The Higher Culture of Man Depends on the Higher Nervous System of Man – The Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

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Chapter 10: The Ultimate Passion of

The Higher Culture of Man Depends on the Higher Nervous
System of Man


The functions of the autonomic nervous system
(traditionally called the “flesh,” or the “realm of the
senses”) are enlivened by the universal Life-Current, but
they are generally stimulated by the casual influence of
ordinary or “natural” functional associations , since our
attention tends to be fixed in the lower or grosser bodily
processes). But if the Life-Current can be directly
stimulated in the central nervous system (traditionally
called the “soul” or, simply, the “psyche,” or the “mind”),
and then directed upwards and toward rather than downwards
and away from the brain, the higher structural functions of
the body and mind will be activated and permitted to grow by

This process inevitably produces the immediate phenomena
we recognize as the mystical states associated with
religious and otherwise illumined consciousness. But if the
process is made continuous over time, it produces the
phenomena of the higher evolutionary development of the yet
hidden structural potential of Man. These phenomena include-
higher mental (or brain-mind) development at the level of
genius capacity in both the abilities of the right
hemisphere of the brain (such. as in the arts) and the
abilities of the left hemisphere of the brain (such as in
the sciences and other intellectual disciplines). There is
also the potential development of higher physical abilities,
such as superior health,-longevity, natural healing power,
and so forth. Likewise, higher psychic phenomena, usually
called extrasensory abilities, develop-and they may enter
into areas of psychic participation in the play of the
universe beyond Earth, beyond the solar system, and even
beyond the plane of material visibility. And there is also
the ultimate potential that the body-mind of Man, in the
case of both individuals and the species as a whole, can
ultimately be transcended to the perfect degree, so that it
is Translated out of the gross material plane

All the phenomena I have suggested or described here are
not only possible-they have already been proven, in the
experience of countless spiritual Adepts throughout human
history. I myself am one in that line of experimenters, and
I can attest to the actuality of mystical and evolutionary
phenomena. Indeed, I am prepared to help others to realize
and demonstrate these very same things, if they will
consider the Truth and practice the higher cultural Way of
adaptation to Life.

What is more, the processes I have suggested or described
depend on the transference of human attention from exclusive
orientation to the functional extremities of the lower
body-mind, so that the realm of attention also naturally
includes the functional extremities of the upper body-mind.
And this total process depends on the granting of full and
bodily feeling-attention to the universal All-Pervading
Current of Life-Energy.

The higher evolutionary process l is traditionally been
served by individual understanding of the instructions of an
Adept, and by individual acceptance of the guidance of an
Adept during every stage of practice. And the Adept himself,
by higher psycho-physical means, stimulates the central
nervous system of others (both in itself and as a means of
changing the mental and bodily being via the autonomic
nervous system). This process is known in the traditions of
religion as spiritual transmission. For these reasons,
spiritual Adepts tended and still tend to accept disciples
or devotees, and also to create a community or culture of
such individuals. Such “cults,” or communities of practice,
have always been the necessary instruments of the higher
adaptation of human individuals and, ultimately, of all
mankind. The world should understand this and value it,
rather than ignorantly work to suppress the appearance of
the higher destiny of Man. The spiritual communities or true
cults of spiritual practice are the higher servants of
mankind, and it is time this whole affair became better
known in the world, rather than remained hidden as a result
of persecution, suppression, and popular stupidity.

This is a time when the traditionally esoteric Teachings
and practices of religion can become the common basis of the
higher evolutionary culture of Man. But it will occur only
if the level of public intelligence is raised toward this
possibility. Therefore, please listen to my argument and
understand. Abandon what is false in the practice of human
life, but embrace what is benign and true. And begin to
support and serve the communication and implementation of
the Way of Truth in your own life and that of the public in



Proof – Table of Contents