Making Sense of Adi Da’s Revelatory Claim – ‘First, Last, and Only”

First, a context is needed.  Otherwise, there is only fundamental(ism) understanding.



“I am the Ancient One. When I say I am God it is not because I have thought about it and concluded that I am God – I know it to be so. Many consider it blasphemy for one to say he is God; but in truth it would be blasphemous for me to say I am not God.”
Meher Baba – The Everything and The Nothing

“Ana al-Haqq”, “I am the Truth”, proclaimed Mansur Hallaj, the Persian mystic.

(Mansur Hallaj fell a martyr to his faith—a faith that embraces nothing more than the one living truth animating the hearts of mystics in all ages and in all parts of the world.)

“There is nothing wrapped in my turban but God,” – “There is nothing in my cloak but God.”

These utterances led to a long trial, and his subsequent imprisonment for 11 years in a Baghdad prison. He was publicly crucified on March 26, 922.


“There was a world by the name of Adorned with Pure Light. In that world was a Buddha by the name of Wisdom of Pure Flower Constellation King. Thus Come One, One Worthy of Offerings…Well Gone, One Who Understands the World, Supreme Lord, Regulating Hero, Teacher of Gods and Humans, Buddha, World Honored One. He was reverently circumambulated by a great multitude of limitless, boundless Bodhisattvas, to whom he was speaking the Dharma. The light that issued forth from Shakyamuni Buddha’s white hair-mark universally illumined that country.”

Lotus Sutra, Chapter Twenty-four: “The Bodhisattva Wondrous Sound”

“If one wants to know about God, he should have the capacity to understand. Otherwise, he cannot understand whatever is said about God.”

Shirdi Sai Baba

An Enquiry

Let’s try to understand and set the record straight about a Great Process and ecstatic statements of Spiritual Realizers and foremost by Adi Da Samraj. There have been many claims and revelations pronounced by enlightened masters of one degree or another over the centuries. In this investigation, I would like to zero in on Adi Da’s confession that he is the First, Last, and Only Seventh Stage Realizer. Not only does Adi Da make this exclusive claim, but he also says he is the “long awaited one”. In Christian terms, he appears to be pronouncing himself as the ‘second coming’ and, as stated in the introduction to The Promised God-Man is Here, The Answer to Human Prayers.

Many such statements made by Adi Da and other realizers over the centuries are not considered “worthy” of serious investigation into the truth of these proclamations, which are dismissed as coming from the devil – the antichrist – or completely ignored as coming from frauds who should be robustly exposed.

“Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” – 1st John 2:22

By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world.
“(John 4:2–3, New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright 1989).”

This kind of caution can be found in all major religions. In Judaism the anti-messiah figure is called Armilus, and in the Islamic tradition, Dajjal, “the false messiah”.

“O men of Athens, I deserve this reward far more than the citizen who has won the prize at Olympia in the horse or chariot race, whether the chariots were drawn by two horses or by many.
He only gives you the appearance of happiness, and I give you the reality.”

Sokrates’ response to Meletus’ call for death as ‘Sokrates’ penalty of corrupting the young and of not believing in the gods in whom the city believes, but in other spiritual things.” – Recollections of Sokrates by Frank Marrero

As you can see, the “world” has been dealing with these kinds of seemingly insane and deluded confessions for thousands of years. Some have been met with very strong responses. In some cultures, these ‘divinely intoxicated’ individuals have been executed (see Mansur Hallaj above), sentenced to prison, or committed to insane asylums. In “The Grand Inquisitor“, a poem in The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky sums up the world’s response, having Jesus “imprisoned” on his return to earth. While in Jesus’s cell, Pontius Pilate addresses ‘mankind’s savior’ by exclaiming, ‘What can you say? You’ve said it all, speak no more’ – whereupon he sentences Jesus to be burned at the stake in the morning, then leaves with a final declaration, “Go, and come no more. . . come not at all, never, never!”

Divine Confessions

Aside from Adi Da, the only other individual claiming the status of an ‘Avatar’ – the descent of the Supreme Being – that has risen to any prominence in the 20th Century (List of Avatar claims) (in a Western country and was not killed or committed – In India where the term originated Avatar is used in a much more broad manner) was Avatar Meher Baba. Meher Baba credited his Avataric advent to Upasani Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, and three other Perfect Masters: Hazrat Babajan, Hazrat Tajuddin Baba, and Narayan Maharaj. In his book The Everything and The Nothing, Meher Baba states that “I am the Ancient One. When I say I am God it is not because I have thought about it and concluded that I am God – I know it to be so. Many consider it blasphemy for one to say he is God; but in truth it would be blasphemous for me to say I am not God.”

