God Is Not a Gentleman

God Is Not a Gentleman and I Am That One

Ecstatic Talks on Conventional Foolishness versus the Crazy Wisdom of

By Da Free John.

Only edition: 11/83.
©1983 The Johannine Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-85-4 (paper).
LOCCCN: 83-73178.

Introduction: The Crazy Wisdom of the Free Adepts by Ty Koontz.
1. “I Am the Headless Horseman” (4/15/79).
2. “Meaning Interferes with Hardly Anything” (12/10/82).
3. “Do You Know Where, Why, or What It Is?” (12/25/82).
4. “The Most Absolute Divinity Has Intervened in Our Ordinariness”
5. “Even the Upper Planes Are a Terrible Domain” (11/16/82).

6. “I Am Here to Restore God to Man” (9/1/80).
7. “Accept the Interest of the Great One” (8/25/80).
8. “I Have Spoken the Truth in My Room” (1/4/83).
9. “The Heart Is Not Wedded to the Face” (7/12/76).
10. “This Is the Mind-Made Realm” (2/16/83).
11. “Don’t Get Serious, Get With It” (4/19/75).
12. “The Wonder of the Great One” (2/5/83).
13. “Love Is Sufficient Wisdom” (12/25/77).
14. “I Am More Like You Than You Are” (9/15/82).
15. “Our Meeting Is Spiritual and Eternal”. (11/22/82).

(118 pp).