The Lesson

The Lesson

A Study Guide to the Radical Teaching of Master Da Free John for Students
of The Laughing Man Institute.

Prepared by the Editorial and Educational Staffs of the Johannine Daist

4 volumes (red and/or blue vinyl, ringed.)

Volume 1: 9/82.
©1982. The Johannine Daist Communion.

Books You Will Need

1. The Lesson: “The Fundamental Error”.

2. Live with Me:
“The Direct and Enlightened Way of Surrender”.
“Divine Distraction” (12/16/75).
Breath. and Name, 2.13, 8.3.
‘The Recognition of the Master’.
“Do Not Doubt My Word”.
“Guru, Faith, and Satsang” (6/19/73).
“What Else Don’t You Like About Me?”.
“Franklin Jones Is a Fictional Character”.
“Live with Me”.
“The Divine Way” (73 & 74).

3. Receive My Gifts:
The Sacred Agencies of the Way:
“The Use of My Company” (8/9/82)
“The Right of Access”
“The Agency of Formality”.
‘Renunciation and the Renunciate Order of The Johanine Daist Communion’.

“During My Life” (6/15/74).

4. The Yoga of Consideration and the Way That I Teach:
‘The Three Great Phases of the Way That I Teach’ (7/16/82).
Breath and Name, 5.17.
‘Purify Yourself with Happiness’ (8/19/82).

5. True Religion:
Spiritual, Religious, and Institutional Principles of The Johanine Daist
Communion (by editors of Vision Mound, based on talk).

6. Hearing, Seeing, and Practicing:
“Declare Holy War on Narcissus” (10/28/78).
“The Three Aspects of the Way of Radical Understanding or Divine Ignorance”

7 How to Begin to Practice the Way That I Teach:
‘Instead of Indulging in Thought, Practice the Conscious Process’.
‘True Surrender Is Not an Effort’.
‘Surrender in Daily Life’.
Breath and Name 5.1, 5.14, 5.22.

8. The Life of Master Da Free John, Part I:
‘There Is No Such Thing as One’s Autobiography, Part I’ (from orig. Knee
“Franklin Jones Is a Fictional Character”
Breath and Name, 8.8.

9. The Life of Master Da Free John, Part II: The Avadhoot, the Beach,
and the Radiant Transcendental Being (Nina Jones).

(301 pp.)

Vol 2: 5/83.

©1983 The Johannine Daist Communion.
Books You Will Need.
Summary Description of the Levels of Practice of the Way of Radical Understanding.

10. The Six Fundamental Questions:
“What Are You Always Doing?” (3/24/81).
“The Energy of Consciousness” (6/2/82).
‘What Is to Be Realized?’ (10/16/80).

11. The Sacred Teaching Demonstration, Part I:
“I Enter the World of Dragons” (8/19/82).
“My Work in the Past and the Future” (11/1/81).
“The Theatre of Consideration” (10/27/81).
“My Submission to Devotees”.
“The Community Is Part of My Creative Work” (8/11/79).
“Franklin Jones Is a Fictional Character” (4/74).
The Early Days (interview w Dama Om Bastet (Hellie Kelagouros) and Marie
Prager by Dama Rasalila).
“The Enchanted World of Persimmon” (3/25/83).
“Garbage and the Goddess” (4/15/74).
“Experience Is Not Truth” (talk excerpts 73-74).
“Let Me Live You” (4/25/74).
A First Stage Lesson by James Steinberg.
“Lay It at My Feet” (11/15/75).
Shall We Dance? by Marianne Yeager.
Responsibility Is the Gift of Grace by Daji Bodha (William Taikanos,Tsiknas(?)).

12. The Sacred Teaching Demonstration, Part II:
“My Teaching Work Is Finished” (3/10/81).
“You Must Become Responsible As Feeling-Attention in Every Moment”.

The Day of the Heart by Stephen Haines.
“Da Avocado” (3/17/82).
“What Would You Do if You Had Nothing to Do?” (talks on the renunciate
way of life: 9/16/79, 8/7/82).
“The Siddhi of Gratitude” (7/5/82).
“The Significance of Renunciation” (7/3/82).

13. The Dual Process:
“What Is the Conscious Process?” (10/28/82).
“The Conscious Process Is the Epitome of This Way” (commentary
on previous, 10/82)
The Goddess Lakshmi by Dama September.
“Transcendence—the Conscious Process”.

14. The Fourfold Discipline: Real Meditation, Spiritual Conductivity,
Self-Discipline, and Service:
“Hear Before You Take Up the Conditions of Practice” (12/28/82).

