Don’t be Naive about Your Inheritance

estern religion comes out of the Middle East. The Middle East is the dividing line between the right-sided approach to life and the left-sided approach. The rest has inherited Middle Eastern religion but basically the path of the right side is not about religion at all. Western development is about life in the world in which conditions of born existence are essentially considered to be just what they are, the conditions of born existence.

Born existence is the game in which you are to survive and struggle which you must take into account and in which your philosophy (science) must reflect. The Middle East still has a religious or spiritual aura of a kind, but its principles, once they develop as western history, as the right-sided history of mankind, do not appear in the form of religion.

They appear in the form of our modern technological scientific society, which is essentially a-religious, not religious, a-spiritual, most often anti-religious and anti-spiritual. Thus, western culture is basically oriented to manifest conditions and functions themselves. Western people constantly confront the negative force of their own self-presumptions while trying to live a human, social, mortal life advancing, succeeding and surviving.

Thus, Middle Eastern religion has provided psychological support for the right-sided man of the West. Over time, the more involved Western man have become the functions of Western man’s existence in surviving and dealing with the material universe and the more sophisticated human beings have become in their knowing the less they have been able to justify naive presumptions upon which this Western or Middle Eastern religion depends.

Thus, more and more people are being left with only soup. They don’t even know what to call it anymore. They call it only if they see a God over against it. Basically they are left with obsessed creative mortal life. You must begin to understand what the religious life and spiritual truth is really about. You must be able to differentiate all your casually generated motivations that reflect old conventional concepts and persuasions and philosophies.

You may have casually inherited your Western Judao-Christian mind without every having been a preferred profound student of it. It just filtered in with a little bit of church-going, a little bit of parental and social influence. But you must become responsible for the religious and conventions you represent through a very sophisticated investigation of Judao-Christian thought and concepts, however casual your inheritance.

Adi Da Samraj

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