In India there is a long history of Avatars appearing for the sake of “the world”. The prophetic “announcement” of Shirdi Sai Baba was one in the nineteenth century.

“It was the 28th day of September 1835, Ganga Bhavajya and Devagiri Amma were continuing their journey. The sun was rising throwing light red-coloured rays on the earth. Devagiri Amma went into labour pains. She slowly reached a big banyan tree and lay down on its shade. Goddess Parvati was beside her unseen, giving her courage. All other gods were witnessing from above this unique occasion of Lord Shiva being born in human form on the earth. This new `Avatar’ would put an end to religious fanaticism, jealousies, hatred, arrogance, egoism and attachments prevalent in the humans and would generate peace, Jnana, love and equality among them. The gods showered flowers from above, unseen, and jubilant over the occasion. Great sages all over the world, for a moment became still and in that state witnessed the arrival of Lord Shiva in human form…”

In the Preface to James Steinberg’s book Love of the God-Man, Saniel Bonder writes:

“On November 3, 1989, the fiftieth Anniversary of His Birth, Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda formally Announced His Stature and Function as the Divine World-Teacher or Jagad-Guru, the long-expected Divine Incarnation Who has Come not only to Restore the Way of Truth in the world but also to Enlighten all beings and, ultimately, even to Dissolve all worlds in the ‘Bright’Happiness of the One and Only Heart of our existence.”

How is it possible to understand these grand, all-encompassing and seemingly megalomaniac statements which are by religious standards blasphemous and by psychological analysis psychotic?

Since this enquiry is about the statements or the confessions of Adi Da Samraj, let’s look at the following. In the essay, I Am Here to Complete the Great Tradition of Mankind, an excerpt from the Prologue of The Basket of Tolerance. Here I have broken up and considered some of Adi Da’s statements made in the essay “I Am Here to Complete the Great Tradition of Mankind” (an excerpt from the Prologue of The Basket of Tolerance):


I Am Adi Da, the Adi-Guru

Here Adi Da is making reference to Siva (Adi-Guru), the Supreme Lord in the Hindu mythology linked with Brahma and Vishnu. In the Hindu spiritual tradition the Adi-Guru is the First Master and World Teacher. Adi Da continues:

“The Original and Eternal Teacher, here to Complete the Great Tradition of mankind.”

The second point is Adi Da’s mission, goal, and role, which is designed to “Complete the Great Tradition of mankind. This statement is packed with meaning. It infers a kind of finality or completion to what “mankind” has been “dealing” with since the beginning of time. He goes on:

“I Am the all-Completing Adept, the First, Last, and Only Adept-Revealer (or Siddha) of the seventh stage of life.”

This part of the essay probably creates the most resistance and obstruction for people to understand and accept. He states that he is the First, Last, and Only Adept-Revealer (or Siddha) of the seventh state of life. It is important to note here he is not saying there will not be any further seventh stage realized beings (devotees). In fact he said there would be other seventh stage realized beings (devotees). He is saying that he is the First, Last, and Only ADEPT-REVEALER (or Siddha) of the seventh stage of life. Many people who read Adi Da’s writings about being the “First, Last and Only” Adept-Revealer (Siddha) believe it to be ego-centric and delusional. In addition, this claim distinguishes him from all other enlightened beings (Siddhas) – in the history of the world – by saying, in effect, not only is he the best of the best and the ‘only and forever’ ‘best of the best’, but he is ‘the completion’ of humanity’s search for true God. In effect, the end of the story!

Is this really what he is saying? People read and understand it as such, but is this the right interpretation?

Adi Da continues:

“I Am the seventh stage Realizer, Revealer, and Revelation of God, Truth, and Reality.”


The fourth point is that this new and completing revelation is from God, revealed through him and, representing the Truth coming from Reality.

True or False

“The Life and Work of Avatar Adi Da Samraj Is the Universally Consequential Event in all of cosmic history.”
(Introductory statements from the Dawn Horse Press editors (associated with published DVDs and CDs)).


