Hymn of the True Heart-Master, The h

The Hymn of The True Heart-Master

The New Revelation-Book Of The Ancient and Eternal Religion Of Devotion
To The God-Realized Adept.


By The Divine World Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The


New Standard Edition: 4/92.

©1992 Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Pty Ltd, as a trustee for the
Sri Love-Anandashram Trust.

ISBN: 0-918801-42-7 (cloth).

ISBN: 0-918801-37-0 (paper).

LOCCCN: 92-004997.


Foreward by M. P. Pandit.

Introduction: The Song of the Guru by devotees of Sri Da Avabhasa The “Bright”).


Prologue: What Will you Do If you Love Me? by Da Avabhasa.





The Essential Oral and Written Instructions Given by Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”), on the Ultimate and Divine Yoga of Devotional Surrender to Him as the True Heart-Master and Graceful Liberator of All His Devotees:
Introduction: The Greatest Power There Is (5/8/91), (2/14/88), (Connie
Grisso), (5/23/74).

See This Vision and Go the Way I Will Show to you: The Supreme Yoga of

1. The Supreme Yoga of Distraction by the God-Man (10/10/83).

2. Give Way to Me (3/22/86).

3. My Admonition and Blessing (DHT).

4. Use your Advantage (10/11/85).

5. I Will Do Everything (5/17/77).

6. True Love of Me Is Salvation (9/28/91).

7. I Look for your True Love of Me (73).

8. Turn your Heart-Attention to Me (DHT).

9. I Am the Gift (4/11/86).

10. The “Radical” Practice of Always Present-Time Communion with
Me (10/4/91).

11. The Ultimate and Divine Yoga (Tripura re 7/1/91), (7/1/91).

12. Beloved, I Am Da (DHT).

Neither God nor the Master of your Heart is your Parent: Transcending Cultism,
Childish Dependency, and Adolescent Immunity:

13. Beyond the Cultic Tendency in Religion (6/28/82).

14. Idolatry versus Divine Communion (4/8/87).

15. Your True Relationship to Me is Free (4/2/87).

16. My Divine Revelation (8/1/88).

17. Three Delusions (8/1/88).

18. Religious Consumerism (10/14/89).

19. Counteract This Resistance (10/14/89).

20. Come to Me (1/24/77).

21. The Form of the Guru Is the Divine Form (3/16/74).

22. The Practice That Must Be Demonstrated (2/25/89).

Attend to Me Every Moment of your Life:

23. The Yoga of Communion with Me (8/9/82).

24. The Seven Gifts of My Grace (DHT).

25. The Way of the Heart is a Relationship, Not a Technique (6/25/90).


26. The Right Purpose of Remembrance of Me (12/20/88).

27. Cultivate your Relationship to Me (1/26-27/87).

28. I Am the Way Up from the Pond (8/19/91).

29. My Profound Samadhi (8/22/91).

30. The Law Alive in Our Relationship (1/11/76).

31. The Secret of Service to Me (7/9/88).

32. The Gift of Service to Me (11/2/81).

33. Only Then Does My Devotee Touch My Heart (1/19/77).

34. The Law in My Company (9/20/78).

35. The Essence of Devotional Practice (6/4/78).

36. The Simplest and Most Direct Way (1/29/76).

Devotion to the Undying Belovedition: True Renunciation:

