Enlightenment of the Whole Body – Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)

“The various essays in “The Enlightenment of the Whole Body’ were written spontaneously and at random. Each represents a consideration of the total matter of Truth and its Way, but each engages that consideration via a critical examination of particular aspects of traditional or conventional understanding or practice. The intent of this collection of essays is to serve the practical Realization of self-transcending God-Communion. Therefore, what is written here is critical, in the positive, creative, or Prophetic sense of the term, but it is also and primarily Revelatory. Those who study this Teaching must be purified of their own failures to meet the Mark, but they are also offered the Enlightened alternative, which is a fully considered and perfectly conceived approach to the Living God and the Realization of the Single and Absolute Divine Destiny.” – True Prophecy Is the Purification of Human Culture, Chapter 3


The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

A Rational and New Prophetic Revelation
of the Truth of Religion, Esoteric Spirituality, and the Divine Destiny of Man and Woman
by Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj)


Table of Contents


The Supreme Word

Chapter 1 – The Divine Person
The Divine Person and the Spiritual MasterFree Standing ManThe Way in Which We Are ServedThe Transcendental Personality of God, The World, Man, and the Human IndividualThe Divine PersonMy Method: Now and ThenI Am JohnMy Purity

Chapter 2 – The Song of the Heart of God
The Song of the Heart of GodThe Soul Transcends the Body-Mind

Chapter 3

Sudden and Gradual Enlightenment
Sudden and Gradual EnlightenmentThere Is Only One TruthThe Obligation to Awaken

Part III – The Way of the Translantion of Man Into God
True Prophecy Is the Purification of Human Culture

Chapter 4 – The Vision of the Way of Eternal Life

The Vision and the Way of Eternal Life – We Are the Food of God -God and Doubt

Nothing but Divine Communion is Freedom
God Is the Identity and Force That Lives Everyone and Receives EveryoneThe Vision of God Is in the Transcendence of Experience – God Is the One in Whom We Are SacrificedGod Is the Truth of Life, Not the Parental Source of Future FulfillmentThe Radiant Life of GodFaith Is Bodily Surrender to LifeThe Vision and the Way of Eternal LifeLove of LifeThe Natural Disposition of ManThe Heart Is the Living Center of the Regeneration and Sacrifice of Mind and BodyDeath and Eternal LifeDeath Is the Way to LifeCome and Live This Way with Me.

The Prophetic Fire of God’s Life
This World Is a SchoolWhat Are True and False Religion, Spirituality, and Mediation?Sheep, Goats, Wolves, and the Manly Few Who Are a Sacrifice in GodThe False Viewpoint of Religious and Spiritual CultismThe Word That Awakens the ManThis Teaching Is the Prophetic Fire of God’s Life, Not the Signal of a New Age of PeaceThe Urgency of the TeachingMy Work Is Necessary, but It Must Also FailThe Revolution I ProposeMan Is to Be Mastered and Liberated, Not Indulged and EscapedTrue ReligionThe Bodily Parts and Illusions of Narcissus The Way of the Whole Bodily Being Moving beyond the Techniques of Eastern and Western ManThe Bodily House of NarcissusThree DisturbancesNarcissus Is the Thinking Mind -The Truth of the Whole Body – The Arugment of the Whole Body Being – Awakening from the Word – The Bodily Origin of the Idea of God as the Root, Source and Cause of the World – The Ultimate Identity of the Brain Is the Current of the Whole Body – Mind vs Intelligence

Growth and Sacrifice in The Seven States of Eternal Life

The Seven Stages of LoveThe Seven States of Eternal LifeFirst Become HumanThe True ManLove is Freedom from Fear, Doubt and DespairWe Must Consent to Become Agents of Life – The Work of Bubba Free John in Relation to the States of Life and Practice of Devotees


Fundamental Questions – The Living Truth – The Star above the Title – Magic and Mystery – Death Is a Perfect Insult – The Intuition of the Transcendental Source of the Bodily Self – There Is No Such Thing as A Being – The Current of Eternal Life – “I” Must Dissolve in the “Me” of God – The Truth of the Body is Love – The Body- Mind, or “I”, Is Mortal, but It Arises within Immortal Consciousness and Eternal Life – You Are Only Born Once, but You Live Many Times – Simultaneity – The Two Stages of Enlightenment – The Two Stages of the Great Cycle of Our Sacrifice – The Perfect Destiny of Man Is Dissolution and Translation into the Spirit of God – There Is No Independent Self That Is Body or MindThe Incarnation of Silence

