Make the Body a Yoga-Body


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Make the Body a Yoga-Body

Adi Da Samraj

July 7, 1995

In early July, Beloved Adi Da Samraj again expounded on the esotericism of the sexual discipline in the Way of the Heart. He especially emphasized the Yogic significance of sexual “conductivity” practice—both for celibates and those practicing in the context of intimate relationships—as preparation for Spiritual receptively of Him in the seeing stages of practice.

On the night of July 7, in a gathering at Radiant Cows (a residential bure at Da Avatara Chakra that was temporarily converted into a smaller, more intimate gathering space), Beloved Adi Da forcefully conveyed the necessity for devotees to create a “Yoga-body” sufficient to receive and conduct His Hridaya-Shakti, or Divine Heart-Transmission. He Spoke in the language of Yoga, describing the alchemical and energic processes that occur in the body-mind when Yoga is engaged profoundly and in depth.

It was late in the gathering when He turned to this topic, but as He Spoke, the Power of His Communication penetrated into the psychic depths of every devotee present. Suddenly, the room erupted into a madly ecstatic Yogic chaos, much like the kind of scenes that were common during the “Garbage and the Goddess” era. Screams, kriyas, mudras, shouts, praises, blisses, moans, and Yogic growls shaking, reeling, and vibrating bodies; more screams, a cacophony of exclamations amidst a fervor of devotion and swell of Yogic Force. Over, above, and through it all, the Sublime Voice of Beloved Adi Da Speaking of the Yogic Process while Gesturing with His Hands, Arms, and Face to Punctuate His Instruction. Even while devotees swooned they were utterly riveted and transfixed by Beloved Adi Das Siddhi-Filled Discourse.

Amidst all this, Beloved Adi Da Samraj Gave what stands as His most urgent presentation of Yogic sexual “conductivity” practice in the Way of the Heart.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, we studied true intimacy in The Dawn Horse Testament this week. I was really struck by what a profound Yoga it is. It is in some ways more demanding than the celibate renunciate Yoga.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, it is equally demanding. It is a different disposition in each case.

DEVOTEE: I think it is harder.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Each has their liberality, or a certain something they are free from and each has a discipline that cuts through the otherwise dramatized limitations of egoity. Each sadhana is appropriate for particular kinds.

The Yoga of true intimacy is about transcending the emotional bondage in intimacy, such that, from the emotional “point of view”, so to speak, you are supporting and serving one anothers practice of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga. So all the points I make in The Dawn Horse Testament about true intimacy are about just that—resolved in a resolution, so that there are not emotional leftovers by which you bind one another.

And then there is the sexual aspect of intimacy—for those who are sexually active, and that is most people in intimacy. There are many aspects to that discipline that deal with your excesses, your self-indulgence, the egoic disposition toward seeking through self-pleasuring, and so on. So all that is dealt with through the Yoga of true intimacy and of right sexual Yoga.

But there is another dimension to this matter of the sexual Yoga, which is that, for those sexually active, preliminary to their entrance into the Spiritual stages of this Way, in the beginnings, the sexual Yoga deals with natural force, natural energies, but using the same circuit that is used in the Spiritual stages. So by practicing right sexual Yoga from the beginning, you equip and prepare yourself to do Spiritual Yoga in sexually active terms later. It is a different energy later, more profound, and all that, yes. But it is the same circuit.

You all dont sufficiently appreciate, it seems to Me, the profundity of the Yoga of true intimacy and those aspects of the Yoga of sexual activity that discipline your self-indulgence and so forth. And unless you truly deal with all of that, those elements of the Yoga of sexual activity are not sufficiently practiced, not practiced profoundly enough to prepare you for sexual activity in the Spiritual stages.

All other things done, through the Yoga of true intimacy and disciplining yourself in the context of sexual Yoga, then the most profound aspect of it appears—that for which you ready yourself by those other disciplines—which is the supportive Yoga of “conductivity” in sexual practice. All those other things done, then there is the sexual Yoga itself—practiced first with natural force. But in that exercise, prepared by the foundation I just indicated to you, you establish most forceful, steady “conductivity” in the body, unbroken, unobstructed, full circle, no break—such that you can feel it bodily, even night and day. Hm? Truly, feel it, bodily—night and day, unbroken, unobstructed, natural force conducted head to toe, up the spine, nothing broken in it, nothing retarded in it, nothing obstructed in it at all. You feel steady energy. The air even feels thick with natural forces, constantly breathed, constantly relaxed base to spine. Not just in the sex act. All the while.