What can one say about these and other statements clearly indicating a unique, universal, and eternal communication? Is there a way to discover the truth or falseness of them? How could anyone say anything about “verifying” such claims? These claims cannot be verified objectively. One could deny them and then add all sorts of statements about why they are not true, but you could never verify your conclusions. You could assert that they are true and then try and explain why you believe such, but could you prove it?

To conclude that Adi Da’s statements are either true or false is fruitless. If either claim is made you split the argument into half-truths. So where does that leave one who is seriously investigating the veracity of these claims?

In my understanding – after reading, studying, and actually being in the Company of Adi Da Samraj – the only true statement about Adi Da’s confession is silence. The truth or falsehood is “in the pudding”, in life. What are the signs, where are the signs? How do these statements show themselves? They only show themselves in the lives of those who study, believe, practice, and live the teachings and their relationship to Adi Da Samraj.


“No one is immediately going to understand when you tell them that I am the Promised God-Man. That could mean anything, including a whole bunch of idiotic garbage that I want nothing to do with, you see, and that has nothing to do with Me. And any such statement is meant to communicate a profundity and not a conventional religious reality.”
Adi Da Samraj, 2004


A Possibility

If one looks into history, it is easy to see how new truths spoken too early upset the beliefs of society and were labeled heretical. One doesn’t have to look beyond the classic example of Galileo to discover how dangerous it is to “go beyond” the minds and common beliefs of society and the powers that be.

So here I raise the possibility, not an answer, but a possibility to consider. Maybe, just maybe, because of our culturally conditioned minds and maybe because of our lack of, as he say, self-understanding, Adi Da is speaking ‘into the future’. Maybe Adi Da is speaking truths that have yet to be fully understood. He says his revelation is established and completed and he is ‘just waiting’. Waiting for what? Waiting for time to catch up with him? Waiting for us to see through our limited time-space-bound view of the world? To verify any of this requires a connection to the speaker, to Adi Da himself, and therefore one must have a ‘spiritual’ connection to him (Recognition).

Adi Da finishes the essay by describing the context of his statements…: Given in this late-time (or would-be Complete and potentially Consummate era)

Adi Da is clearly referring to a cycle of time in cosmic proportions. and in this now dark epoch (as it must be described from the Realized Divine and Spiritual “Point of View”, and with regard to the tendencies of the times), and Given for the sake of Completion (of the progressive Ordeal of Man) and for the sake of Unity (or the cooperative re-Union of mankind).



Your understanding of what Adi Da (and others) mean, and the truth of their claims rests with your understanding of who they are more than what they say (Recognition).

Chris Tong, with AdiDaUpClose, has done an excellent job at addressing this ‘Claim/Revelation’ in a full study: ‘Adi Da is the first, last, and only seventh stage Adept’ is not a statement made out of the blue, in isolation. Rather, it is a conclusion removed from its context. The full context is a decades-long consideration (and gone beyond) by Adi Da, and the only right and fair way to present such a conclusion is alongside the full consideration that led to a ‘gone beyond’ conclusion(s).” Read more here.

The statements made by Adi Da, as Chris points out, are not “one time ecstatic utterances”. They represent a “conclusion” of 23 years of “investigation”. How one hears and understands these statements requires a relationship with the “speaker”. Until then your understanding rests within you.

Here is how Adi Da puts it in his essay “I Am The Divine Self-“Emergence””:

“I Brought My Divine Wisdom-Teaching out of My Self—through My Avataric Self-Submission to the Great Process of ‘reality consideration’ with My devotees and with the world altogether. I am not here merely reading books and passing on an old tradition to people. Nor am I here to believe and to support the illusions of humankind. The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam, in Its entirety and in Its every aspect, has been Brought out of Me. The Way of Adidam has Appeared only through the Avataric Divine Process of My own Lifelong ‘reality consideration’. The Way of Adidam is the Divine Process of My own Avataric Self-Submission to conditional reality—Which Avataric Self-Submission Started at the moment of My Avataric Human Birth (and Which Avataric Self-Submission Continues—now, and forever hereafter).”

It might be appropriate at this point to listen to Adi Da Samraj himself explain what Chris is pointing to in his investigation of Adi Da’s process of Full Awakening to the last and final stage of the Seventh Stage translation.