37. The Only Window in the conditional realm (9/29/91).

38. True Love is Devotion to the Undying Beloved (9/4/90).

39. My Divine Husbanding (1/14-15/92).

40. Devotion to Me is the Way Beyond the ego (1/9/92).

41. Wake Up from your Complacency (12/5/91) (1/9/92).

42. Satsang with Me Touches Everything about you (4/2/87).

43. A True Renunciate Does Not Defeat the Heart by Clinging to what Must
Be Surrendered (8/16/91).

44. The Yoga of Grace (6/91).

45. The Essence of Transcendence (6/4/78).

The Unique Method of Awakening: The Living Demonstration of Devotion to

46. The Most Basic Principle (1/82).

47. Surrender through Obedience (3/6/89).

48. What I Have to Say (2/1/92), (1/12/92).

49. The Greatest Sin (2/27/90).

50. Permit Me the Luxury of My Own State (3/24/89).

51. Why Settle for Mediocrity? (1/1/92).
52. I Live in Samadhi in My Forest Domain (2/27-28/92).

53. Plant the Seed and Make the Crop (12/3/91).

54. Fill your hands with Gifts for Me (10/25/89).

55. Lay Everything at My Feet (11 & 12/91).

Dissolve in My Divine Current of Love-Bliss: Receiving the Gift of My Spiritual

56. The Divine Physics of Evolution (10/78).

57. My Literal Heart-Power (1/24/77).

58. The Ultimate Sat-Guru (12/26/89).

59. The Attractiveness of My Awakening Power (8/9/82).

60. My Divine Help (10/28/82).

61. I Am the Egoless Embodiment of the Divine Reality (8/9/82).

62. The Mother-Force, the Father-Force and the Awakening of Love-Bliss
(1/26 & 1/28/87).

63. How to Make Right Use of the Company of the Spiritual Master (10/78).


64. The Free Standing Man (6/21/78).

65. The Way Is Forever, but the Realization Is Absolute (8/20/78).

66. I Provide the Radiant Touch of God (5/25/78).

I Have Come to Accept the Worship of My Devotees:

67. I Have Come to Accept the Worship of My Devotees (9/18/78).

68. The Sacred Theatre of Association with the True Heart-Master (2/25/79).


69. In My Temple (8/30/91).

70. The Sat-Guru Puja (DHT).

71. The Primal Space (1/19/88).

72. Grace Must Intervene (1/25/88).

73. The Secret of My Visible Form (11/30/84).

74. Throw your body to the Floor, and Yield your Heart to Me (4/3/90).


75. Rejoice in Me (1/25/88).

76. The Essence of Devotion (6/4/78).

My Universal Heart-Blessing:

77. I Am with you Now, As I Have Always Been (1/24/77).

78. You Are the Way to Me (6/7/74).

79. My True Devotee (8/11/74).

80. Communion with Me Is Salvation and Liberation for All My Devotees (1/26
& 3/11-13/92).

81. Beloved, I Am Grace (DHT).

82. My Divine Disclosure (freely rendered BG).



Stories of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Great Blessing Power by His devotees.

I. “I Am the Very Human Master of your Heart”: A celebration
of Satsang witb Sri Da Avabhasa by His devotees (Wes Vaught), (Frank Marrero),
(Canada Shannon), (Craig Wolfe), (Karen Parker), (Cliff Baker), (Connie
Grisso), (Steve Claydon), (Elliot Mehrbach), (Nina Davis), (11/3/89), (Angelo
Druda), (Anne Rogers), (Roger Tonkin), (Stan Hastings), (Chelani Mishelle
Gamet), (Sara Dakin).

II. “One Who Is Truly Beloved Is Never Forgotten”: Two Testimonies
to the Power of Devotion to Sri Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”): (Beloved
Heart-Master, I Love You by Frans Bakker, M.D.. Finding Him in my Heart
by Janet McNulty.

III. “I Suddenly Confess the Obvious Truth”:
Confessions of Transformation through Sri Da Avabhasa’s Grace by the members
of the Da Avabhasa Gurukula Kanyadana Kumari Order:
Da Nataraja, the “Bright” Divine Liberator by Kanya Samarpana
Remembrance and Stephen Blas.
The Miracle of Inspiration by Kanya Samatva Suprithi.
Love Unimaginable by Kanya Kaivalya Navaneeta.
The Guru’s Nature Is the Only Thing to Be Realized by Kanya Samarpana Remembrance.


The Supreme Gift of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Divine Emergence by Kanya Tripura



(free rendering of Narayana Sooktam).