The sex act is a means to intensify it, to support it, and so forth. But it is night and day. Unbroken, unobstructed. Like a pipe of transformed mercury—from head to base and up the back. Always breathed, always strong, always open, full of energy, nothing obstructed, nothing limited. Never break it. Jealous for the non-breaking of it. Solitary practice—you never break it. Bed with your intimate—never break it, or very rarely, certainly. Jealous for this feeling of fullness of “conductivity”. Unobstructed, unbroken, perpetual. Breathing thick with every breath. Always able to feel it in your devotional submission to Me. Hm?

This is a profound matter of preparation. And then when you do enter the Spiritual stages in My Company, then I, Myself, Intervene and Infuse you in that same Circle that you have prepared and conformed to Me. The fundamental aspect of the practice in the Spiritual stages is the Spiritual recognition of Me, such that you can find Me from the heart and constantly, and be Drawn by Me to the right side. But the secondary element, like “conductivity” itself, is also profoundly important. To be able to feel My effects in the body-mind, or feel My steady Flowing in this Circuit—feel strengthened and prepared for Me from the beginning. Celibates do this, too—through their solitary practice, through their basic practice. It is the same thing they must register there.

Own-body sexual Yoga has the same importance in the life of celibates as sexual Yoga in intimacy has to do with those in intimacy, you see? It is a profound matter of preparing the vehicle, surrendering it to Me, exercising this “conductivity”, strengthening it, releasing all obstructions, all limitations, all inclinations to break the circuit through degenerative orgasm, or the processes of elimination. You get control over the muscle, the mechanism. It is there for those in intimacy and those who are celibate in the beginners stages. And all are then preparing this very same Circuit for the Spiritual stages in My Company.

The private matter, as I said, in those stages, is this Spiritual recognition and Communion with Me, to be Drawn beyond the body-mind into the circumstance in the right side of the heart. But the secondary Yoga, like “conductivity”, which is supportive, is essential, necessary. Hm? In the Spiritual stages, then, it is not merely a matter of natural energy being conducted. It is about My own Force of Presence being conducted.

This is what is traditionally called not only a Yogic process, but an alchemical process. That is another word given for it. It is an infusion of the body-mind. If the body-mind is given up to Me, it transforms the sublimed elements and releases the point of view from grossness through subtlety, but to Ultimate profundity of identification with Me rather than with conditional existence—gross, subtle, causal.

So there is an Infusion of My Grace in the Spiritual stages that is a secondary and supportive aspect of the Yoga in those stages. Sexually active in the intimate sense, or celibate, as beginners, you are still preparing yourself for this same Yoga. You must be equally intense in either case. You must receive Me in the body, then, in the Spiritual stages, as a secondary and supportive matter, and allow the Force of My Presence to not only Purify the body-mind, but to Infuse it, to Expand within it. This is a Yogic process that is sometimes called an alchemical process. In other words, it deals with the traditional elements of conditional manifestation. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, infinite space beyond that. It transforms point of view. It transforms even the physical. The point of view moves from that of organism in the beginning stages to that of the Spiritual Reality.

And that combination with Me does purify the body-mind if you prepare yourself rightly for it—through all your disciplines and through hearing Me. But then, in My Company, Spiritually Communing with Me, moving beyond all limitations toward Ultimate Realization, there is also this secondary supportive process in which My Force of “Brightness” fills this tube, this Circuit. That is why there are all these potential Spiritual experiences which I have summarized in The Dawn Horse Testament.

The human body must become a Yogic body in the Spiritual stages of this Way. It must be confined to Me, given utterly over to Me. It lets you experience this Transfusion, this Transmission of My Very Person, even in the physical—and a release from the organism point of view into the Spiritual point of view, such that every moment you are breathing Me thick. You can feel Me any moment—just Me. And also in the body, prepared, breathing Me, feeling the thickness of space, the rush of My Force of Presence every moment. So you can cycle this thing and be constantly full, constantly magnetized by My Force of Presence.