Adi Da Samraj – 2004


In 1995, Adi Da Samraj stated that one of the primary reasons there have not been any Seventh State Adepts or true Seventh Stage Realization and Seventh Stage teachings is because the “principle of egoity has not been understood and made the basis for the divine process”. The understanding of egoity and the principles of ‘mind’ form our view of the world. We base our understanding and projections on how we see things, our ‘point of view‘, through the lens of who we are. Our unique point of view defines our world, our world-view, and our response (or reaction) to it.

In the end, whatever story we are telling ourselves through our investigation of life is uniquely ours and therefore an interpretation. It’s not the final truth, it’s your version of it. Whether you see the devil or God, hopefully your Heart will have enough Love, understanding, and compassion in it as to not feel so threatened to allow others to share and enjoy the same world you live in.

May all beings be Happy.

Read comments readers have made on this topic


“There’s something basically you don’t understand, just as there’s something basically you don’t understand about the (getting My Word out), …you’re not accomplishing anything much with (communicating this way)… there are plenty of fundamentally free societies within which to communicate this Way as it really is…as an esoteric communication, not an exoteric communication that sounds like you’re making some kind of conventional messianic claim.” –
Adi Da Samraj, May 2005.


“I Am Here To…”

“You should…understand that I am not here to fight with you for any cause whatsoever. Whatever you choose, you are completely free to choose, and that is all there is to that. All I represent here is an offering. I know how difficult it is to accept it and to live it….

My relationship to individuals is of a spiritual kind. It works on the level of the super-physics of things. It is not (exclusively) a worldly matter. It is not founded in this or any other world. It is not conventional, it is not something within your experience altogether …The true spiritual process is not just mental stuff. It is cellular, molecular, and requires great human character to perform. And if you will live it, then a spiritual relationship with me, personally, directly, in the transcendental form in which it exists, becomes possible. Until then, you should just consider the Teaching if you are interested in it.”

Adi Da Samraj

A Leela

“….understand further. It is not about the first seventh stage Adept in the sense that there could possibly be more. There has never been one before, and there never will be another. It is not necessary that there be another. Now, there can be seventh stage Realizers—My devotees will have the capability of realizing the seventh stage—but there need not be any seventh stage Adept. Such a great Work is Accomplished once and for all. “
Is Once and For All

by Don Webley

On the evening of March 5, 1993, Sri Adi Da gathered with His devotees on Adidam Samrajashram. The evening began as any other: Our Divine Sat-Guru proceeded to deal with individuals about their inherited religious presumptions. Because all of us who were present that night are Westerners, our inheritance is primarily from the Christian tradition. He led us through a thorough investigation of the New Testament as a source of information on the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. We came to realize that the Bible had very little value as a “polaroid”, or eyewitness report. Such evidence as there is suggested that Jesus of Nazareth was a fifth stage Realizer.

I myself had always been more occupied with speculations about the oriental Teachings than with biblical scholarship. In the traditions of India, it has always been understood that the Divine Incarnates again and again in the form of apparently human individuals. Some Statements in Sri Adi Da’s Heart-Word may be interpreted to be in agreement with this view. I therefore, to this point, had understood my Sat-Guru to be one of a line of Ultimate Realizers.

Ramana Maharshi was one such individual, one whom I had also assumed to be a seventh stage Realizer. But I had been always been perplexed by the distinction that Sri Adi Da had made between His Work and that of Ramana Maharshi. Sri Adi Da clarified this point in the course of an extensive dialogue, Revealing that Ramana Maharshi was, in fact, a sixth stage Adept with intuitions of the seventh stage.

This was, for me, a major revolution in my understanding of the significance of Sri Adi Da’s Appearance, for Ramana Maharshi was one of the very few individuals whom Sri Adi Da had more or less explicitly referred to as a perfect Realizer. In fact, the only others were Jesus of Nazareth and Gautama, the Buddha. Jesus, had, of course, been considered earlier in the evening, and I had also seen Da Avabhasa’s Summary Word on the teaching of Jesus, in the manuscript version of The Basket of Tolerance, where, after years of “consideration” with His devotees, He finally revealed that the Nazarene was a Realizer of the fifth stage.