Chapter 5 – The Radiant Touch of the Spiritual Master

The Essence of Devotion


The Spiritual Master Is the Unique Revelation and Instrument of GodThe Destiny of the Individual in My CompanyThe Translation of the Whole Body into Light Is the Destiny of ManFreedom Is the Transcendence of CommunicationThe Divine Physics of Evolution


The Method of the Relationship between the Spiritual Master and the Devotee in the Way of Divine IgnoranceThe Spiritual Master Provides the Radiant Touch of GodHow to Make Right Use of the Company of the Spiritual MasterThe Commitment to Size

Chapter 6 – The Sacrifice of Man

The Essence of Devotional Practice

DEVOTIONAL PRACTICE: BODILY WORSHIP OF THE LIVING DIVINESurrender Your HeartThe Way of Divine Ignorance Is True Religion, or the Sacrifice of Self in GodThe Four Kinds of PracticeThe Rationale of Practice in the Way of Divine IgnoranceThe Practical Exercise of Love-CommunionSelf-Possession and Divine CommunionThe Realization of God through Transcendence of ExperienceSpiritual Practice Is the “Conscious Exercise” of LoveTrue Prayer and Religious MagicInterior Prayer and Bodily Prayer: The Foundation Stage of Practice in the Way of Divine IgnoranceThe Way of Divine Ignorance and Devotion to the Name and Form of GodWhat Is True Devotional Practice, or Direct Service and Sacrifice to God?

WE ARE DEFINED AND CONTROLLED BY ALL THAT WE HAVE NOT TRANSCENDEDThe Essence of Practical LivingThe Transcendental Diet of ManThe Principle in PracticeSocial Celebration and Spiritual MaturityThe Broken BirdSex and EnlightenmentSexual Activity Is neither an Obstacle nor an Obligation in the Way of Divine IgnoranceThe Lover of Mankind, and How Our Sexuality Is TranscendedGrowth and TranscendenceEvery Kind of Action Must Be Engaged as Love-Communion with the Living GodBodily Transcendence and Sexual CommunionThe Way of Renunication and the Way of EcstasyLove Is the Method of SacrificeThe Ascetic Problem and the Freedom of True DevoteesThe Fullness of Life Dissolves Body and MindRenunciation and TranscendenceWisdom and MoralityTruth or God May Be Sought inside or outside the Body, but Only Radiant Sacrifice or Love As the Whole Body Is the Way of Truth and GodReactivity and the Passion of LifeThe Creative Function of Life-Frustration in the Process of Self-SacrificeSelf-Sacrifice and Self DenialLife Is the Urge to EcstasyEcstasy Is the Means of Self-RealizationThe Transition from Pleasure to EcstasyThe Supreme ScienceAlways Meet the MarkThe Secret of How to ChangeLove Is the Bodily Intuition of GodThe Straight PlaceThe Community of Devotees


The Structure of Illusion and EnlightenmentThe Four Stages of This Way of Eternal LifeEsoteric Practice, Initiation, and Ultimate Realization in the Way of Divine IgnoranceThe Ilusion of God and the Reality of the PresenceThe Most Difficult StageSelf-Observation and Divine Communion: The Second Stage of PracticeThe Psycho-Physical Principles of Observation and Concentration in the Way of Divine IgnoranceAscent, Awakening, and Translation: The Last Two Stages of PracticeThe Esoteric Process of the Last Two Stages of the Way of Divine IgnoranceSelf-Realization and God-Realization

Chapter 7- The Enlightenment of the Whole Body


The Essence of Meditation – THE WAYS OF EXPERIENCE AND THE WAY OF DIVINE IGNORANCE – The Bodily Sacrifice of MindThe Experiential Realization of God and the Way of Sacrifice into God Transcendence of the Idea of God and the Illusion of Separation from Infinity – The Elements of World-KnowledgeBeyond Mystical Experience – The Way of Divine Communion and Traditional Yoga – The CenterTranscending the Results of Yoga and Mysticism – The Ultimate Work Is the Humorous Work of Divine Incarnation, or Love in Freedom