“I Reveal The Divine Person, Who Is The Heart Itself”: A Brief
Biography of the Divine World-Teacher, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”):


“A Unique Advantage to Mankind”: An Invitation to a Direct
Relationship with Da Avabhasa.

The Sacred Literature of Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”).

An Invitation to Support the Way of the Heart.

Further Notes to the Reader.

Glossary: A Guide to the Sacred Esoteric Language of the Way of the Heart.




Updated Standard Edition 7/95.


Freely Devoped From The Principal Verses Of The Traditional Guru Gita
By Adi Da (The Da Avatar).


©1995 The TDL Trust Pty Ltd, as a trustee for The TDL Trust.

ISBN: paper 1-57097-008-4.

LOCCCN: 94-074936.


The All-Surpassing Revelation of Adi Da (The Da Avatar): An Introductionby His Devotees:
The Divine Person.

The “Bright”.

There Is Only God.

The Secret Means of Grace.

The Great Way of Liberation.

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body.

The Truth About the ego.

Non-Avoidance of Reality.

The Kiln of “Brightness” (4/30/95).



The Divine Life and Work of Adi Da (The Da Avatar):


Part I: The Quest to Recover the “Bright”: The Sadhana Years,
1939-1970 (KNEE):

Plunging into the Search for God (2/13/95).

The Discovery of “Narcissus” (KNEE).

The Sadhana with Swami Rudrananda and the “Death of Narcissus”.


The Sadhana with Swami Muktananda.

The Sadhana with Swami Nityananda and the Divine Goddess.

Re-Awakening to the “Bright” (KNEE, 3/16/88).


Part II: The “Bright” Demonstrations of the Man of Understanding:

The Teaching Years, 1970-1986 (METH):

The Teaching Work Becomes “Crazy” (1/3/74).

Garbage and the Goddess.

Confronting the Dragon of Sex (1975).

The Beginning of Sacramental Worship (1978, 9/13/79).

Tumomama (4/7/82, 11/23/82).

Finding Hermitage (10/28/83).


Part III: The “Bright” Emerges Most Perfectly: The Revelation

Years, 1986-1994 (1/27/86):

The Divine Demand (1/27/86).

Ishta-Guru-Bhakti-Yoga (3/2/95, 3/22/86).

“I Am You”.

Establishing the Religion of Free Daism.

Confrontation with “Narcissus” (4/2/93, 4/8/93, 12/20/93, 2/4/94).


Part IV: The Past and the Future of the “Bright” in the World:


The Subtle Vehicle of Avatara Adi Da’s Appearance (BoT).

The All-Completing Avataric Incarnation.

Divine Completeness.

The Eternal “Bond” (12/7/94).


An Intro to The Hymn Of The True-Master (2/14/88) ‘Beyond the Cultic Tendency
in Religion’ (6/28/82).




An Invitation:

How to Find Out More About Avatara Adi Da and the Way of the Heart.

Preparing to Practice the Way of the Heart.

The Foundation of the Way of the Heart: Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga (1/14/95).


The Disciplines That Support Devotion:


Sacramental Worship, or Puja.


The Two Devotional Ways.

The Three Forms of Practice.

The Progressive Unfolding of the Way of the Heart.

Functional and Practical Disciplines:




“Conscious Exercise”.

Sacred Culture and Cooperative Community (4/14/87):


Young People.


Sacred Arts.


“I Will Be Incarnated Countlessly Through All My Devotees (3/29/94).


The Sacred Orders of the Way of the Heart.


The Regional Centers of the Free Daist Avataric Communion.

The Seven Stages of Life:

The Stages of Developing Human Maturity.
The Hierarchical Structural Anatomy of Man.

The Stages of Progressive Religious, Spiritual, and Transcendental Awakening.

The Supreme Realization and Demonstration of the Seventh Stage of Life.



(Illustration:) The Seven Stages of Life in the Way of the Heart As Revealed
by Adi Da (The Da Avatar).

The Sacred Literature of Adi Da, the Da Avatar: A New Scripture for Mankind.


An Invitation to Support the Way of the Heart.


(294 pp.)