This process has been described as a kind of bellows. And I indicated this also in The Dawn Horse Testament. In a blacksmiths shop, there is a bellows mechanism where you fan the flame. Hm? This intensity by which you prepare yourself for Me must be manifested and magnified in the Spiritual stages such that you fan the fire of My Descent, you fan it at the bodily base and do not break it or obstruct that Circle. Let this Fire rise up through every breath—Infuse and Fill the entire body-mind. That process does transform all of the grosser elementals—the earthish characteristics, anneals them. It transforms them with water and fire—the traditional descriptions of all that content. It is all blended together in this Fire. It becomes Light. It becomes a constant breath, a fullness of breath, while your heart moves to Me, and is fastened in the Ultimate station.

But the process whereby that occurs is purifying and transformative. The word “alchemical” can be used for it, such that it changes this grossness to which you have been habituated in your self-possessed egoity, makes it into a different element, a transformed manifestation. Like the process whereby the traditional Yogic alchemists change ordinary mercury . .

DEVOTEE: Into gold.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: . . . by fire, and introduction of various other elements, you see, into something that is purified, stabilized, no longer toxic. Not just into gold. That is an image that suggests transformation to the point of “Brightness”.

So in the Spiritual stages, even the body is transformed—the grossness, the wateriness, the fluidity. The Fire of My Presence purifies and transforms. And there is not that steady establishment in the right side of the heart without fundamental transformation of the elemental body and the point of view associated with it. So that is the process of the Spiritual stages, and it is eminently possible, and in the general case likely, that the transition to the Way of the Heart in the context of the sixth stage of life, establishment in the right side of the heart, occur at the point of maturity at practicing stage three—which should suggest to you the profundity of that stage.

DEVOTEES: Yes, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: When all of this elemental consciousness, elemental presumptions, organism identification is relinquished in a fire. Stay in My Kiln, you see? “Brightened”, transformed, become something different. A “Bright” body. A Yogic body. A renunciate body—in intimacy or celibate, whatever. A renunciate body. A Yogic body, such that there is no impediment in it to the Flow of My Presence and the finding of the root of your attention in the right side.

In this Way, all that process is not directed toward some evolutionary result, but just toward sufficient purification and flowing, with the establishment in the right side and in the Witness-Position. It can be stabilized in the short term—as short a term as possible, at any rate.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, when You talk about the alchemical process, it is a very apt description, because in alchemy it was this persistence—going through processes over and over and over again so that, at last, this transformation would take place.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, in the West, alchemy has been reduced to objective activities—things, metals, elements, whatever, put into a pot and eventually changed into gold. That is just symbolism. That tends to be what people in the West think alchemy is.

In India, the alchemical process has not been dissociated from the subjective, or the process of transformation of the body-mind of the human individual. It has not been dissociated from it, not made into merely a symbolic or external act. And so in India, yes, they do throw metals into a fire and so forth, mercury and whatnot. But the result—a little bead or whatever it is, put on the body—is just presumed to enhance the Yoga in the body-mind, the subjective Yoga. Transformed and stabilized mercury has been long considered in the Indian esoteric tradition to be a support for Yoga, not merely a means of making gold. So when the mercury has been alchemically worked to the point where it is regarded as being transformed and stabilized, then it is worn on the body.1

But mercury is not itself considered a means of Realization. There must be the Grace of Shaktipat, and so forth. But it has been used and considered since the ancient days to be a support for that Yoga initiated by Blessing. It is a yangish radiance. In other words, it goes from deepest within outward. So when the alchemically transformed mercury is used and kept on the body, it is said to stimulate the deepest, subjective element, already being washed and stimulated by the Blessing Force. So those who use this alchemical substance find that it stimulates and supports what is initiated by the Blessing. It works from within outward. So, in other words, it is a fire within the body that erupts and stimulates subjective content to come forward and be released. Hm? And whatever else is occurring by the Yoga is further stimulated, supported—just as “conductivity” supports the “conscious process”.

So that is the tradition behind using alchemically transformed elements. Such elemental supports to practice are an interesting “consideration” and can have their use, but they are not most profound. The Blessing is what is profound. But there are elemental devices that can be supportive, just like all the supportive practices I Call you all to do—just as right diet has its use.

