Knee of Listening – The Diary of Pilgrimage

[ Adi Da on pilgrimage to Christian holy sites, 1970

The Diary of Pilgrimage

The Knee of Listening, Chapter

While the experiences with the Virgin and Jesus were developing
at the Ashram, I kept a continuous diary. And I maintained the diary as
we traveled to Israel, Europe, and back to the United States.

The diary is not only the best, firsthand source for these
experiences, but it shows how the entire matter developed, and how I eventually
returned to a stable Realization of the radical Truth that is the substance
of my Spiritual life. Thus, it demonstrates how my consideration developed
in the midst of extraordinary experiences into quite another thing than
the traditional forms of seeking and the realizations based on seeking.

I will include that diary here, somewhat relieved of length
and repetition, and without interpretation, except to indicate certain
external details.

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