The Culture of Ecstasy – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House! – Da Free John – Adi Da Samraj

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!


Chapter 3: Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Not Be Announced by the White House

The Culture of Ecstasy

It is true that mankind must become capable of intelligently distinguishing between true and false religion, or true and false cultism. But it is also true that mankind must abandon the anti-ecstatic or anti-Life disposition of scientific and political materialism. The secret of human existence is Life-the All-Pervading Life-Current and Transcendental Consciousness in which the World-Process and Man are arising, floating, changing, and passing beyond themselves.

We cannot grow beyond the childishness and exclusiveness of archaic and conventional exoteric religion by embracing the adolescent intellectualism of scientific and political materialism. The scientific method does not provide the basis for a sufficient world-view (or a culture of fully human participation in the Paradoxical Reality of the world). The method of science, or the ritualistic subject-object strategy of the conventional mind (both religious and scientific), does not provide for or even permit ecstatic, self-transcending Communion with the Unity and Radiant Energy of the Process of the world.

The presumption of the bodily and psychic separation between Man and the world (and the ultimate Reality of the world) has produced archaic exoteric religion and scientific and political materialism. The exoteric and conventional ritual of the method of scientific abstraction, observation, comparison, and analysis is not different from the exoteric ritual of liturgical worship and belief in the “God of our fathers.” Both processes are ritualistic, exoteric, even archaic, and dependent on the establishment of disunity or inherent separation between the ego or self or observer and the phenomena of the world (or the totality that is God). Such a process may produce various kinds of experiential knowledge or belief about the world and God, but the process itself prohibits Ecstasy, self-transcending participation, or surrender and abandonment of the difference or separation between the self and the world (or God).

Only the ecstatic presumption of Unity or nonseparation between the self and the world and the Reality (or Living God) of the world permits the Realization of Wisdom, or direct knowledge, which is prior to but not exclusive of experience.

Therefore, the method of Ecstasy, or self-transcending participation in the Life and Unity of the World-Process, must be the necessary foundation of higher and truly human culture. And that method transcends the archaic disposition of both conventional religion and conventional science. Therefore, it provides an intelligent basis for discriminating between true and false religion, and it also provides a basis for understanding and making right use of scientific experimentation and invention. (However, the archaic religious or scientific mind does not, in its turn, provide a basis for understanding and participating in the evolutionary process of Ecstasy, or self-transcending Unity with Life and the World-Process.)

Fanatic and false exoteric religious cultism and anti-ecstatic or anti-Life intellectualism were the essence of the obnoxious Pharisaism that Jesus criticized so angrily. And it was that same Pharisaism that ultimately brought about the hypocritical execution of Jesus, sanctioned and presided over by the good offices of the State.

That same combination of intellectual and hypocritically religious resistance to participation in the ecstatic Life-Principle is still at work in our own time. And it is still producing the same effect-which is the suppressive undermining of the culture of Ecstasy, or prevention of the emergence of the esoteric and evolutionary culture of a fundamentally free humanity.

Let us not be naive and indifferent. Let us be tough-minded, but let us be self-critical. Let us hear the Truth and submit ourselves, both individually and collectively, to the Living Reality. Let us adapt to the mature practice of human and esoteric Wisdom, as it has been proclaimed and demonstrated by countless Adepts. Let us surrender, from the heart and with every breath, to the Radiant Law that is Life. Now let mankind understand and prove the Wisdom of its highest or most evolved members. Now let the Adept and the practitioner of Ecstasy become senior to the subhuman heroes of the popular mind and all the mechanical priests of false religion and false knowledge.

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