Death and Dying (LM V2 N2)

Death and Dying


©1981 The Laughing Man Institute.
The Laughing Man Forum: Editorial: Adolescent Media Stereotypes and
the New Spiritual Journalism.
The Planetary Idea Balloon, compiled by Scott Lowe.
Feature Section: Death and Transcendence:
Easy Death: Essays and talk by Da Free John:
The Truth About Death,
Ascent and Emergence into the Divine Condition through the Yoga of
“There Is No Self That Dies,”
The Hole in the Universe Stands Before the Mind (excerpt from The
“O Son of Noble Family…Now the Time Has Come…”, Tibetan Buddhist
Teachings on Death:
Gates of Death by Sogyal Rinpoche,
A Tibetan Funeral,
The Tibetan Way of Death and Rebirth by Venerable Lama Lodru.
The Part and the Whole: Death and the Scientific World View,
interview with Stanislav Grof, MD.
How To Keep Your Heart Open In Hell: interview with Stephen Levine,
Director of the Hanuman Foundation Dying Project.
Conscious Dying in America by Ram Dass.
Welcome, Sister Death: On the Remarkable Departures of Illumined
Beings by Ron Boyer.
Beyond Peripheral Existence: Toward an Esoteric Anatomy by Saniel
It Is Time To Wake Up by Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji.
Oh Living! Always Living!
The Intuition of Eternal Life in the Poetry of Walt Whitman by Ty
Wisdom Teachings: You Will Not Discover Wisdom Watching Others;
excerpts from A Still Forest Pool: The Teachings of Achaan Chaa of
Wat Ba Pong, by Jack Kornfield and Paul Breiter.
Open House: The Establishment of a New Sacred Culture in the West by
the editors.
A Practical Guide To Death and Dying by John White,
Meditation and the Art of Dying by Pandit Ushar Budh Arya,
Beyond Death: The Gates of Consciousness by Stanislav and Christina
The Rain of Wisdom.
(89 pp.)