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Adi Da Samraj


“If you believe that you are just
dead when you die, you will cease to love, and love is
sufficient wisdom.

I, like many others, have seen that
we are not just the body. I am certain that you will
survive. But I don’t want you to just believe that. I want
you to intuit the Reality of your Condition, which is

We are human beings, awakened to
this mortal condition, subject to all of these influences.
No information shouts itself out of the clouds. Our
awareness for the most part is in everything that is below
the heart.

How should you create your life?
Create it on the basis of what you can be associated with,
what you can understand, what you can Realize through Love.
That is my fundamental communication.

That is a great gesture, a manly
gesture, a womanly gesture. Since you are unable to love
absolutely, you must respond to this Teaching below the
heart, at the level of your experience, in your loving, your
real human relations. Actually, that is enough, because it
involves you in the midst of experience with a gesture that
is Free, that overcomes the complication of

My business is to enter into
friendly relations. You are all very beautiful to me. I love
my men and women friends. It is not consoling, but I like
it. So if you commit yourself to this Way in a most
enthusiastic fashion, you may Realize a Destiny that I
cannot possibly enjoy. Because I am coming back here. I
cannot leave this place. I cannot stay away from here for an
hour. I am always incarnate.”

Da Free John, December 25,

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