THE HEART IS THE KEY TO THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE WHOLE BODYBodily Enlightenment Esoteric Knowledge Is Transcended in the Seventh Stage of Life – The Bodily Structure of the Self-Transcendence of ManThe Bodily Center of Self-Realization and God-Communion – The True Heart and the Heart of Mystical Vision – The Key to Enlightenment Is at the Center of the BodyThe Way beyond Light and Sound and Thought and FearThe Root of Body and Mind Is in the Heart, and the Awakened Heart Enlightens and Dissolves the Body-MindThe Source of the HeartbeatThe Anatomy of the Seven States of LifeThe Heart, the Body, the Crown, and the Seven States of LifeThe Body of GodThe Anatomy of the Third EyeThe Anatomical Secrets of Mysticism and the Higher Evolution of ManThe Structure and Process of Transcendence in the Last Three Stages of Born ExistenceBeyond the Heartbeat and the MindGod Is the Transcendental Consciousness and Radiant Life That Pervades the Body, the Mind, and the WorldThe Evolution of Man and the Sacrifice of the WorldThe Three Primal Conditions and the Unique Truth of the Divine PersonBrain Mysticism and the Radiant Personality of Love

JESUS AND THE TEACHING OF TRUTH TO MANThe Good Principles of JesusJesus Was a Sacrifice, Not a Survivor The “Spirit” and the “Single Eye” in the Teaching of Jesus and the Ancients Jesus Is the Whole BodyThe Essential Teaching of the New TestamentThe Kingdom of God – The Nervous System Is the “Soul” of the Body, the Vehicle of Life, and the Instrument of Our Sacrifice – Jesus, Krishna, Gautama, and the Eternal Divine Person – Jesus and the Teaching of Truth to Man – Jesus and the Ancient Mystery Tradition –

THE FREE SOUL TRANSCENDS ALL PHENOMENA – Every Realm Must Be Transcended – The Liberation of the Soul – The Process of Liberation, Founded in Transcendental Awakening, or Whole body Enlightenment – Only the Awakened Soul Is Free of the Mind and All Desires for Experience – The Soul Is Not Free in Heaven or on Earth – How the Free Soul Escapes in God – The Original Brightness –Nature, the Self, and God – The Living God and the “Void” of Self-Realization –

THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE WHOLE BODY – The Enlightenment of the Whole Body – Enlightenment Is a State of Body, Not of Mind –Transcendence of the Mind Is Enlightenment of the Whole Body – The Function of the Personal, Moral, and Esoteric Disciplines in the Way of Divine Ignorance – The Esotericism of the Seventh Stage of Life – Enlightenment and Perfection – The Whole Body Is Enlightened by LoveThe Liabilities of ManThe Ultimate PracticeThe Ultimate Practice Continues Even in Sleep and DreamsThe Necessary Mechanism of Self-TranscendenceThe Method of the Nervous SystemThe Mechanism Whereby We May Be Literally Translated into the DivineBeyond the World of ManThe Spiral CurrentTrue Self-Realization Is Transcendental Worship of the Divine PersonLove Outshines the Body-MindFreedom and EnlightenmentRules of Behavior in the Seventh Stage of LifePassivity and EcstasyPerfection – The Glorious Signs That May Surround the Sacrifice of ManExtraordinary Experiential Phenomena Are Common Once Maturity in the Fifth Stage of Life Is AttainedDeath and Divine Translation

SONGS OF THE ENLIGHTENED HEART – The Secret of the HeartPerfect Enlighenment Is Constant Remembrance of MeThe Ultimate Mystery of the Spiritual Master and the Perfect and Final Stage of the Practice of His DevoteesSongs of the Enlightened HeartThe Sky of Mind Dissolves in Light

Last Words

The Wisdom of the Seventh Stage of LifeThe Mood of EnlightenmentRelease Is in the Absolute Frustration of the Strategy of EscapeThe Way Is Forever, but the Realization Is AbsoluteWhat Will You Do If You Love Me


Enlightenment of the Whole Body

Table of Contents