Action without Stress of Concern

Proof of the Existence of God

Will Soon Be Announced by the White

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Chapter 2: We Have Outgrown the
Cult of Childish Religion

God and


People today talk about God as if
one could thoroughly deny that God Exists. The puzzlement
about whether or not God Exists is not a true question at
all. There is no genuine doubt that God Exists. Obviously
you did not create yourself, nor can you sustain yourself
independently, nor can you spontaneously uncreate yourself.
You can only be confused by illusions of doubt, and these
illusions can create the sense of separation from the Living
Divine. Such doubts are only illusions whereby we become
self-possessed, self-destructive, loveless, and incapable of

We are lived . We are part of a
Great Process that is ultimately mysterious, a Process in
which we do not know . God, or the Inherent and
Transcendental Reality, clearly Exists. Each of us is
inherently obliged to relate to the Divine through love and
to fulfill the Law of sacrifice that is Revealed to us in
every moment of existence. The Divine Reveals Itself, in our
sacrifice, through intuitive illumination, and through a
process of psycho-physical transformation and ultimate
Translation of self into the Real. Only the Awakened devotee
truly understands or Realizes the Nature of God, the Reality
of God.

There is no justifiable reason to
doubt the Divine Reality. Doubt is simply a reflection of
ourselves, our reluctance to fulfill the Law of sacrifice
and to become Lawfully oriented to Infinity. Doubts about
whether or not God exists are descriptions of Man in his
recoil from Infinity. Impenetrable doubt cannot be logically
justified in the midst of things. Concepts or beliefs about
“God” may be doubted, but that which is Divine and Eternal
is always perfectly obvious-and, therefore, inherently
beyond the conventional disposition we feel as

You are always “capable” of doubt,
because doubt is a condition of yourself. It is a form of
contraction. And when you involve yourself in contraction,
you become mad-neither relational nor ecstatic. You have no
clarity, no understanding, no capacity to transcend your own
reactivity and isolation. Find yourself in that position,
and then you start wondering if God is Real or if God
Exists. But God is Reality. God is Existence. The mind may
know doubt, but it cannot know what God, or Reality, or
Existence is . The Divine is, therefore, beyond knowledge
and doubt, which are only ordinary conventions of mind and
experience. The Divine is Realized only through ecstasy, or
self-transcendence, beyond knowledge and doubt. The Living
God may be neither doubted nor known, but only Realized. God
may only be loved.

Therefore, hear the critical
argument of this Way of Divine Ignorance. Through Awakening
to the intuition of the Divine, the unprovable and
undoubtable Divine is simply, tacitly obvious. God is simply
Reality. God is the Process of Existence altogether, and God
ultimately Transcends the Process and the manifestations of
all manifest experience.


Proof – Table of Content