But you must appreciate that all this sex you do, either solitary or with an intimate, is to be about this process I have just been suggesting to you. You must bring the great discipline I have Given you to all of that and do true Yoga to prepare the vehicle, to make it available to Me. The purpose of going to bed with one another, if you are sexually active with an other, or the purpose of the solitary practice, if you are a celibate, is to stimulate the fire at the base, breathe it, exhibit all the signs of right “conductivity”, never break it, never obstruct it, be released to Me in this devotion from the heart, so there is no obstruction. Control, conduct the motion in the bodily base. You are dealing with fire. And when My Fire is introduced into the process, My Spiritual Fire, It Magnifies it—potentially infinitely.

The sexual Yoga is a profound matter, whether it is done solitary or with an other. This thing you call “sex” is for Me profound Yoga. All the substances of the body are part of that Yoga. No inhibition. For the true Yogi, all these substances of the body, all aspects of the body, all functions, centers, everything about the body, you see, is just Yoga. This “Crazy” Man uses everything about the natural human body as Yoga. You all, self-contracted, ego-based, waste your lives in degenerate and worldly uses of these functions, these substances, these exchanges, you see. You know, you are all kinds of full of guilt and moralistic nonsense about sex. Sex is great Yoga! Hm? For those who are pure, free of their conventionality, that is what it is. It is true alchemy, most profound investment in Truth.

This sexual matter is profound Yoga. You must be purified of your illusions, your conventional reasons for responding to one another, being excited by one another, and do Yoga—like an alchemist has a pot in front of him, puts things in, turns the fire on, and gets on with it. That is Yoga.

You give sex a bad name. You have turned it into a matter of double-minded thinking, full of guilt and “should you or shouldnt you”. It is just Yoga! It is just a mechanism. As I said to some of you recently, your intimate partner should be someone you relate to straightforwardly, without complications. No worldly transactions. No egoic base for it. It is as profound as the pot and the fire and the elements thrown in. That is it. Straightforward.

And when you embrace your intimate, it is just Yoga! That is it! Anything in you that is anything other than Yoga, you must purify by this devotion to Me. You must control, through the Yoga of true intimacy and right discipline relative to sexuality, and right Yoga in the sexual process. And it is the same for celibates as it is for those in intimacy. The fundamental mechanism is the same. Hm? It is just that those who are celibate have relinquished that association and all those exchanges that are binding in the worldly sense. They dont have to do that. They dont have to work it out. But they do the same Yoga. The own-body Yogic sexual practice is a profound matter, not just something to do because you are horny and want to get the energy out of your genitals. It is the same thing that those in intimacies must do. You should have the same regard for it, the same attention to it, the same purity of regard for it.

And those who are in intimacies must get beyond their worldliness, romanticism, and “Oedipal” nonsense. That is a lot more work than a celibate has to do. But to be a celibate, in some basic sense, you had to deal with that anyway beforehand. But it is the same thing. It is Yoga. It is alchemy. It is a profound and subtle matter. Do Yoga! The Yoga of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti, fundamentally and constantly. And the Yoga in the body—all the disciplines of “conductivity”, including right diet and all the rest of it, as well as the sexual Yoga. This is all a way of conserving the body to Me, of removing the body from its conventional and worldly uses, and making it a Yoga-body in devotion to Me. It is a most profound matter—most profound, extraordinarily profound, of which you all know little.

But I have told you enough about it to serve you as beginners. Do that Yoga for real. And dont waste any more lifetime on just indulging in attachments and “Oedipal” games, and degenerate exchanges, and all the rest of it. It is an own-body responsibility whether you do it with an other or not.

DEVOTEES: Mm! Beloved!

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The ego would adapt the body-mind to worldly and merely survival purposes. But the event in one who understands egoity and is submitted to Me truly, transforms point of view and makes the body just Yoga, just alchemy, just submission, just a transformative process in which the body-mind is no longer used for conventional and worldly purposes but is involved in this most profound submission.

You all say you dont want this world anymore, you want to come to My Domain


ADI DA SAMRAJ: This is what it takes. This is what it is about, you see.

Your engagement with your partner, if you have one, is about this Yoga of devotion to Me, and your “conductivity” responsibility. Take this seriously and get on with it, and then you wont be beginners anymore. Get on with this hearing matter. Cover all the disciplines.

