Seven Stages of Eternal Life, The (LM V3 N1)

The Seven Stages of Eternal Life


©1982 The Laughing Man Institute.

Editorial Introduction: Discriminative Intelligence and the Seven Stages of Life.
First Stage:
“The Mystery of the Spermatic Being” (3/1/80).
Second Stage:
‘The Spirit and the Flesh’ (BLoH).
The Enemies of Intimacy by George P. Elliot.
Third Stage:
Clean Wholesome Outdoor Fresh-Air FamilyEntertainment Science-Fiction Superman Physics by James Keys (G. Spencer Brown).
“THE ASANA OF SCIENCE” (10/25/80).
The Turning Point: Crisis and Transformation in Science and Society by Fritjov Capra.
Fourth Stage:
God Experience by Swami Ramdas.
Come to Me When You Are Already Happy by Georg Feuerstein.
Fifth Stage:
The Reluctant Guru: The Life and Teachings of Baba Faqir Chand by David Christopher Lane.
Excerpts from the Teaching of Baba Faqir Chand.
Sixth Stage:
My Real Nature Is Bliss: Brahmajna Ma.
Seventh Stage:
Avadhoots, Mad Lamas, and Fools: The Crazy Wisdom Tradition by James Steinberg.
The Avadhoot, the Beach, and the Radiant Transcendental Being by Dama Ninth Mary (Nina Jones).
A Tribute: The Enlightened Life and Work of Master Da Free John by the Editors.

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