The Divine Madman

The Divine Madman

The Sublime Life and Songs of Drukpa Kunley

translated by Keith Dowman, Sonam Paljor

illustated by Lee Baarslag

©1980 Keith

©1983 The Johannine Daist Communion

ISBN: 0-913922-75-7.

Publisher’s Note to the Reader.

Editor ‘s Introduction.

List of Illustrations.

Foreword by Choegyal Gyamtso Tulku.

Translator’s Introduction.

The Divine Madman:


1. How Drukpa Kunley became an Ascetic
Wanderer and

how he delivered the Lady. Sumchokma
from the Ocean of Suffering.

2. How Drukpa Kunley visited Samye and Lhasa for the Sake
of All Beings.

3. How Drukpa Kunley visited Taklung, Yalpachen and Sakya,
to give Meaning to the Lives of the People.

4. How Drukpa Kunley travelled through East Tsang for
the Sake of All Beings.

5. How Drukpa Kunley, the Master of Truth, went to Dakpo
and Tsari and arrived in Bhutan.

6. How Drukpa Kunley bound the Demons of Bhutan and directed
the Aged of that land to the Path of Liberation.

7. How Drukpa Kunley instructed his Consorts in the Southern

8 How Drukpa Kunley returned from Bhutan to Tibet and
the Events which artended his Nirvana.

Benedictory Prayers.

Translator’s Notes.

Appendix 1: Map of Tibet and Bhutan.

Appendix 2. The Lineage of Drukpa Kunley.

(200 pp)


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The Divine Madman:

The Sublime Life and Songs of Drukpa Kunley

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