Dont fart your life away overeating or abandoning the discipline of diet. It is not just a moralistic discipline, you see. It is about allowing the body to be in a constantly self-purifying state, not obstructed, nothing in it, nothing in the body itself—which is a food body, therefore eating is priDEVOTEE—nothing whatsoever about it that is obstructed to submission to Me, that limits it, that throws off energy. The Yoga of right diet is about making the body into a Yoga-body, utterly conformed to Me. These are most profound matters.

The body must be made into a Yoga-body, conformed to Me through Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga, exercised through all the disciplines that I call “conductivity”. This is the seriousness of the beginner—as a way of preparing the body-mind with capabilities, and disciplined, purified, for entering and fulfilling the advanced and ultimate stages of this Way. Play it fast and loose, just this silly worldly business about it—ego-games, old adaptations, “Oedipal” games—yon can use up the rest of your life and a lot more future lifetimes. That is all there will be. And you will be constantly returning to this gross, most fearful circumstance of mortality.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, You were just talking about the food-body. And You were, earlier on, talking about the bellows—which relates to the pranamayakosha, the body of energy.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, the etheric body, closest to the physical. You see, that is transformed through right Yoga. It is one of the original transformations. The foundation transformation, in fact. Oh, there is much greater than that to Realize, but if you even did that, you would realize a disposition of energy. “Conductivity”, as I said to you all—all the disciplines—is a way of submitting the body to the condition of energy. Hm? That is pranamayakosha, or the etheric body first of all, in natural terms.

If you do this Yoga, and then advance into My Spiritual Company, the least you will realize, in life and at the point of death, is the energy state in conditional manifestation. Many things can happen after death, but for those who are Yogically prepared there is the capability for steady presence in the etheric domain immediately associated with the physical domain. Those who die go into the etheric domain. They are full of confusion and all the rest—those who are not prepared, those who have not done great sadhana. They appear and disappear in their dream states, and this and that and the other thing. And then they get reincarnated. But for those who are full of Yoga, the first and the least they can realize, is the capability for steady presence, steady existence, in that etheric domain that is immediately associated with this. It is like a shadow duplicate. It is immediately associated with this, and the same as it. Hm? And you can be steadily present there as long as you like—if you are full of Yoga.

It is the least realization of Yoga. It is the first. And it is not the Ultimate Realization in this Way. But nonetheless, it is a reality. Instead of merely dying, and floating above the body and looking at it and so forth, and then going into dream states, you can immediately pass into the etheric body, which is the duplicate of this place. Hm? And those in that circumstance and steady disposition can be immediately associated with this world, can view it, can be wherever they will, can serve, can love, can support those in physically manifested states.

It is not the Great Matter. But it is the first conclusion, the first manifestation of Yoga. And those who truly succeed at Yoga enjoy this capability. It is the first siddhi—to be steady in the etheric domain, which is the duplicate of this and immediately associated with it. And they remain long. That is why it is said there are so many masters. They are always available. They can always intervene. They can always be called upon. Those are the lowest level of masters because it is the first siddhi, the first capability of Yoga.

In this Way, that possibility exists also for those who only mature to that point. It is not the end of it at all. But it is an indication of the profundity of the Yogic process, whereby you become conformed to energy, the condition of energy, through this devotion to Me and through right “conductivity”—never breaking the circle, never allowing it to be obstructed mentally, emotionally, physically—never.

Those of you involved in intimacies, sexually active—this is your business—not all the silly transactions and mutual bondage and so forth, of ordinary sexing based on egoity and old adaptation, and “Oedipal” crappola. This purity of Yoga is your business. Forceful “conductivity”. Hm? Never indulge in degenerative release—or rarely do so anyway, to be empty. Dont build up obstructions through emotional conflicts and old adaptations, and memories, and so forth. Release it all in this devotion to Me. This is how you purify the circuit and make it great, and make the body a Yogic body. You understand Me?

DEVOTEES: Yes, Beloved!!!

ADI DA SAMRAJ: So no bullshit with sex—celibate or intimate. None.

DEVOTEES: Yes, Beloved.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, that is what You were talking about when You were saying the bellows—the whole breathing mechanism all the way down to the bodily base.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Down to the feet, but fundamentally to the bodily base, and releasing into the spinal line. Just keep that circuit flowing, like a wheel.

