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Adi Da’s final two years were essentially passed in silence, except for necessary speech and communications regarding various aspects of his work. As with The Aletheon, his final words for inclusion in Not-Two Is Peace, along with his instructions for preparing the manuscript, were given on the morning of his passing.

Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyas

Adi Da formally and finally declared the end of his self-submission work on July 10, 2007, when he fully embraced what he called “Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyas”, his final seventh-stage disposition of “Divine Self-Revelation-Only”.

At the end of all of his years of self-submission and all his efforts to awaken humankind thereby, Adi Da had, he says, conclusively (and paradoxically) demonstrated that the method of self-submission does not and cannot work. That is, only his egoless divine self-revelation, and not any address to the ego in its presumed separateness, enables the process of transcendental spiritual awakening. Knowing that he had long seen the futility of his self-submission, one might ask why he persisted in it with such intensity and for so long a time. Of this he writes:

It was absolutely Necessary that I Do everything, in order to See if My Blessing and Liberation of beings were possible by Means of My Self-Submission. I have Demonstrated, with Absolute Conclusiveness, that Such is not possible.34 “Parama” is Sanskrit for “supreme”. “Sapta” is Sanskrit for “seven”, indicating the seventh stage of life and its perfect realization in his case. “Na” is short for “Naitauba”, his principal hermitage sanctuary, the site of his Mahasamadhi Temple, and the source-point of his transcendental spiritual transmission on Earth. Therefore, there is no purpose in any continuation of My Self-Submission.…My Impulse to continue Working in the Manner of Self-Submission utterly Vanished—most conclusively, on July 10, 2007. The fruitlessness of My SelfSubmission became so overwhelmingly obvious that That Effort entirely Fell Away.

But Adi Da was never only engaged in his self-submission work of reflecting egos to themselves. He was always, he says, simultaneously revealing himself as he is:

Until I am whole-bodily-responsively devotionally recognized, the ego sees itself in Me, and sees the “world” on Me (or in My Person), as in a mirror. All of My years of Divine Avataric Self-Submission-Work have been a Sign of how I have been approached as a Mirror—rather than being approached As I Am. Nevertheless, I have Always Been Revealing Myself As I Am—Stimulating the surface of the water in order to Awaken “Narcissus” to the Water Itself, to the Nature, Condition, and State of My Own Person (Boundless 156-57).

From July 10, 2007 on, Adi Da says that he embraced Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyas, his radical renunciate disposition, standing entirely apart from any submission to devotees or the world and expressing only his free blessing toward all:

[Now] I Am a Sapta Na Sannyasin, Utterly Free. I Did My Submission35 From the unpublished essays, “I Stand Free Apart and Not In The Middle Here”, and “Adidam Is NoSeeking Practice Is Perpetual Reality-Practice”, forthcoming in The Aletheon. 81 Work—and This Is How I now Am—As I Am [and the] Blessing [of all and All] Is simply My Nature, My State, My Intrinsic Condition of Self-Radiance (Aletheon).

Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyas, then, is the ultimate mode of Adi Da’s divine selfrevelation and, he affirms, the entirely sufficient means for the realization of reality and truth. Nevertheless, devotees recognize that the practical teachings and wisdom-revelations given by Adi Da during his years of self-submission remain among his essential gifts to humankind. His considerations, insights, instructions, and revelations about ordinary life (the “moneyfood-and-sex ego”) are available to humankind as a whole, now and in perpetuity. As one devotee writes:

There is a way to live in the fullness of our common humanity—profoundly given over to love and self-yielding in relation to the Divine Reality and to all others. How to do so with a truly open and wounded heart is a fundamental wisdom-lesson conveyed in all the Teaching-Work done by Adi Da during the entire epoch of His SelfSubmission (Costabile, “The Call” 52).

My “Secret” Biography

Before proceeding to an account of Adi Da’s mahasamadhi and a discussion of the future of Adidam, here is Adi Da’s own final statement of the significance of his life and appearance in the world:

From the unpublished essay, “Adidam Is No-Seeking Practice Is Perpetual Reality-Practice”, forthcoming in The Aletheon.

My Avataric Lifetime Is A Divine and Unique Demonstration of Intentional Entanglement—In Which The egoless Divine “Bright” Self-Nature, SelfCondition, Self-State, and Divine Transcendental Spiritual Self-Force of My Prior and Perfect Freedom Is Constantly Self-Revealed In Spontaneous Acts, Great Events, Remarkable Conjunctions, Extraordinary Processes, and BeyondWonderful Demonstrations of Perfect Dis-Entanglement—For The Sake of alland-All. By Means of My Avataric Lifetime of Divine Self-Revelation, all-andAll who are, as if by accident, entangled here (and everywhere), in egoic time and space, Are Divinely Avatarically Given All of Necessary and Perfectly Acausally Effective Means For Perfect Dis-Entanglement—now, and forever hereafter, In Me, and Where and As I Am. This Is The Key to rightly and truly understanding All of The Acts, Events, Conjunctions, Processes, and Demonstrations of The Totality of My Lifetime-Evidence (Boundless 49).


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