even a mere idea, but, rather an
activity. The ego is the activity of “self”-contraction
which manifests as the mental-emotional illusion of separate
sense of ‘me’ or ‘I’.

As an ego you are doing ‘ego’
constantly, moment to moment and you are simply living out
your egoic, the life-dramatization of “Narcissus” destiny –
and nothing else.

This activity of ego, creates a
sense of ‘you’, a sense of ‘other’ and a sense of ‘the
world’, it is an all inclusive activity.

The activity that is ego is not
merely “talking about yourself” or “being selfish”. Ego is
the very nature of humankind in its un-Real (or
“self”-deluded) disposition of un-Enlightenment. Therefore,
the action that is the ego “covers the Earth”.

This understanding is absolutely
fundamental to my teaching.

What should you do about the ego? If
you are (in any manner, or to any degree) justifying
yourself in your egoic position, you are actively presuming
that My Divine Avataric Reality-Teaching is “not correct”.
You think, “Yes, I do have problems and a negative self –
but I also have all kinds of virtues.” You believe your
virtues are dominant – because of the fact that you feel the
impulse of devotion toward Me and you confess that you want
to Realize Me. However, all such ego-congratulating thoughts
and presumptions are (in Truth, and in Reality) nothing but
the out-rageous denial-game of “Narcissus”.

In the domain of un-Enlightenment,
there is only egoity. Apart from Divine Enlightenment (or
Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization), every fraction of
what human beings do is ego-bound-all of it.

For your practice of the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam
Ruchiradam) to be fruitful and effective, you must accept My
“Radical” Teaching-Revelation relative to egoity. My
“Radical” Teaching-Revelation relative to egoity covers
everything in one stroke-everything about seeking, and all
the stages-of-life nonsense whereby you idealize the egoic

I have Given you the Unique seventh
stage Way. In the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way
of Adidam, all of the characteristic tendencies and motives
of the first six stages of life are cancelled. In and of
themselves, the first six stages of life are nothing but
ego. Indeed, in and of themselves, the first six stages of
life are the idealization of egoity. I have not Communicated
to you a Way in which the seventh stage of life is the case
only at the end of a lengthy process. The only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is not the Way of
all seven stages of life. Rather, the only-by-Me Revealed
and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is the Way of the seventh
stage of life-first, always, and only. The only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is the non-egoic
Way. The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam
is the intrinsically and immediately ego-transcending Way.
This does not mean that ego vanishes merely because you
become My formally practicing devotee, or merely because you
read My Divine Avataric Reality-Teaching. The ego certainly
does not vanish merely because you “wave a flag” or “raise a
placard” insisting that you are “not the ego any

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given
Reality-Way of Adidam Is the Way that requires real
transcending of the ego-“I”-in practice. As My devotee
(devotionally recognizing Me and devotionally responding to
Me), you must practice right relationship to Me-turning all
of the principal faculties to Me, and forgetting all the
contents of the faculties themselves. Practice of the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is not a
matter of growth through the “progressive” (or first six)
stages of life (or the traditional “great path of return”).
Rather, practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given
Reality-Way of Adidam is a matter of demonstrating the
“radical” (or always “at-the-root”) ego-transcending process
I Describe in My Divine Avataric Word. That is what you must
do in relation to My Divinely-Avatarically-Born bodily
(human) Divine Form. Worship Me whole bodily, with your very
life-and do not live egoity any more.

If you are My devotee, you must
accept My Teaching-Revelation that you are
one-hundred-percent pure ego-not “sort of good, sort of
bad”, not “black and white”, or “gray”, or

In the realms of conditional
manifestation, egoity is absolute. Therefore, the
transcending of egoity requires an absolute Way.

Devotional recognition-response to
Me is the Way that accommodates Me absolutely. The egoic
“world” is always “grinding on”. Therefore, as My devotee, I
Call you to Self-“Locate” That Which Is Prior, and to forget
body and mind and “world”. To do so is not a matter of
engaging some kind of exclusionary (or dissociative) “game”
(or strategy). Rather, to do so is a profundity that
requires living the “Radical” devotional Reality-Way I have
Revealed and Given.


