Dawn Horse Testament Study Companion, The

The Dawn Horse Testament -A Study Companion

By Education Department of the Johannine Daist Communion.

Only edition: 11/85.
©1985 The Johannine Daist Communion.


I. The Unique Personal Ordeal of the True Heart-Master (Timeline).

II. Synopsis of The Dawn Horse Testament.

III. Charts:
Chart 3-1: “The Basic Features Of The Great and Truly Single Way That
I Teach”.
Chart 4-1: The Heart-Master’s Gift of Agency.
Chart 9-1: “The Way That I Teach Is A Process Involving Four Progressive
Stages Of Recognition and Realization”.
Chart 15-1: Practice Reception of the All-Pervading Power in the Frontal
Chart 16-1: The Seven Stages of Life and the Stages of Responsive Awakening
to the Forms of God.
Chart 16-2: Signs or Demonstrations of the Seventh Stage of Life.
Chart 17-1: “My Devotee Immediately Realizes All Of The Forms Of The
Divine Person”.
Chart 18-1: The Alpha Strategy, the Omega Strategy, and the Way of the
Chart 19-1: “The Consideration Of My Teaching Arguments Sensitizes
You To The Two Principal Functions Of Mind”.
Chart 19-2: The Two Principal Forms of Self-Enquiry.
Chart 19-3: The Great Questions.
Chart 20-1: The Two Basic Forms of the Easy Prayer.
Chart 20-2: The Rudimentary Form of the Prayer of Changes.
Chart 21-1: Sexual Communion versus Conventional Sexuality.
Chart 22-1: True Prayer versus Conventional Prayer.
Chart 22-2: The Fully Developed Prayer of Changes.
Chart 22-3: The Prayer of Remembrance.
Chart 22-4: Mala Japa.
Chart 23-1: “The Yoga Of Devotional Submission Of the frontal personality”.

Chart 23-2: The Vital, Peculiar, and Solid Personality Patterns.
Chart 23-3: The Great Base Reactions of Fear, Sorrow, and Anger.
Chart 24-1: The Sign of the Thumbs.
Chart 33-1: “The Yoga Of Conductivity Is Made Of Three Parts”.

Chart 34-1: The Practice of Sacramental Meditation.
Chart 34-2: “The Mahamantra May Be Engaged With the breath cycle and
Conductivity Of The Spirit-Current In A Manner That Relates To The Three
Domains. This Is Demonstrated In Cycles Of Six Parts Each”.
Chart 43-1: The Radical Call.
Chart 43-2: The Three Stages of “The Perfect Practice”.
Chart 44-1: The Seventh Stage of Life Is a Stage of Practice.
Chart 44-2: The Four Fundamental Forms of Practice.
Chart 45-1: The Single Principle upon Which the Entire Process of the Way
Is Developed.
Chart 45-2: The Plea of the Heart-Master (also Epilogue).

IV. Overview Charts:
Listening, Hearing, Seeing, and Practice: Summary Considerations.
The Divisions and Stages of Practice in The Johanine Daist Communion. The
Samadhis of the Great Process.

V. Visions of Your Likeness:
Visions of Your Likeness.
The “Great Individuals”: A Bibliography.

(226 pp.)


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