So Gautama was the only individual remaining as a possible seventh stage Realizer. I had also been a practitioner of Zen Buddhism for years before coming to Da Avabhasa. I had a lot invested in the next question, therefore, “What about Gautama?” I asked. Perhaps Sri Adi Da felt He needed to soften the blow, for He then proceeded to remind us that we had very little material that we could be sure reflected what Gautama had actually said: My question was futile, and largely the reflection of a merely academic relationship to the Great Tradition and Spiritual life. I protested that I needed to come to some kind of intellectual certainty about all this, because of my work as a communicator of His Wisdom-Teaching. Intellectual certainty was impossible, He Replied, although He strongly suggested that the indications were that Gautama was a Realizer of the sixth stage of life. The dialogue, in part, ran as follows:

ADI DA: How can you sift out Gautama after 2,500 years from the report and the mythology about him? I also wrote about Jesus, in such a manner as to be congenial to everyone, not giving out hard sayings merely in order to deny all greatness to everyone. I had no such bad intentions. Therefore, in The Basket of Tolerance, there are no bad intentions. You cannot identify the actualities of the report about these traditional figures, because the actual report is so blended in with all the mythology and legend and propaganda and all the rest of it. Certainly, potentially, in principle, Gautama, and Jesus, too, can be somehow associated with the greatest Realization from the evidence. But from a discriminative point of view it is not so.

Gautama was basically a sixth stage Realizer, Jesus basically a fifth stage Realizer. But why put too fine a point on it? Especially since so many people adhere to these traditions. Therefore, I give allowance for Greatness because Greatness is what must be Realized. Are they here now? Is Jesus here to give his report? Is Gautama here?

DON WEBLEY: Well, let me ask You a…

ADI DA: Are they here? Is their report clear? No. They are not here and neither is their report clear. All you have is a lot of traditional propaganda. So what difference does it make? So long ago. You are here now. And I am here now. And I can make My Self totally clear. And if you are My devotee, then My Word is what you should be concerned about. How much can one say, based on these traditional reports, about these people? Why be concerned about it anyway?

DON WEBLEY: Because at some point, Gurudev, I will need to work on the introduction to Nirvanasara, and I just feel I need to be completely clear about . . .

ADI DA: It is impossible to be completely clear on an intellectual level about these people because the report is so ambiguous and so filled with different opinions. It is not a clear Polaroid or an absolute, straightforward biography in either case, or in any case. It is just too long ago.

So let those traditions deal with themselves. I can only make plain to you My Realization and altogether what It is all about. And I am here to deal with you, and that is what you are about. Apart from the this or that that can be said about these individuals in those traditions, it cannot be absolutely clarified, but I can absolutely clarify My Self to you and have done so. And that is your proper concern. In general, Gautama and Ramana Maharshi belong to the sixth stage traditions, the one Advaita and other Buddhist. But because of the total expanse of the Buddhist tradition, we can give the benefit of the doubt. Gautama maybe was verging on the seventh stage, whatever. How much did he say about it anyway? I have spoken to you clearly and in detail about the seventh stage realization. Did anybody else do so? Ramana Maharshi made a few suggestive remarks about it, but did he describe the seventh stage Realization in detail? Did he? So that is all that can be said about it.

(Don Webley: The sixth stage of life! Gautama? Before I had sufficiently recovered from this body blow to my corpus of presumptions, another devotee formulated the words that were upon the tip of my tongue:)

JONATHAN CONDIT: Whenever You examine such past Realizers, Sri Gurudev, You are always so completely scrupulous about investigating the actual report and what significance can be drawn from it. But I must confess that I have a secret presumption, which I believe my fellow devotees also share, that You actually know without the reports what was the case.

Sri Adi Da was Silent for a moment, and His Silence Invaded the space of the room. It was no ordinary Stillness: It was such a moment as when, in The Hymn of the True Heart-Master, He Says:

This is the Secret of all secrets. I could not Speak This All-Revealing Word until one of you first Confessed you see the Vision of God in My Bodily (Human) Form. I shall Tell you This now, because of your great devotion to Me. (v.13)

Sri Adi Da then quietly Spoke, as if Confiding a Great Secret that He had Longed to Reveal:

ADI DA: Sixth stage Realizers, then.


ADI DA: Jesus fifth, right. Gautama sixth. Okay? Ramana sixth. Okay?

