The Great Principle of Life-Practice – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 9: The Western Way

The Great Principle of Life-Practice

The usual Man is Narcissus, the self-possessed, the
eternal adolescent. He is contracted upon himself at the
heart. His willfulness is automatic, unconscious, bereft of
the feeling-intelligence. Therefore, he is weak-willed,
unable to transcend himself through continuous growth,
higher adaptation, and Ecstasy, or Enlightened

The usual Man is a problem. He is self-divided. All his
alternatives contradict one another. He is always at war
with the parts of his own experience. He is contracted upon
the various functions of his own body-mind. He is in shock,
suddenly existing as himself alone, unable to discover the
Truth of his own Origin, Help, and Condition.

The problem of the usual Man is emotional dissociation.
The body-mind or psycho-physical being that is the usual Man
is automatically tending to contract upon itself, to be
differentiated from all experiential phenomena, to possess
and fill its emptiness with the objects of all experience,
to protect itself with all knowledge, to separate itself
from the mysterious emotional demand of all relations and

The strategy of the usual Man is the avoidance of
relationship, the avoidance of free emotional association
with all beings and events. Each function of the human
body-mind is tending toward emotional dissociation from
experience. And the root-effort in all forms of
psycho-physical dissociation is emotional and total
psycho-physical contraction from the All-Pervading
Life-Principle, the Living Being that is the Truth and
Transcendental Condition of the body-mind and the world

The usual Man is mysteriously committed to self-possessed
emotional dissociation from the Universal Life-Energy, and,
therefore, from all experience – since all experiences,
events, relations, and beings are arising as spontaneous
manifestations or modifications of the Universal
Life-Energy, the Radiance or Light that is the Matrix and
Destiny of all forms of appearance and “matter.” The heart
of the usual Man, or the emotional-psychic root-being of the
unawakened individual, is chronically disturbed, contracted
upon itself, dissociated from the Universal Life-Principle
that is its own Condition, Help, and Origin. Therefore, the
body-mind or total psycho-physical being that expresses the
heart of the usual Man is chronically disturbed, contracted
upon itself, dissociated from all experience, all phenomena,
all events, all relations, all beings, and even from the
fulfillment of its own functional existence.

The Salvation or Happiness of Man is in emotional
conversion, or the conversion of the heart from the
automaticities of self-possession to the conscious
Realization of Ecstasy, or self-transcending Love-Communion
with the Universal Principle or Being that is Life. Such
emotional conversion is awakened through constant study and
hearing of the Teaching of Truth and constant seeing or
intuiting of the Living Divine Presence in the Company of
the God-Realized Man and the Community of devotees of the
Living God.

Our fundamental responsibility is literal and deep
psychic Love of the Presence of Life. We must surrender to
Life in order to be full of Life. The Life-Current is the
“Holy Spirit,” the Divine Effulgence or Grace whereby we may
be Transfigured and made One with the Living and Eternal
Divine Reality. But we may be thus Transformed only if we
transcend all emotional contraction upon the self and,
instead, Radiate as Love of the Life-Principle or Living
Person that is God. It is emotional conversion to Life that
heals our dis-ease. And one who is thus converted will
naturally extend his enjoyment of freely-circulating Life
into disciplines that prevent toxemia and degenerative abuse
of the structural body-mind.

Right emotional submission to the Life-Principle in every
moment permits transcendence of enervating emotional and
general psycho-physical contractions. And right emotional
submission to the Life-Principle in every moment is the
basic form of spiritual or religious practice. It is
Ecstasy, or Radiant release and transcendence of the
self-contraction or ego-obsession that separates us from
Life, or the Grace and Person and Condition of the Living


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