People try to avoid the fundamental
issues of existence through ego-based diversions, through
the inventiveness that is potential in the ego-position. The
ego-position is based on identifying with something that is
threatened and going to end. Therefore, the ego-position is
fundamentally “rooted” in fear. The ego-inventiveness of
human beings-encompassing all the modes of activity by which
human beings keep themselves occupied – is, essentially,
about avoiding the issues inherent in that fear, and
avoiding any depth-sensitivity to the implications of

Basically, there is the moment to
moment avoiding of fear and what is fearful, avoiding the
encounter with the actual nature of conditional existence –
the encounter with mortality, limitation, absurdity, and
bondage. Ultimately, the being longs to transcend the
ego-position, to participate in That Which Transcends the
false ego-occupation of playing upon separate “point of

Therefore, people involve themselves
– moment to moment, individually and collectively – in all
kinds of activities and modes of being that are essentially
absurd and troubled. People are always involved in modes of
seeking. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of
exercising real seriousness, real depth, profound
“consideration”, and profound practice. Apart from such real
seriousness, which is rarely engaged by human beings, people
are simply tending to be involved in mummery and

The moment to moment occupations of
human beings can be described as being profoundly and
intentionally superficial. Characteristically, human beings
are committed to superficiality, as a fundamental (and even
aggressive) intention to avoid depth, to avoid profundity,
to avoid fundamental issues – at all costs.

Serious people are not committed to
superficiality. If you are My devotee, you must become
serious-and become moved to seriousness. The practice of the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of
Adidam – beginning with the foundationary practice of
Sighting Me and Listening to Me – is entirely about such
seriousness. My devotee must embrace the in-depth process
that rightly and thoroughly deals with the issues of
existence. My devotee must not be looking for the
Reality-Way of Adidam to be some kind of ego-supporting
“consumer philosophy”, or “consumer religiosity”, or
“consumer Spirituality”.

Seriousness is about entering (or
transferring) into the Intrinsically egoless Sphere of
Reality Itself. Seriousness is about ecstasy, about the
intrinsic (or always Prior) transcending of egoity and
“point of view”. The Reality-Way of Adidam is about just
that -i ntrinsically transcending egoity and “point of view”
through devotional recognition-response to Me, right-life
obedience to Me, and “Perfect Knowledge” of Me. Altogether,
practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam is a Perfectly serious
and Perfectly profound discipline.

In your egoity, you are profoundly
committed to having life “work out”. You think that life is
supposed to “work out” – such that it fulfills your naive
and culturally-propagandized presumptions about what
constitutes “the good life”. At the same time, you confess
that you feel an impulse to engage ego-transcending practice
and Realize the Truth. Your persistence in this
double-mindedness indicates that you are not functioning on
the basis of the necessary most fundamental intelligent
“self”-observation – that conditional existence is
inherently limited, is filled with intrinsic suffering,
cannot and is not going to fulfill itself, and is (in and of
itself) fruitless. You cannot be committed to the process of
Divine Self-Realization without the necessary foundation
that is that intelligent “self”-observation.

“DEVOTEE: Beloved Master,
since Your bodily Form is the Divine Avataric Means, what
responsibility can Your devotees take without becoming
seekers for that Distraction?

asking for some “method” to defend yourself, for
some path that will make your life “work out”
right! You are like someone who is perpetually trying to
find the “right” intimate partner, who will
“guarantee” the right circumstances of his or her
intimate life. But the process of devotion to Me is
Distraction only—and, once there is that Distraction,
the theatre of your life and Realization is in the hands of
the Divine.”

Aletheon, Part Nine, What
is Radical, Right and Perfect?