DEVOTEE: I feel like in meditation I can do that. But then there is something about when I am engaged sexually with an other that it really distracts me.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: That is what I am talking about. Dont do that.

DEVOTEE: Its much more difficult when another is involved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But I cant just say “dont do that”, and then you wont. It is a matter of maturity. It is a matter of exercising this Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga discipline moment to moment, exhibiting all the disciplines in your life, all the disciplines of the body—constantly purifying it, controlling it, submitting it to Me. And then, eventually, the body is transformed, equipped, to do this Spiritual Yoga with Me.

DEVOTEE: I felt when You gave us the own-body Yogic sexual practice, it was really helpful to me. Because alone, by myself, I could learn how to do that. But with another there, it was distracting. I really couldnt do it.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: If you do the own-body Yoga, then, if you are sexually active with an other you can overcome all of the intrusion that that represents.

DEVOTEE: Yes, its an intrusion. It is.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The own-body responsibility is the basis for sexual association with an other.

DEVOTEE: It is the perfect thing to help us learn how to do that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: And it you dont have own-body responsibility, you cant do it rightly with an other. It will be a struggle for you.

DEVOTEE: I know. And I just feel like I could learn to do it with my own self—but it is so difficult to do it with an other.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Because yon are not prepared to do it with an other yet. You have to be right with Me, and own-body responsible. And then, if you choose, if it is within your inclination to be sexually active with an other, then you can do Yoga there. But you cant do the Yoga there if you do no have responsibility for yourself. Then it is just old adaptations, “Oedipal” games, romance, confusion, conflict, obstruction, withdrawing, withholding, armoring. It is all that drama. And that is what most of you do in these intimacies. You just support and dramatize your limitations. There is no Yoga in that. You are wasting your life, wasting the opportunity of intimacy also.

The Way of the Heart is to be submitted to Me utterly, forgetting yourself, and control the body through the disciplines of “conductivity”. And that includes everything—from exercise to diet to right sexual Yoga, all of it. No part of it can be relinquished or taken lightly. It is a profound matter of transforming the body from egoic purposes into a vehicle for Communion with Me.

BRUCE BURNAM: Beloved, tonight in the Darshan occasion, particularly when You Granted me Your Regard, I felt Your Hridaya-Shakti touch my heart in a way that I can see what is the basis for this Yoga. Seeing that sheer Force that You Granted, of Your Shakti, just allows the Yoga to begin to move again in a way I have not felt in a long time.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But then, this Transfusion, this Transmission in your own body-mind, what do you do with it? Whatever limitations are there, that is your business to deal with, by seriously embracing the Instructions I have Given you. Conform your self to Me through self-surrendering, self-forgetting devotion, and embrace all the disciplines I have Given you, Which cover every aspect of your life. Hm?

Be jealous for this Yoga. Dont take it lightly. Do it seriously, hour by hour, moment to moment, day by day. Then there will be hearing, right preparation. And then begin the Spiritual stages, the advanced and ultimate stages altogether. The reason you all take so long about it is you dont listen to Me, you dont take Me seriously, you dont embrace the disciplines seriously, you dont embrace Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga most profoundly. You play it fast and loose with all the disciplines. On that basis, there is no hearing, no transcendence of the self-knot, no responsibility for it, no real preparation of the body-mind for Me Spiritually.

Do it for real. Make it work. You can shorten the time profoundly by taking Me seriously and taking all these disciplines seriously. And if you dont, there will be no hearing and no moving on. Those who hear Me and move on are those who take Me seriously and do all of these disciplines seriously.

Every one of My devotees who takes Me seriously is husbanded by Me, male or female. That is what it is to have a Guru. Not merely wandering in this samsara, this horror of death, picking and choosing about the disciplines I Give you. But embrace Me. Subordinate egoity to Me. Surrender it to Me. Embrace My disciplines.

Take My Blessing. Grow. Waste no time. Handle your life business.

Dont wonder about it, make it mysterious, or take a lot of years to do so. Get down to it, most directly.

You can profoundly shorten the time of listening and hearing and getting on to Me Spiritually by taking Me seriously, in the way I just said to you, you see. That is what it takes.

If you want to be a fool, that is your business. If you want to build in time, that is your problem. But I have told you, now and previously, what it takes for real.

DEVOTEES: Thank You, Beloved.