Idols – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 9: The Western Way


No thought or figure or any perception arising in the
mind is, in itself, God. No thing, no body, no moment or
place, in itself, is God. Rather, every moment, place,
thing, body, or state of mind inheres in God. Whatever
arises should be recognized in God, not idolized as God.
Then all conditions become Reminders that draw us into the
ecstatic presumption of the Mysterious Presence of the
Living One.

A Transcendental Adept or true Spiritual Master is a
Transparent Reminder of the Living One, a Guide to Ecstatic
Remembrance of the One in Whom all conditions arise and
change and pass away. Such an Adept is not to be made into
the Idol of a Cult, as if God were exclusively contained in
the objective person and subjective beliefs of a particular
sect. Rather, right relationship to an Adept Spiritual
Master takes the form of free ecstatic surrender to the
Living Divine based on recognition of the Living One in the
Revelation of Freedom, Happiness, Love, Wisdom, Help, and
Radiant Power that Shines in the Company of the Adept. Right
relationship to a true Spiritual Master is the most
fundamental basis of the universal process that is true
religion, and there is no basis for “religious differences”
at the level of actual practice and Realization.


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