As a socially-adapted ego-“I”, you
are grounded in the collective ideal and “self”-image of
“the good life”-imagining you are born to be fulfilled,
satisfied, kissed, cuddled, congratulated, and immortalized.
No one who has ever Realized the Truth to any Real degree
has ever functioned on such a basis. You must see through
the absurdity of that socially-programmed proposition.
Nevertheless, even in the midst of seeing through that
absurdity, you remain both required and able to practice in
the context of ordinary living-with love, with compassion,
with a sense of humor, and also with a capability for
delight – but free of the absurd vision of
“self”-fulfillment and the equally absurd vision that the
universe is going to fulfill itself.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You want Me
to talk about your trying to work your life out. Life does
not work out! IT CANNOT WORK OUT! That is not the Way of the
Heart! The Way of the Heart is about ego-transcendence,
transcendence of the very thing that seeks to make it all
work out! You are wanting Me to address you in this act that
you are making to have everything be hunky-dory. AND THE
you call “reality” and are trying to make work out
perfectly. You are only looking at yourself! That’s all you
are ever looking at! And you want it to work out,
“Narcissus”. You are looking at all this and you are calling
it the world-but it is you!

All you ever talk about, think
about, or perceive is you. It is a private, “self-possessed”
illusion. It is a result of your own knot of separateness,
and it registers in this poor little slug of a body-mind you
identify with as all kinds of illusions, hallucinations,
thoughts, presumptions, ideas, perceptions. The whole lot,
the whole ball of wax is all the result of your own separate
position, your own point of view, self-contraction,
manufacturing illusions on the base of That Which is
Reality. But you have no idea what that Reality is. No
notion. You are not associated with Reality, you are
dissociated from Reality. That is the whole point! Well,
that being the case, that is what you have to deal with! But
you want to persist in your adoration of the “pond “, your
experience, your search, and so forth, and you are asking Me
how to make it work out. I do not have anything to do with
the “making-it-work-out” business. I am here to wake you

[April 2, 1993] –
Wisdom Practices of Adidam

To engage Real ego-transcending
practice in My Company is to be obliged by a Great
Purpose-not only “interested”, but obliged. In that case,
every moment of existence becomes a test relative to that
always heart-felt obligation. Every moment of existence is
either a moment in which you relinquish that obligation, and
(thus and thereby) abandon the principle of ego-transcending
practice, or else a moment in which you maintain and Really
enact the principle of ego-transcending practice. If you
become weak, precious about yourself, “self”-conscious,
reactive, and so on, you relinquish the principle of
ego-transcending practice, and you relinquish your Great
Purpose. In the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of
Adidam, to embrace ego-transcending practice is to
constantly and readily pass tests-moment to moment, and all
the time.

Practice in My Divine Avataric
Company is not about “making an arrangement” with life, not
about “bargaining” with “God”. Practice in My Divine
Avataric Company is not about persisting in mediocrity.
Rather, practice in My Divine Avataric Company is about
passing tests, such that the total body-mind constantly goes
through ego-transcending changes and makes an always greater
and always new ego-transcending demonstration. Practice in
My Divine Avataric Company is a “hard school”, a
persistently ego-transcending life-based upon the Great
Purpose of transcending all limitations, transcending the
body-mind-complex itself, and transcending the cosmic domain

To rightly and truly engage the
ego-transcending practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam is
(inevitably) demanding, and even (at times) difficult – but
the practice is, itself, never mere and egoic suffering.
Rather, the practice is the ordeal associated with the
transcending of egoity. It is the ordeal of right and true
renunciation, right and true “self”-discipline. That
ego-transcending ordeal of “self”-discipline is necessary.
That ordeal is, itself, the substance of change, the alchemy
of change. That ordeal is the “fire on the pot”-into which
you must throw everything.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given
Reality-Way of Adidam is the transcending of everything,
Liberation from everything, in the Utter Freedom of egoless
Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization.

Aletheon – Concentration versus True
Surrender – p. 817

“People who understand this
principle get down to it, handle business, and bring me
signs. They don’t wait for fifteen and a half years and then
tell me to wait more. They dont do nine months here with me
and change nothing. You people are indulging yourselves in
my Company. You are coming to lectures. You are being
amused. You are indulging yourselves in my Company. To
practice is to suffer, but it is not egoic suffering, you
see. It is the suffering associated with transcendence of
egoity. Therefore, we do not call it suffering. We call it
tapas. We call it the ordeal of practice. We call it
renunciation. We call it discipline. It is necessary! Thats
it. That is the substance of change! That is the alchemy of
change. That is the fire on the pot. Everything must be
thrown into it.”

, a
talk by Da Avadhoota December 19, 1987