“I” Is the Body of Life

“I” Is the Body of Life

Talks and Essays on the Art and Science of Equanimity and the Self-Transcending
Process of Radical Understanding.

By Da Free John.

Only edition: 11/81.
©1981 The Crazy Wisdom Fellowship.
ISBN: 0-913922-60-9.

Foreword: The Golden Great Bright-Foreheaded Warrior by the Hermitage
Order of The Crazy Wisdom Fellowship.

Introduction: The Most Difficult Stage by the Hermitage Order of The
Crazy Wisdom Fellowship.

I. Turn to Me and Understand:
‘The Incarnate Spirit of the Transcendental Divine’.
‘Does God Exist?’
‘The Divine Self Is the Only Reality’.
‘Narcissus, Ignorance, and the Way of Life’.
“Commentary” on preceding.
“Incidental Evening”.
‘Hearing, Seeing, and Practicing’.

II. The Natural Vision:
“The Subtle Error”.
‘The Natural Vision’.
“This Way Is Not a Way of Conductivity, nor a Spirit Religion, nor
a Fourth or a Fifth Stage Practice”
A Lesson in Surrender by a devotee.

The Simple Technical Practice of Conductivity:
‘Let the Spirit Carry the Body While the Mind Enquires’.
Surrender Bodily in the Spirit and Merge Attention into Its Source Divine’.

‘Ignorance, Conductivity, and the Conscious Process’.
‘The Three Parts of Conductivity’.
‘The Disposition of Enlightenment’.

The Bodily Secrets of Conductivity:
‘Treat Everything as Energy’.
‘Be Free and Powerful’.
‘Practice to Keep the Balance of the Body-Mind’.
‘Open and Release the Feeling Heart’.

Let the Body Achieve True Equanimity:
‘Be the Heart’.
‘Keep the Total Picture in Mind’.
‘Maintain the Attitude of Indifference’.
‘We Need to Relax the Body-Mind’.

Summary Essays on Conductivity:
‘Transcend All Illusions’.
‘How to Live’.
‘Basic Practical Advice’.
‘Surrender Is Universal Worship’.

III. The Life of Ignorance:
‘”Exclusive Devotion” in the Bhagavad Gita and the Way of Divine
‘The Art of This Science’.
Table 1: Transitions in the Life-Disciplines.
“The Two Crises of Student Practice”.

“Adapt Gradually”.
“Exercise and Equanimity”.
Jelly Toast by a devotee.
“The Three Stages of Sexual Practice”.

“The Gift of Service”.
A Foot Massage by a devotee.
“Service Is Self-Transcendence”.

The Sacred Ordeal of Bodily Conversion:
“Spiritual Neuroses”.
‘What Did Milarepa Build?’

Study and Meditation:
‘Conductivity, Prayer, Meditation, and “Seeing”‘.
“The Crisis of Meditation”.
“Self-Observation versus Self-Watching”.
“See the Great Space in Which Contraction Is Occurring”.
Table 2: Self-Observation versus Self-Watching.
A Moment of True Self-Observation by a devotee.
‘Transitions and Qualifications in the Way of Radical Understanding’.
I-Am-the-Body Is Love, a dialogue with the Spiritual Master as recounted
by a devotee.
‘Spiritual Maturity’.

Epilogue: The Secret of Realization: (The Bhagavad Gita, chap 8, ver
‘The Essence of Meditation’.
‘The Transcendental Wisdom’.

An Invitation.
(149 pp.)


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