The Idea of Infinity – Scientif Proof of the Existene of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!


Chapter 4: The Culture of Eternal Life

The Idea of Infinity

In the traditional oriental or Eastern mind, Infinity is
pondered as the ultimate Zero, or “no thing.”

In the traditional occidental or Western mind, Infinity
is pondered as the Maximum Number, the totality of
possibilities, of “every thing.”

These two entirely different conceptions of Infinity, or
the Absolute, describe or illustrate the essential cultural
difference between the East and the West.

The traditional East is devoted to regression from the
repetitive cycles of birth and death, or the reduction of
experience to Home Base, before anything exists.

The traditional West is devoted to the progressive
increase of the linear and even evolutionary elaboration of
experience, until End Time, when everything is

Each of the two great motives excludes and cancels the
other. And the origin of these Two is in self-divided Man-or
Man prior to whole bodily Enlightenment.

When the whole body-mind of Man awakens beyond the
illusions and ultimately destructive motives of
self-division and recoil from the single Life-Principle,
then the Paradox of Infinity is Revealed. The Infinite,
Absolute, All-Pervading Reality is One. It is simultaneously
(and thus paradoxically) Every Thing and No Thing. It is
Love, Bliss, Radiance, Truth, Life, Fullness, and Mystery
beyond the force of all contradictions.

I am a witness to this One. This is the Holy One, Who is
not set apart from the World.

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