A Biography of Shriman Tatasviji Maharaj, A Mahatma Who Lived for 185 Years

By T.S. Anantha Murthy.

©1972 T.S. Anantha Murthy.

Revised American Ed: ©1986 The Dawn Horse Press.

ISBN: 0-913922-17-X.

LOCCCN: 84-71107.

Foreword: Penance and Enlightenment by Georg Feuerstein.

Introductron: Kaya-Kalpa and the “Lost” Fountain of Youth by Scott
V. Anderson, M.D.


1. The Early Life of Shriman Tapasviji.

2. Krishna Singh’s Interview with the Mogul Emperor and Its Consequences.

3. Krishna Singh’s Renunciation and Triumph over the First Obstruction.

4. The Saint Settles in Hardwar and Begins His Sadhana.

5. The Saint Performs Austerities for Six Years and Departs Suddenly
for Gangotri.

6. A Sadhu from the Punjab Earns the Grace of the Saint.

7. The Five-Thousand-Year-Old Mahatma.

8. Visit to Katmandu, Nepal.

9. The Saint’s Adventures on the Way to Parashuramkund.

10. The Saint Undergoes Kaya-Kalpa Treatment and Becomes Young Again.

11. Along the Banks of the Irawaddy River.

12. The Saint Meets a Sadhu Who Can Transform Himself into a Tiger.

13. The Saint Begins His Return Journey to India after Seven Years
of Tapas in a Cave.

14. The British Police Arrest Shri Vishnudas and Lord Krishna Liberates
Him from Jail.

15. Shri Vishnudas Obtains the Darshan of Lord Yama

16. The Saint Performs Rigorous Tapas and Obtains the Darshan of Lord

17. The Saint Meets Ramakrishna and Obtains the Darshan of Shiva.

18. The Saint Meets a Cobra Called Motiram and Gives Spiritual Instruction
to a Female Monk.

19. The Saint Gives Some Proud Sadhus a Lesson

20. The Saint Instructs Two Aghori Sadhus.

21. The Saint Heals a Dying Child and Receives the Darshan of Guru

22. The Saint Terminates His Twenty-Four-Year Tapas and Enjoys the
Darshan of Lord Krishna and Ashvatthaman.

23. The Saint Obtains the Darshan of Shri Radha Devi.

24. A Haughty Young Sadhu Disturbs the Peace of the Hermitage.

25. The Saint Undertakes Pancagni and Jaladhara Tapas and Converts
Water into Ghee.

26. Shri Krishna Gives Darshan Again.

27. The Saint Undergoes a Second Kaya-Kalpa Treatment at the Age of

28. The Saint Visits Ashvatthaman and Other Great Sages at Alakapuri.

29. The Goddess Lakshmi Appears before the Saint and Confers Three

30. The Saint Visits Mathura, Where He Obtains the Darshan of Shri
Krishna and the Gopis.

31. The Saint Meets Krishnadas, Who in His Former Birth Was the Saint’s

32. The Saint Undergoes Kaya-Kalpa Treatment for the Third Time, and
Lord Dattatreya Gives Him Darshan.

33. The Saint Gives the Kaya-Kalpa Treatment to Two Famous Men.

34. The Second Boon of the Goddess Is Fulfilled

35. Rana Lakshman Singh’s Eye Trouble Is Cured.

36. The Saint’s “Son” Krishnadas Dies Suddenly.

37. The Saint Explains Why the Wise May Be Overcome with Grief.

38. The Saint Arrives in South India.

39. Shriman Tapasviji Works a Miracle on the Rameswaram.

40. The Saint Cures a Sick Man by His Mere Touch.

41. The Saint Confers His Grace on a Wandering Sadhu and Gives Kalpa
Medicine to Sambamurthy and Siddalingiah.

42. A Wicked Sadhu Files a False Suit against the Saint.

43. The Saint’s Devotees Build an Ashram for Him at Kakinada in 1951
and the Saint Visits Shri Shivabalayogi at Adivarapupeta.

44. Shriman Tapasviji Gives His Darshan to the Rajapramukh of Mysore.

45. The Saint Falls Ill at Jhansi.

46. The Saint’s Disciples Feel That His Long Life Is Coming to an End.

47. Shri Tapasviji Casts Off His Body.

48. Shriman Tapasviji’s Philosophy.

Appendix: The Soma of Inherent Happiness by Daniel Bouwmeester, M.D.

The Seven Stages of Life.

(246 pp.)

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