Get Serious

Adi Da Samraj talking to a group of
devotees – December 4, 1992.
Adapted and
edited by Beezone


“You must get serious about your own
suffering and the suffering of all other beings, and about
the stupidity of all movements on Earth, whatever they are
called – political, economic, religious. Whatever they are
called, they are utter stupidity. There is no siddhi in
them, no blessing, no unique capability invested in the
world. There is Only This One who is here to do that. There
is no other. The World is One. Either you will understand
This, or you will not.

I am not here to tell you bad news.
This is not a time to respond in fear. Fear and separation
are what is creating this time. I am Here to Wake you up to
the insanity of the present world situation.

I am here in the midst of the
beginning of a terrible time, this grossness, to give
everyone the option to bring an end to this madness. Either
you will listen to me, hear me, change, or you will not.
This is the opportunity for all mankind. It is so. Without a
true response, what is to come is terrible.

It has gone too far. The suffering
in this world is too great. This world of beings cannot
afford neglect anymore. It is time you to stand firm. Stop
deluding yourself, stop being mediocre, stop finding the
loopholes in my Word. You do not have much more time of
comfort. The world is closing in in its results. No one is
superior to the Great Power. No one.

Accept no separation between us, nor
between you and any another. None! Do not “oink” yourself
into separation and stupid oblivion. Embrace what is True,
Right and Real, practice love, tolerance and Truth. Do so
diligently, consistently, with great intensity. This is My
Admonition to you, and it is all I can Give you. If you want
to ignore the truth of this time and the Great Opportunity
you are obligated Respond to, the burdensome Yuga that is
coming upon mankind will be visited upon you and all, and
its consequences will be absolutely terrible. Listen to the
prophecies of the ancient ones. The ones who have had their
hearts planted on this earth. You will not hear this in the
commercials on TV or the bulletin boards on the highway.
They will tell you to continue to consume, continue to
indulge yourself in your appetites for satisfaction and
adventure. This is not a joke, this is the time you are in
and you must respond in a different way than you are
presently committed to.”

Adi Da Samraj – December 4, 1992 –
Adapted and edited by Beezone