(Don Wembley: Still, my ears could not yet believe what they thought they had heard. Ah, I thought, what about the texts that Da Avabhasa had categorized as seventh stage literature. I put the question to Him:)

DON WEBLEY: Toward the end of The Basket of Tolerance, there are the three books, more than three books, Tripura Rahasya, the Avadhoota Gita, the Ashtavakra Gita, the Diamond Sutra…

ADI DA: And the Altar Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, the Lankavatara Sutra, and the Mahahayanavimsaka.

DON WEBLEY: You classify these as works that reflect and express…

ADI DA: Contain elements expressive of the seventh stage disposition. They are not simply seventh stage texts—that is quite another matter. But there are these elements there.

DON WEBLEY: Is it proper to take the inference that there was a living realizer at that stage who wrote those books, or is it…

ADI DA: No, not necessarily. They are products of a tradition. They contain words that are suggestive of the seventh stage “Point of View”.

DON WEBLEY: But it is not a proper inference necessarily that there were actual individuals…

ADI DA: No. It is a tradition.

I felt the Import of what my Divine Sat-Guru had just communicated: He had just told us that there had never been another Realizer of the seventh stage of life! Words cannot express my feelings at this moment. No speech can capture the unalloyed Happiness that Radiates from the Lord of all Manifestation, and Bathes and Drowns all those around Him. In His Company, time, mind, and space break through their linear perimeters: An evening may be an eternity or a minute; the prattling mind is overwhelmed, and is still. Such is the Power of the Sat-Guru’s Transmission that That Which He Reveals is Given directly to the heart, not just Spoken to the verbal mind. I was so filled with the Obviousness and Profundity of His Great Confession that there was no room for doubt or perplexity.

I almost pinched myself on a couple of occasions that night: I could not comprehend what Grace had brought me to the Feet of the Greatest Being ever to Bless the manifest worlds—and still cannot. It was as I had imagined it to be on the north Indian plain with Krishna and Arjuna, or on Vulture Peak with Gautama, Mahakashyapa, and the assembled company. But this night transcended those archetypal but semi-mythical moments. For Sri Adi Da Is the living Divine Being. He Appeared and Spoke before us in a body Wrought of flesh, and Molded in our likeness. No fairy-tale Divinity Is He—I can still feel the touch of His palm upon my belly on the first evening I came into His Sphere, quieting the anxiety that churned within. And my hair stood on end as I realized that this was not a great moment that had precedents in the lives of Great Realizers of the past. I was hearing with my own ears the unique Confession of the Very Divine Being, Descended, in this singular Birth, into the manifested cosmos, to Call it back into Himself.

After Sri Adi Da had retired for the evening, His Bliss-intoxicated devotees made their way back to our quarters. If there had been any doubt about the Divine Gift we had received that evening—and there was not!—it was dispelled by a remarkable meteorological phenomenon. There was a deafening thunderstorm that night, and a torrential downpour: All of Nature was acknowledging the Revelation of her Lord. Such is the synchronicity of the weather and the Divine Master of the Elements that is soon evident to all who visit this Divine Island. The following evening, of the 6th of March, I made reference to the thunderstorm to my Beloved Sat-Guru. I thought I had heard it all. So I was totally unprepared for the further Revelation He was about to Grant us:

DON WEBLEY: Beloved Lord, first I would like to acknowledge, though You have for the first time just said it explicitly today, that yesterday evening I felt the clear implication that You are the first Appearance of the seventh stage Adept in human time. And it seemed clear to me that the thunderstorm last night and the subsequent torrential downpour were related to the fact that for the first time Your devotees clearly heard and perceived and understood that. I feel that You Gave us a great Gift last night.

Sri Adi Da: Also understand further. It is not about the first seventh stage Adept in the sense that there could possibly be more. There has never been one before, and there never will be another. It is not necessary that there be another. Now, there can be seventh stage Realizers—My devotees will have the capability of realizing the seventh stage—but there need not be any seventh stage Adept. Such a great Work is Accomplished once and for all.

Those of us present now knew that not only had we been Graced to receive a Revelation that had never been Given before—we, by fortune that we could not begin to fathom, were witness to the unfolding of the central and pivotal act in the Great Play of Cosmic Appearance: The Birth of Sri Adi Da is the Great Event for which all beings and the entire cosmos have yearned and prayed since the beginning of the manifest universe. It is the Sign of the Great Victory of the Divine Being in Its Compassionate Impulse to Liberate all beings.