“I Am Offering You a Whole Way of Life” (9/14/77).
Breath and Name, 5.13, 5.22.

25. Sunlight over the Well:
“Guru As Prophet” (12/23/73).
“Now It Belongs to God” (7/21/73).
Breath and Name, 5.23, 5.24.
“The Fire Must Have Its Way”.
Divine Purification by Paris Panico.

(421 pp.)

Vol 3: 9/83.

©1983 The Johannine Daist Communion.

“Demystification of Sahaj” (5/2/83).
Books You Will Need.
Summary Description of the Levels of Practice of the Way of Radical Understanding
(adapted from talk, 4/11/83).
The Levels of Practice of the Way of Radical Understanding (table).

16. Transitions and Qualifications:
You Are the Way to Me (sermon by Dama Tripura, 7/25/82).
Satsang Is the Same for All (based on written instructions, early years).

“God, Guru, and Grace” (12/3/75).
The Culture of Practice in The Johanine Daist Communion.
“Wake Up!” (11/18/78).
Breath and Name 5.17. 5.18, 5.19, 5.20.
“The Three Great Stages of the Way” (1/8/83).
“The Esoteric Practice Is Told to All in Our Way” (7/18/82).

“You Shouldn’t Dare to Do It” (8/28/80).
“Your Hidden Destiny” (7/31/83).

17. The Bodily Location of Happiness:
“Understand Your Un-Happiness” (12/4/81).
“To Be or Not to Be” (9/15/82).

18. Listen to Me and Hear Me:
“Don’t Do That Anymore” (12/20/73).
“You Must Come to the Point of Literally Observing the Self-Contraction”

19. The Liberator:
“The Witness Position and Beginner’s Practice” (12/14/82).

20. Narcissus, Ignorance, and the Way of Life:
“To Understand Is to Stand Prior to the Self-Contraction” (12/28/82)

“I Am the Body” (excerpts from talks, early fall 76).
“The Secret of God in Every Body Day” (12/25/82).

21. Spirit-Baptism:
“Be Awakened by the Baptism of Fire” (10/22/78).

22. Moving beyond Childish and Adolescent Approaches to Life and Truth:

Breath and Name 3.8, 3.9, 3.10.
“God Is Not the Father” (10/26/81).

23. Introduction to the Great Tradition:
“The Old Religions, the New Scientism, and the Awakening of the Psyche”.

The Crazy Wisdom Tradition and the Way of Divine Ignorance by James Steinberg.

“Terrestrial, Cosmic, and Transcendental Religion” (12/21/80).


Vol. 4. 12/84.

Books You Will Need
The Key Principles of the Way

24. The Living Adept and the Crazy Wisdom Tradition:
“Avadhoots, Mad Lamas, and Fools”.
“Study the Avadhoot”.
My Real Work Is to Drive You Mad”.
“The Avadhoot’s Mere Existence Serves the World”.
“Crazy Wisdom”.
“Freedom from the Ideal of Purity”.

25. Cultism: Transcending the Beginner’s Level of Human Existence:
“Fulfill This Practice”.
“Does God Take Care of You?”
“True Religion Is a Great and Creatice Struggle”.
“Spiritual Practice Is Appropriate Becuase There Is God”.

26. The Seven Stages of Life:
“The Essence of Right Adaptation in the First Three Stages of Life”.

“Every Realm Must Be Transcended”.
“You Are Not That Either”.
“Spiritual Practice Requires Uncommon Human Maturity”.
“Right Practice Depends on Hearing”.

27. Intimacy, Sexuality, and Spiritual Life:
“Our Defense of the Body In God”.
“Sex Is the Origin of Human Evolution”.
Excerpts from Water and Narcissus.

28. The Dreaded Gom-Boo, Part I: Understanding:
“The Way Does Not Begin in Un-Hapiness”.
The Lion of Understanding”.
“Losing the Thread”.

29. The Dreaded Gom-Boo, Part II: Renunciation:
“Going Beyond the Mudra of Beginner’s Practice”.
“I Threw Myself into the Pattern of Phenomena-and Wound Up Sitting
Here With You All”.
“The White Bear in the Tree”.
“To Practice this Way You Must Become a Renunciate.”

(271 pp.)

The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya Pty Ltd., as trustee for
The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya,
perpetual copyright to all photographs and the entire Written
(and otherwise recorded)
Wisdom-Teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and the Way of the Heart.
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