Toward a Language of Realization

Those Adepts who have actually completed (and thus gone
beyond) [the earlier stages of practice prior to Divine Self-Realization]
begin at last to express themselves in different terms about the matter
of Realization and Reality. They may prefer silence (or non-verbal transmission,
as in the case of Ramana Maharshi), or they may engage in the strategy
of denial of the applicability of conventional language to the description
of That which is Realized (as was the case with Gautama), or they may behave
strangely and speak in paradoxes or in the form of apparent nonsense (as
in the case of certain individuals in the Ch’an or Zen tradition and in
the Crazy Wisdom tradition), or they may try to construct a language of
philosophy that is compatible with ultimate Realization (as in the cases
of Nagarjuna and Shankara). Even all of these forms of communication and
transmission may be used by Awakened Adepts, and my own Teaching Work is
an example of the use of all such possible means.

All “Completed” or seventh stage Adepts are
faced with the fact that the conventions of language and behavior (even
of traditional philosophical language and the prescribed behavior of traditional
religious and spiritual practice) are all based on the phenomenal, psycho-physical,
and thus necessarily egoic point of view. And what the Adept would and
must communicate or transmit is the Transcendental Reality, or Awakened
Realization of the Transcendental Condition of all phenomenal conditions.

The above is from Nirvanasara
and Love of the God-Man


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