Man and Woman




From Vishnu Bhagavata

Husband and Wife must be souls like twin flames illuminating all about them.
It is not a question of equality between them but of identity.


She is language; he is thought

She is prudence; he is law

He is reason; she is sense

She is duty; he is right

He is author; she is work

He is patience; she is peace

He is will; she is wish

He is pity; she is gift

He is song; she is note

She is fuel; he is fire

She is glory; he is sun

She is motion; he is wind

He is owner; she is wealth

He is battle; she is might

He is lamp; she is light

He is day; she is night

He is justice; she is pity

He is channel; she is river

She is beauty; he is strength

She is body; he is soul