Kabir Songs


The Yogi Takes Care

The yogi takes care to dye his garment orange,

but his loveless mind is the color of dirty rags.

Why leave the Lover, who is everywhere outside,

to hide in the temple with your idols?

Go pierce holes in your ears,

grow a ridiculous beard,

let your hair be a home for birds:

such is a goat’s achievement.

Flee into the wilderness,

crush any movement toward life,

make yourself sexless—

Shave your head,

wear holy clothes

learn the scriptures by heart,

become full of great speeches—

Kabir says:

You are hurtling toward death’s gaping mouth,

bound hand and foot!

Listen, My Heart

Listen, my heart, consider this—

If you are so in love,

why are you asleep?

If you have found the Lover,

let go of your self

and hold to Him.

Why lose Him again and again?

When you have finally found sleep

do you waste time making the bed?

Kabir says: This is how love is:

So what if your head must roll—

what is there to cry about?