Forehead, Breath and Smile

Forehead, Breath and Smile

An Anthology of Devotional Readings from the Spiritual Teaching of Master
Da Free John.

Only edition: 9/82.
©1982 The Johannine Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-70-6 (cloth).
LOCCCN: 83145258.

Introduction: The Power of Enlightenment by Daji Bodha.

The Spiritual Art of Recitation.
Recommendation for Regular Formal Recitation.

Prologue: ‘Forehead, Breath, and Smile.’

1. Listen To Me and Hear Me:
‘The Divine Invocation’.
‘The Song of the Heart of God’.
‘The Great Confession’.
‘The Great Chant’.
‘The Call to Prayer’.
‘The Easy Prayer of Surrender’.

2 Worship the Divine Person in Spirit and in Truth:
“I am the Heart”.
“I am not full”.
‘The Supreme Statement’.
‘Worship the Divine Person in Spirit and in Truth’.
‘What Did I Teach?’.
‘The Person of Love’.
‘Turn Out to the Living God’.
‘I am not the one who, finding himself awake…’
‘The Man of Understanding’.
‘The Commitment to Size’.

3. The Radiant Touch of the Spiritual Master:
‘The Perfect Teachers of Man…’.
‘The Spiritual Master Provides the Radiant Touch of God’.
‘But always the Divine Self…’
“I am the advantage of devotees …”
‘I Have Come to Accept the Worship of My Devotees’.
‘Perfect Enlightenment Is Constant Remembrance of Me’.
‘The Ultimate Mystery of the Spiritual Master and the Perfect and Final
Stage of the Practice of His Devotees’.
‘Beloved, I Am Da’.
‘Oh friends, do not fail to mind me in and out’.
‘See me when possible’ .
“In the ‘Introduction to the Gospel of the Siddhas,’…”
‘What Will You Do If You Love Me?’.

4. The Way I Teach:
‘My Purity’.
‘There are so many…’
‘Surrender Is Universal Worship’.
‘The Way I Teach’.

5. Love Is the Sacrifice of Man.
“This is the Way”.
‘There is no Truth higher than love’.
‘True Wisdom…’
‘The Way of Radical Understanding or Divine Ignorance…’
‘Consider What You Know’.
‘In complete, simple Ignorance…’.
‘The great message of the universe…’
“No practice realizes Truth”.
“Love is obedience…”
‘Be Conscious as the Feeling of Being…’

6. The Ecstatic Speech of the Spiritual Master:
“One who accepts the Guru’s invitation…”
“I don’t believe I have much more to say…”
“The Golden Great Bright-Foreheaded Warrior”
“The Gospel of the Siddhas”.
“What is the very essence of Communion?”
“Guru Enters Devotee”.
“Moving beyond Childish and Adolescent Approaches to Life and Truth”.

“There is nothing more for the Spiritual Master to do…”

7. The Free Standing Man: Master Da’s Free Renderings of Traditional
‘The Free Standing Man’ (BG).
‘The Essence of Transcendence’ (BP).
‘The Essence of Practical Living’ (BP).
‘Love of the Two-Armed Form’ (BP).
‘Sudden and Gradual Enlightenment’ (BP).
‘The Essence of Devotional Practice’ (BP).
‘The Essence of Meditation’ (BG).
‘The Bodily Center of Self-Realization and God-Communion (MU).
‘At the Origin of everything….’ (NT).
‘But the time will come…’ (NT).
‘The Wisdom of the Seventh Stage of Life’ (M).
‘The Essence of Devotion’ (BP).

Epilogue: ‘I Am the Bright Occasion’.

(105 pp.)


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