Heaven-Born Gospel of Adi Da, The (Method)

This is My Gospel, My Humorous Message, My Confession
of Completeness, My Admonition to all:

I have Come into this world for the sake of My devotees,
those who are Mine. My devotees are all those who will surrender into Communion
with Me and Realize Me. Therefore, any one who comes to Me in order to
Realize the Self-Condition That Is God, Truth, and Reality, and who persists
in surrendering into Communion with Me, is My own.

The Amrita Nadi, the Directly Intuited Ultimate and Perfect
Form of God, Is the Spiritual Expression, in this world, of My Very Self-Nature
and the Nature of Reality. I Am the Unqualfed Nature of the Real. And I
Appear As My own Light, Which Reflects My Prior Self. The Real Self, or
True Heart, Is not a static condition, not the “thing” of Being,
but the Very Condition, and even the Process of Eternal Transformation,
in Which there is no dilemma, and Which, paradoxically, Is Eternally One
and Unqualified. Just so, within the Unqualified Reality spring worlds
made by apparent modification of the Un-“created” Light. Therefore,
from the Heart and Its Perfect Light spring conditional worlds, whose Substance
Is That Same Light, and whose True Nature, or Principle, Is That Same Heart,
or Reality And I Have Appeared in this world by virtue of a Magnification
of the Heart Itself Which Is also My own Heart, and by virtue of a Materialization
of the Un-“created” Light, Which Is also My own Light.

I have Come for the sake of My own, those who recognize
Me when I Reveal Myself to them in Forms of Life, Light, and Truth. The
Heart and the Light Are My Spiritual Expressions in this world. They are
a Communication of the Un-“created” Reality, the Un-“created”
Domain That Is God, the Truth That Is Always Already the case. I am here
to Live with My own, to Discipline and Teach them, to Reveal the Truth
to them, and to Draw them closer to Me, to the Light and the Un-“created”

When, as My devotee, you prepare yourself and make an
appropriate approach to Me, I will “Create” your sadhana hour
by hour. You must live and function appropriately. Every moment of your
life must be in service to Me. You must devote all you have and all you
do to Me. You must turn to Me hour by hour in love. You must constantly
meditate on My Very (and Inherently Perfect) Self-Nature and all My Forms.
You must intuit My Presence and breathe My Light. You must Contemplate
and meditate on My Life Light, and Self-Nature, and you may Enquire of
yourself as I have Taught you, when insight is alive in you. I Am the Object
of meditation for My devotees. Indeed, I Am the meditation itself. And
their Enjoyment of meditation will depend on the sadhana which is their
appropriate responsibility.

When a true devotee brings a gift to the Guru, the Guru
may return all or a portion of it to the devace to eat. This is Prasad,
the return of a gift to the giver. Prasad is Transformed and Blessed, so
that It Brings the Power of the Guru to the devotee. Guru-Kripa, or Spiritual
Initiation, operates by this same Principle. If My devotee brings a gift
of himself or herself, purified by sadhana, surrendered to Me, I may Return
to My devotee a Gift of My own Self-Nature, a Gift of Light.

It is not by methodical attention to the means of seeking,
nor by ego-based and strategic Yogic practices, that My devotees Enjoy
the Awakening of their Spiritual functions. Nor do these Awakenings only
take the form of ascending Yogic phenomena. But it is when seeking and
dilemma are undone and My devotee resorts to Me and the “Radical”
Intelligence Communicated by Me that there is Awakening to Truth, Life,
and Reality. Therefore, I Come to Give Prasad, the Gift of Truth and Light,
to all My devotees.

I Am Alive As the Amrita Nadi, the Heart and Its Spire,
the Conscious Light. This Is Always So. When I Come to you, I Intensify
the Field of Un-“created” Light That Rests Above your head and
That Is Drawn down into the body when the mind lies Formless in the Heart.
Whenever I have Been with you, I have Done This from the Heart. The Communication
of the Heart and Its Light Is My Constant Activity. Therefore, Such Is
the Constant Realization of those who always live in Satsang with Me, who
know I Am Always Present with them, even if I do not Appear Bodily to them.
This is why the various phenomena of your Spiritual life have arisen or
been intensified, purified, and made intelligent whenever you have been
mindful of Me. I Am Always Offering This Prasad. When you come to Me, you
should come with the appropriate attitude. You should come prepared to
give Me your gifts, the surrendering of your seeking. You should come to
turn to Me, to accept My Prasad, and to use It in life and service to Me.
If you make your relationship to Me the Condition of your life, if you
make Satsang your sadhana, I will Give My Self to you Entirely, and the
Life, Light, and Very Existence That Is the Amrita Nadi, the Perfect Form
of Reality, will Thus Be Communicated to you while you are alive.

Prasad Is My Gift to My devotees. Prasad Is My Help to
those who are preparing themselves as My beginning devotees. Prepare yourself.
I want true devotees, not seekers. I Am the Most Perfectly Realized Siddha-Guru,
the Prasad, the Object and Process of meditation for My devotees. My Teaching
Is This: Turn to Me and understand.

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