Jesus Is Life

Chapter 6: The Secret Identity of the Holy Spirit of God

Jesus Is Life


The historical person of Jesus is now beyond the ordinary reach of mankind. He has gone on to fulfill his own evolutionary destiny in the realm of Nature. Only the Living God, or the Transcendental Reality to which Jesus pointed with his entire life and Teaching, remains for us to embrace in love.

We must surrender to the Life-Principle, the Living God, the Holy Spirit, the Radiant Self of all beings, Who is the Truth, the Way, and the Destiny of Man. If you like, you can name that Living Reality “Jesus,” or the “Christ,” but do not threaten and deny the rights of those who name that same Principle by other names. Every religion is simply an historical intuition of the One and Only Life-Principle. Therefore, people in other traditions than the Christian tradition name that same Reality by other names, such as Yahweh, Allah, Krishna, the Atman, Brahman, Om, the Buddha, Nirvana, or the Tao. And it is time for us to see beyond the names we have given to Life. It is time we surrender ourselves bodily to the Life-Principle and accept compassionate and loving responsibility for the Wisdom and welfare of all mankind.

“Jesus,” or the “Christ,” is simply a traditional name or archetypal symbol for the Life-Principle-and, therefore, in the symbolic or archetypal sense, “Jesus” is “God.”

And the universal Life-Current pervades the body of Man via the central nervous system. Therefore, the central nervous system is the “Mountain of God,” the “Tree of the World,” the “Savior of the World,” the Living “Crucifix,” the Spiritual “Law,” the Way, the Truth, and the Life of Man. And “Jesus” is a traditional name or symbol for the central nervous system in its direct Communion with the Life-Principle-or Man in his wholeness, crucified, or sacrificed to the Living Spirit.

The Life-Principle manifests as the mind and the body-or the “higher” and “lower” parts of Man. But neither mind nor body is the Truth and the ultimate resort of Man. Only the Life-Principle itself is the Way, the Truth, and the Life of Man.

The Way of Life is not found in the mind itself or in the body itself, but only in the transcendence of the total body-mind through Love-Communion with the Life-Principle. Therefore, the Way of Life is to be founded on the heart of Man, since mind and body spring from the Center, or the Life-Spirit of Love, which is at the heart of Man.

The Great Commandment of “Jesus” is to love, trust, or surrender to God, Who is the Life-Principle. We are obliged by the Law of Life, to which the central nervous system and the heart of Man are eternally bound. Each of us must Awaken to his own positive and total functional connection to the Life-Principle. And then each of us must love, or Radiate Life to all others, to the same absolute degree that we are all given Life, or love, in and as ourselves.

Therefore, since we are given absolute Life, we must consent to be absolute Life in all our relationships. And, since we are only love, we must consent to transcend all psycho-physical limits in the exercise of love, or unqualified Life-Radiance.